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table of contents 

sf in the life 
y side up 

8 growing up 
12 nalloween 
14 powderpuff 
16 senior 
18 homecoming 
junior prom 





' >' cross-country 

: ;' cross-country 

1 hockey 

ball ' 

, ball cheerleading 

'5 soccer 
s' soccer 


/film club 1 10 
i 112 

I :hestra trips 114 

iDgy 116 

I us 118 

! us tr.ips 120 



i :e team 

' ate team 

na club 

na crew 

:h club 



len key club 136 
>orlignt 138 
rov troupe 140 


latm club 
math team 
model UN 

honor society 
outer limits 
peer group 
senior class 
senior video 
Spanish club 
student council 




ife-vous " "200 
iendsoc family 207 
Id yearbook 249 





notice 2 

introduction 3 
dedication 4 

senior pictures 

and quotes 
class picture 
Where's the 



boys' basketball 
basketball cheerleading 
girls' basketball ^ _^ 
gymnastics ^ "^ 


hockey cheerleading 

boys winter track 
rirls' winter track 

giris wint 

administration 182 scienc( 
183 world 





family & 





184 cafeteria staff 
184 custodial staff 
184 construction 
drivers' ed 
186 supervision 

186 health services 

187 in-school 

technology 188 metco 
math 188 special 

media 189 education 

music 189 teachers 

police assistants 

academy 190 volunteers 










^ Notice ► 

PERSONS attempting to find a motive in 

this chronicle will be prosecuted; persons 

attempting to find a moral in it will be 

banished; persons attempting to find a 

plot in it will be shot. 


From Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain 

To the Class of 2001 

Well guys, it's finally over. After spending four years together in high school, 
you can't say we haven't been through a lot. We've survived construction, said good- 
bye to our much-loved principal Mr. McLeod, and welcomed in our new principal, Dr. 
Girouard-McCann. We've seen old teachers go, and new ones come in. We've lost 
old friends, and made new ones, without ever forgetting who our best friends really 
are. We've laughed, cried, cheered, danced, and studied together. We've gotten to 
know each other. We've grown up. 

Actually, we've spent our whole lives doing just that - growing up. We've been 
building our futures since before we even know what our futures were. When we were 
little, to build was to play with blocks. Now, with the education that we have received, 
we can begin to build something a little bit bigger. Our knowledge will be our 
foundations; the futures that we build will be spectacular. 

This year's yearbook follows this theme of growing and building, all of which 
we've done from the ground up. This book contains our senior year, or at least most of 
it. While we know that it would have been utterly impossible to capture everything , we 
certainly got a lot. We hope that we've managed to capture enough of the stories, 
moments, events, people, and memories that made these years what they were. With 
over 300 pages, we're not sure what we could have missed! 

So sit back and enjoy what lies within these pages. They haven't all been easy 
to produce, but we've had a great time putting them together for you. We couldn't 
have done it without your help, because you are the people who made these years 
what they were. And for that, we truly thank you. 

We wish you the best of luck in your futures. May you always keep believing in 
yourselves, may you always keep building your futures, and may you always remember 
the good times we shared together as the Class of 200 1 . 


The Yearbook Staff 

Publisher's Note: 

This book is not a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are 
neither the products of the authors' imaginations nor used fictiously, and any 
resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events, or locales is entirely 
intentional. That is unless what is stated is so obviously ridiculous that it must 
be fiction, wherein it is fiction. Thus, use your own judgement, and if something 
is offensive, then it is most definitely fiction. 

On October 10'\ 1998, Hingham High School lost a great 
friend. As a sophomore, Marc Delgallo passed away at South Shore 
Hospital. Marc was a major part of our community, our school, and 
many lives. 

We, the class of 2001, dedicate our yearbook to Marc 
Delgallo. With a commanding presence, Marc stood five feet, ten 
inches tall, weighed 1601bs, and had a little stubble on his face when 
he was only twelve years old. The athletic Marc would "crank out" 
home runs in little league and glide smoothly across the ice with his 
hockey team. The channing Marc was an eloquent and polite speaker. 
He was, no doubt, a great son, brother and uncle, from a wonderful 
family. Mr. and Mrs. D., Ariana, Bryan, Dave and little Christopher, 
thank you for shaping Marc into the person we loved. The very 
best friend you could want, he was always there when you needed 
him. With his special outlook on life, he could make a horrible 
situation look good. Marc had a certain twmkle in his eye. He 
simply knew how to live. 

Marc, although you only lived to the age of sixteen, you 
had an extraordinary impact on many lives. We look back and 
remember how strong and courageous you were while you battled 
cancer for almost three years. We will remember the smile on your 
face and your great sense of humor that made it impossible to believe 
that you were actually sick. Your golden personality will never be 
forgotten. We'll look back on high school wondering where you 
went. The truth is, you left a part of yourself with us, and you will 
always be here. You are such a special person it's no wonder God 
must have needed you more somewhere else. We all give thanks to 
you for being a part of our lives. 

T 6:04 a.m. - Zach wakes up. 


M 6:15 a.m. - Shower time for Ben. 

6:40 a.m. - Breakfast! Mr. Doherty and Matt stop in for bagels. ► H' ^1 

A 6:49 a.m. - James gets the last spot in Close. 

6:52 a.m. - George, ► 
Ned, Matt, and Ryan 
walk in from Far. 

A 7:00 a.m. - Mary, Crystal, and Melodye 
get their books before A Period. 

7:20 a.m. - Ki-istin Smith, Laura, Erin, Sarah, Cas, 
▼ and Kristen Smeriglio take their seats for class. 

9:55 a.m. - Mike ► 
■j ijkm and Joe walk to 
theirnext class. 

▲ 10:30 a.m. - Mr. Baisden's D Period math class takes a break for the camera. 

AT 12:00 p.m. - Molly, Danielle, Kate, and Odessa 
enjoy lunch in the cafeteria. 

▲ 11:14 a.m. - Jess and Amanda stop 
at their lockers between classes. 

▲ 12:16 p.m. - Hey! Where do you think 
you're going? Kyle takes off early. 

A 1 :00 p.m. - Classes continue for Danielle, Amanda, 
a sleeping Christine, and Amy. 

•^ 1 :50 p.m. - One last walk through the hall. 

T 1 :52 p.m. - School's out! Time to go home . . 

▲ 2:00 p.m. - ... But not for everyone. WHHS-TV's . 
Hurley and Grady are busy in the studio. 

r^ -4 2:30 p.m. - After-school research: 

f Meredith, Abby, and Chris study hard. 


8:00 p.m. - Time to party after a long day's work! ► 

"I'm not getting ► 
out until it's as 
warm out there 
as it is in here." 

▲ Yes, Oba, we know it's early .. . Smile an>wa>! 

A Odessa and Ingrid arrive at school early in Ingrid's Toyota. 

▲ Will's car is always full of people. Today, Ben. Taylor, and 
Dave are ready to go for a ride. Who will it be tomorrow? 

A Chauffeur Lou drives his sister to school in the mornmg. 

Don't worry Amy, as soon as you get 
inside, you can go back to sleep . . . 

Victoria and ► 
Brette pose 
on the hood 
of Brette's 

▲ Never fear, the Speddens are here! ! ! 

▲ Chris always makes an entrance in his red Z28. 

4/i^ia:^/.. .... 






PHfiPppPf ^'^ '^ 


1 i^ 









A The parking lot just wouldn't be the same 
without Mr. Dirk and Mr. Heffeman. 

▲ Fran looks all too content to stay in her car this morning . . . 

▲ "Can we go home yet??' 

▼ The Honda Accord Club: Kellcy, A. J., Meredith, Mike, and Caitlin. 

M Just like at a car show, Ryan poses with his "Hot Rod." 

▼ Carrie, Meaghan, and Amy strut their stuff at TCBY. 

-^ Dave hangs 
out with his 
fellow life- 
guards at 

Tracy looks on with pity as Jamie zaps 
▼ a patron at the Hingham Public Library. 

Bi-yan starts off a long ► 
day at Tiger Mart. 


S .Is 

T Liz drives the launch at Old Salt Outfitters in Hingham Harbor. 

▲ Lorelei works hard at Ben and Jerry's as a . . . tester? 

Greg bags a Sundae-To-Go at Brigham's. ► 

T Jared shows off the equipmant at Walsh & Packard 

Margo poses with her favorite camper at the Hingham Rec. Camp. 


▲ "Help!" 

A "If I just stand really still, maybe they won't notice me 

▼ "What?!?" 


sunny --— ^ 

▲ Meredith enjoys a brief nap \\\ the sun. 

▲ Chris gets style points, but not a ticket, 
for this outstanding parking job. 

Jon and Lisa ► 
get into the 
swing of things. 

Joe gets ► 
down to 
work in 

T Rachel and Margo step out for a walk. 

▲ Mary, Sarah, Amy, Brian, and Jerry chill out in the snow. 

T Looks like a Friday afternoon in Mr. Bailey's room. 

T What a grin! Christine seems to 
enjoy herself dancing with Mark. 

▼ Don't you ladies have a class to get to 

Mike shows 
off his new 
hat with 
Jon Fine 
and Nick 
McC ready. 

▼ Brendan and Danielle are all 
dressed up for the occasion 



▼ I think Courtney has a story to share with us 

T Whafs that. George':" You didn't 
do your Physics homework?? 

▲ Carolyn catches some Zzzzzz's 
on the bus ride in France. 

, A Sarah, Jen, Mary, Jamie, and Anjali 
get fired up at a pep rally. 

■4 Cristina 

Katie Wellford & Anna Elliott ► 
T Caitlin Fitzmaurice 

▲ Stephanie Nielsen 



< Kelley Walker 

Erin Healey ► 

▼ Kristen Kehoe 

T Erin Loomis 

▼ Carolyn Daly & Laura Settino 

T Joe Pustizzi and Sean Chisholm 

▲ Mark & Steve Shainwald 

▼ Caitlin Marshall 



▲ Lisa Trebino 

▲ Molly Ross 
T Tracy Duff 

▼ Amanda Condito 

T Shannon Maguirc 


Becky looks as sweet as 

ever in her M&M costume. ► 

▼ The senior girls dress up as... (drumroU please)... Senior Girls 

~«6 27^ 

■4 Lauren grins gleefully 
as she takes out a junior. 

A Leah tackles a member of the opposing team. 

Lauren holds the ball as Fran ► 
prepares to kick a field goal. 

▲ Fran breaks through the juniors' defense. 

Amy poses with Carrie, the 
T "official" senior mascot. 

▲ The senior girls pummel the defensive line. 
T The seniors fiercely stare down their opposition . . . the juniors. 



▲ Greg Harrington, Vanessa, and Amy are ready to party. 

A Matt and Chris look very regal; Margo can't 
believe that she has two Homecoming kings! 

▲ Erin is enthralled by Steve's charm . . . 
or maybe his hat's not on straight. 

Courtney and Margo show off their sequins. ► 

M Dave and Steve are either singing or 

laughing . . . either way, it looks hke fun. 

A Casey and Victoria are having a bail. 

Yes, Julia, you are having 
T your picture taken. 

▲ Fran enjoys herself 
dancing with Cas. 

▲ Margo and Chris dance the night away. 

Kristin and AJ have caught the dancing fever. ► 


A Rebecca and Lorenzo get 
close for the camera. 

▲ Carolyn enjoys herself dancing 
with Ned. 

^^^^^Bv% uJE 





A T Double take: Wait, how did Matt 
get so lucky?? Above, Matt with 
Lauren; below. Matt with Lorelei. 

▲ Smile for the camera, Mike ... George knows how. 

Casey and Ben 
Cassiani enjoy a 
slow dance. ► 

•^ Brie and Fran 
are definitely 
ready to party. 

Matt McLaughlin 
and Margo show 
off their smiles. ▼ 

▲ Jen Wasson and Chris take a 
break to pose. 

A Catherine and Chris heat up the dance 

Lauryn McCarthy and 
Sean, arm in arm on the 
dance floor. 

Erin and Steve pause for a picture. A 
Becky and Erik show us a thing or two about 
dancing, with Erik displaying his edible 



* * • • 



1^ ■ 





\^%-- ' 


Ik "''^ 



||^^^^^^^<v« j^^^H! 





J ^ 



[ii^ .^^k 



H I W ^155 




Ryan looks ... happy ... while dancing with Cristma. A 
T Jeff Bom, Kimberly, Caitlin, and John are ready for 
a great night. 

Brian and Amy dance the night away 
very suave, Brian. ► 








Alison Aucoin 

33 Tower Road 

"We all take different paths in life, but 
no matter where we go, we take a little 
of each other everywhere." Jawbrks- 
CW LS AW LW VB-Thx 4 the memo- 
ries-MarchMdness, StPattys, NH, HYC- 
Summ'OO, ThxLW-nl pits, rocks, JM- 
morgs,MOM,MC-25 KDtuff, SDO 430, 
MXDnschl Soph Yr-WOW-ptsT-trax 
13hrdayACL-bedODonCP Soccer/ 
Lax(98-01)Ricks BB TMPT-VTs,CC- 
nlg, MBFW ThxMDB&M glB I Luv U 

Steven Ayers 

2 King Philip Path 

Every step that I take, Every move 
that I make, Every single day. Every 
time I pray, I'll be missing you. Dad, 
PJ. Haga's Beach, HYC, The Boys, TG, 
Boogie, Sweets, Haga, Bums, Lil Peach. 
TheGirls, EC, SH, JH, O, Boo, Chuckie, 
AH "Screacha", V hockey, FFootball, 
San Diego, The G Bros, Providence, 
PM, RH, JH, EC, Bry and Mike, 
Thanks for Everything. Mom and Dad, 
Love you guys. I'm out PEACE! 

Abigail Bargende 

26 Rockwood Road 

"A man is no fool who gives up what he 
cannot keep, to gain what he cannot 
lose. "-Jim Elliot Thank you Mom and 
Dad, good luck A=A!E8 you are unreal! 
Worma I'll back you up, Faiwenough 
<Gailileo C.Crows CCSC JO-K-E Papa 
Gino's what yo matta? Tonight we 
lose. ..Driving? Chicken Crispers JJ's! 
We've come so far-cryvoice! This is 

Vanessa Baris 

19 Highview Drive 

"If you're going to walk on thin ic 
you might as well dance" JA\ 
I luv u guys! MD u rule Goodtime 
rocks+pits NH StPats Day SophGrl 
pts HYC-summ'OO HLWN-'< 
BB+SkiTrips SDY:3O+MC250 NL2 
thxLW *JMS* VR-we've been throuj 
the most! Good luck to all my friend 
Thanks Mom, Dad, Nana + Bumpa! 
couldn't have done it without you! 

John Beauregard 

Borreh, Johnny B. 
7 Plymouth River Road 

From the a-maze-ing labyrinth to ping- 
pong, to sitting underneath the H-Day 
tree, to Jamie's canvas and Mo's hot 
tub - Braid my hair? Are you crazy? - 
for all the things that made high school 
real, thank you guys. 

And to Caitlin - chances are I'm think- 
ing of you right now. "We are shaped 
and fashioned by what we love." 

Christopher Bell 


Know who you are as a person. Respect 
yourself and be who you want to be and 
it'll be alright. When faced with life's 
challenges, find a way and not a way 
out. FMC65 forever # 70 60 66 50 45 
AF@ NECB Thanx guys BettyVW 
DMB 99+00 train 00 squeejay NH97= 
D.C. 98 DAJJBekk Thanks for the 
memories. I luv u Mom Dad Gram + 

Joseph Bellew 

Joe, Joey 
35 Elmore Road 

Don't cry because it's over, smile be- 
cause it happened. Mom+Dad+Jim 
thanks 4everything, I Luv U! your tal- 
ent is God's gift to u. What you do with 
it is your gift to God. MDGr+JVHcky, 
Laxvid, JYs bsmnt, kilby, wrldsend. 
Camping, CrwPnt, TgrMrt, HARBOR, 
Wood-Pawlowski. Enjoy the little 
things in life, you may look back and 
find they were the big things. Thanks 
to my friends Good Luck. 

Carl Benbow 


355 Columbus Avenue, Boston 

I want to thank all the teachers th 
inspired me to improve. Mrs. B, M 
Sides, Mr. Worden, Ms. Noren, M 
Breen, and foremost Mr. Penny, we h; 
a lot of laughs. Let me get a bigup 
my man E,Oops, Rizzz, Al, and to tl 
"Faci" girls Tasha, OD, Lea, Laure 
Ingrid. Also to the gone but not forge 
ten: Rizz, Gizz, and Dizz. 
Thank you Ms. Roundtree. 

Lindsey Blampied 

Linds, Yearbook-Editor Barbie 
70 Charles Street 

"Let's explore. If we do not find some- 
thing pleasant, we will at least find some- 
thing new." - Voltaire. Girls' Night Girls, 
Soccer Posse, Sparetire Club & Ring 
Members: I ¥ you all! Relay, hallparties, 
NH, Mable, the cage, "INSTANT 
PLEASURE," our side of the line. 
Knocking Bluthings, Linsblam!, Quail, 
VW! - TRUCK!, E.B. trip, bunnies, 
darkroom chats, sailing, 3rd of July, 
Hobie days. The coup is A^Off complete. 

Jamie Boutilier 

JamieB, Jaim, Oriana 
29 Winthrop Road 

"The journey in between what you once 
were and who you are now becoming is 
where the dance of life really takes 
place." Barbara DeAngelis Remember: 
sophomore retreat, KT's party, Cana- 
dians, Chorus trips, Softball scandal, TJ, 
YM, EnglO-2, Wistum Wabasso, NH, 
horses, Giessow, rat pack, dances, 

Cara Bowman 

30 Thompson Avenue 

"Remember, today is the first day of 
the rest of your life, make the most of 
it." I love you - Mom, Dad, Jack, 

& my unreal friends - you know who 
you are. Galileo, Faiwenuf, 80's, Cape, 
90210, Russia, PageMe, JR 106.7, REC, 
Rent, GoGirl, CCrows, SayNoToDrugs, 
Idiot, Papa Gino's, FakeFights, 
Nantasket, Butts, Fatchance, Wompi, 
<, Tuba, JO-Ke, DeF, I Love You E8. 
This is awkward . . . 

Brendan Boyle 

145 Martins Lane 

"People who think they know it all are 
an annoyance to those of us that actu- 
ally do." Gluck, JM HA MN Wab. SM. 
Sweede. BHGT, TL, CM, KM. all my 
boys. Mardo w/ me 4ever. Good Times 
at the Rocks, Yacht, WOMPS. Rick's 
bsmnt, da'boat, fri. at the Biz. Thanks 
to Mom, Dad, Kel, Ryan, for being 
there. Hey, where'd all the time go? 

Peter Brancale 

25 Fearing Road 

"Regrets, I have a few, then again, too 
ew to mention." I'd like to thank my 
amily, friends, and God for helping me 
hrough my high school years. I will 
ilways remember: PHISH, Wompatuck, 
^risbee, KB, Model UN, Fenway Park, 
A/WF, Wesley Willis, Summers in the 
"ape. Ancient Chinese Proverbs, Tribal 
"ouncil. Now I'm outta here like I stole 

Kyle Brandt 

Pig's Feet 
Across the Street 

Things I learned: Only break rules when 
they are in the way and not for the sake 
of breaking rules. Not to be mad about 
little things. Most things are just that. 
Things I did not learn: How to hand 
things in on time (this quote is 22 days 
late). Tact. Why I am supposed to draw 
pictures for English class. 

Sarah Bulman 

18 Jarvis Avenue 

"You never leave a place or person you 
love, part of them you take with you 
leaving a part of yourself behind." ACK 
Crew MN Whitey Hull ME Ireland '99 
CrowPt AC&CLs Parties Novswimn 
Aruba & cruise '01 BM-Thanx 4 Prom, 
To my boys & Christi-143 MJD & JPB- 
miss you. "Here's to goodbyes that are 
never spoken, here's to friendships 
never broken." Good Luck Em & Jon 

Catherine Campbell 

1 19 Downer Avenue 

I love the friends I have gathered on 
this thin raft, we have constructed pyra- 
mids in honor of our escape - JM. 
4ASP, Silvia, Giovanni, Giulia, Tomi. 
SilviaB, Pedro, VVB. Aruba '98. red 
truck,wiffle ball, sophgirls-POlNTS.lCP 
G. parties, dbleminttwins, WATER, 
thanks for the mischief Sunshine Mom 
Joe Brette Heidi 1 love U. 

Meaghan Carey 

305 High Street 

"Do not go where the path may lead, 
go instead where there is no path, and 
leave a trail." CM, VR, LM, JK, MC, 
CB, LS, AF, DN, KS - Through thick 
and thin. JPs, Snowball99, SSP, Sanibel, 
Disney, Last Day 2000, Hersey Field, 
DMB '00, Boats, 3DD, 6Flags, 151, 
THE AUTHORITY. Thank you Mom. 
Beth and Julie - Good Luck and 1 Love 

Christine Carpenter 

71 Summer Street 

"1 ran where they told me not to run, 
but I sure had fun." Thanx to all my 
friends for the memories. SLU '00, 
Brewer, Valley of the C, Shed C-Style, 
the Wharf, Southie, N. End, JN - Top 
Down, Basically Chillin, Halloween '99, 
April Vac. '00, NewYears '00, Third 
Field. Thank you to my Mom, Jess, 
Erin, and Maggie. 

Casey Cartwright 

95 Kimball Beach Road 

"The best is yet to be" To my BF's- SJ, 
LW, JD, My boys- JW, JK, JP, SM, TR, 
LH- 143 The rest of you, good luck! 
"To have loved and lost is better than 
to have never loved at alT'-BN 
Love You, Thanks for the smiles GD- I 
miss u PN-9/23/00-WOW SB-ACK EC- 
Look on the bright side! Campn-10/ 
30/99 Dedham-4-eva / JK Oct. 14 2000 
- BMG Bye-bye 

Michael Cavanaugh 

11 West Street 

"Let me go my way but walk with me 
see what I see, watch me then"-DM> 
SH Xaverian Disney98, Go-Kart, Chi 
cago, ClassA, 3DD, "You Would", Sque( 
J, Stealth Mode, Boats, 6Flags 
Brakestands, 151, THE AUTHORITY 
"Geez Guys", Homecoming 99, HNIB 
Hockey Dinners, Providence Ink, Pea 
nut- good luck + keep your head up 

Sean Chisholm 

13 Fairview Street 

Do not go where the path may lead, go 
instead where there is no path and leave 
a trail- RWE Thank you to my friends, 
my parents and my brother. 

Erin Ciovacco 

"Each one of us is a brain, and an ath- 
lete, and a basket case, a princess, and a 
criminal" Thanks Mom Dad Joel Pete 
Wendy and Ty for all your support 
hahanever forget the good times like 
sam stories, RATHER, and Beijing 
House. To all my classmates- the best is 
yet to come but never forget today. 
Steve, you've changed my life, I'll al- 
ways love you... 

James Clarke 

Jack, Pimp 
79 Tower Road 

"Back in the day there was Irish ways, 
and Irish laws, stand up for the cause !"- 
House of Pain, YWALK, OldsyRIP, 
Kim's monster truck, Endo, Worldsend, 
PR BBC, All my friends, PW, CG, AG, 
SS, LEC, JY, Summer'OO, Phillies, BW, 
CM, KB, Wompy, Steph's house, Jr 
Prom, BC, JV Hockey, LAX, Mom, 
Dad, Christie, Thanks, it's been an ad- 

Amanda Condito 

14 Derby Street 

"Reach for the moon, if you miss yoi 
will land on a star" Cheerleaders-thank; 
4all the laughs. Kim-thank u for alway; 
being there 4 me 143 SB-thanks 4hit 
ting my mail-box. Jess-U R awesome 
Natick Thank you Mom, Dad, John am 
Christina 4supporting me. To m} 
nephew Joey I wish u the best of lucl 
143. Never forget 5, Gym97&PJBC 
Good luck! 

Kimberly Conkey 

Kim, Kimmy 
107 Nokomis Road 

"The BAD times make you pay atten- 
tion to the good times you never did" 
1434EVA-Sum98&99 parties,ac-Beach 
"I did that" Soccer98 JP-youmean so 
much! JK-natick "Give me that." PJGB 
to my friends; thanks for being there 
esp. amanda, I love u guys! Dad, Mom, 
Walt, Kristen & family, I love you all 
thanks for everything! CSDS! Good 

Matthew Connelly 

Matty Connelly 
28 Franklin Rodgers Road 

You rush a miracle man, you get rotten 
miracles. Thanks to all my friends for 
the good times. JV Soccer, Freshman & 
JV Lacrosse, fire pit at Tribal Council. 
Bikerides, Yuka, LV. RF. JB. EC. BF. 
CC. MB. Sunday River, Indoor. Rock- 
ets, California, Rhedonkulous. 

Michael Connolly 

881 E. Broadway Street, So. Boston 

In order for an Irishman to talk to his 
equal, he is forced to converse with the 

Scott Conroy 

28 Croydon Road 

"This is not the end, it is not e\en the 
beginning of the end, but it is perhaps 
the end of the beginning" "It's been a 
long long long time" Remember: THK 
always, problems, karate stick. Green 
Knight, Benin, SCI. TweezerCentcr. 
Hartford, tennis:South Sect Finals'OO. 
Yar! They still need a bassist. "This has 
all been wonderful but now I'm on my 

Timothy Corbett 

3 Kilmer Road 

You can't live the past, you don't know 
the future, today is the gift, that's why 
we call it the present. Thanks for all 
the memories, the year 2000, 1 thank 
you the most. Canadian summer, fun 
stuff. Ski team and Baystate Games, 
Sailing team and the T, fond memories. 
Thanks Mom Dad Caroline Nanna and 
Bumps (9-1-99) 

Brienne Cosman 

Brie, T-Rex 
16 Queen Anne Lane 

"When it is dark enough, 

you can see the stars." 
Try to remember that always, and 
thanks to those who were my remind- 
Thank you for always pushing me - 
Mom, Dad, Matt. 

Never go in on the Left! 

Shannon Coyne 

8 Sycamore Lane 

Be who you are and say what you feel 
because those who mind don't matter 
and those who matter don't mind. 
Memories shell, summer in Plymouth, 
JD, Norwell Thank you Mom Dad 
Kayla and Tricia 143 Thanks for the 
memories IP, DP KC, AC, CL, TG, CY 

Jason Crombie 

The Great Crombie Raskeeto 

"This world is a hell of a heaven, but 
it's all we got. We might as well party." 
G.C. 1 want to give a special thanks to 
all my friends through these years for 
all the memories I forgot. But I do re- 
call trailblazing, Woodstock, getting 
strange'99, Fridays, Phish, Endo!, and 
a whole bunch of trees. And one last 
question. Do you like pancakes? Keep 
it real. 

Michael Crowley 

34 Simmons Road 

"Life moves pretty fast, if you don't 
stop and look around once in a while, 
you could miss it." - F.Bueller - 
"Everytime I learn something new, it 
pushes something old out of my brain." 

- H. Simpson. MK - ILY - T. Con-Cap. 

- Don Bungles - M. House - shooting 
stick - 7-11 Run - Night Bont - 
Calzonage - B.T. - Nuke! - The Win- 
dow - JNLME - Good Luck Everyone 

Erin Curley 

132 Justice Cushing Highway 

Some people come into our lives and 
go quickly, others stay a while and leave 
footprints in our hearts. Papa 143. Thx 
to my girls: EF SH VR AS JH RS +the 
SM-Sunshinel43 hyc tfp JT=ML The 
Rounds sophyr St Patty's 00 Provi- 
dence-SA JH Boogie+PM 990 DMB 
WAG New Years slpovers Lake George 
Summer '00 TM ykywi! Anna-bffl 
mdakm-143 RIP-MARC GoodLuck'Ol 

Felipe Cursino 

Lipe, Pipoca, Lipoca 
222 Otis Street 

"Ainda se eu falasse a lingua dos homens 
se eu falasse a lingua dos anjos sem teu 
amor eu nada seria" I miss you guys: 
Bia,Esther,Lorao,Gus,Li,Painho. 1 owe 
you big part of my sanity. LDS,LB,MH, 
JO,JM,CM,FDS, sorry if I forgot some- 
body,you are incredible, I can't thank 
you enough for your support from the 
first day. Mom and Dad, Love U, you're 
fantastic. Pai e Mae vcs sao tudo p/mim, 
eu amo vcs + do que tudo nesse mundo. 

Emily Curtis 

66 Hersey Street 

"Don't be afraid your life will end be 
afraid it will never begin" ~ Thanks to 
~ the princesses ~ KM KC LS LC MM 
DD LD LA EH ~ I'll always luv you 
guys ~ DMB'00~Green~The Cape ~ 
Monet's ~Weymouth~CP~galley girls 
~ SM MM ER TD ~ 90 to Bently-KS - 
NS'99-NW ~ LS-BF ~ to DD w/HW+SM 
~ thanks for the memories ~ Mom Dad 
& Tommy ~ "There is nothing like a 
dream to create the future." 

Alicia D'Orval 

6 Howland Lane 

"There's something about an ending, 
even when it's something you have 
wanted to end, that hurts inside." 
-Lucille Ball 

"1 like school. It is a good way to kill 
time between classes" 
-Zach Morris 


"R for ride"-Drie 

Carolyn Daly 

6 Leonard Road 

We will remember till old age what we 
did together in our brilliant youth... 
Dorch-BT SKYY RENT-PS Galileo 
Revere UMO CCSC if? What the 
bloodclot? Faiwenough The Bat Rec 
4Horned Aminal Niesha COYOTES 
THANK YOU CHINA Let's Pretend 
...All my amazing friends> I love you! 
Cry-voice. ..THIS IS AWKWARD. 

Sheena Damon 

Sheen, Sheens 
3807 Tuckers Lane 

"There are some things that we never 
want to let go of . . . people we never 
want to leave behind, but remember that 
letting go isn't the end of the world, it's 
the beginning of a new life." Good luck 
to HHS Varsity Football Cheerleaders! 
CR, MS, CS remember Summa of '99! 
CR 12-9-99, I wanna thank MT, JB, D, 
AC, JT, CR, PB, JG, MK, MS, CS, SR, 
JR, JS for all the good times! 

Jonathan DeCourcey 

14 Harborview Drive 

Life is too short to be taken seriously. 
Lacrosse #9 Yeah Red! M's bridge soc- 
cer team pool TC. Thank you to all m> 
friends we've had a great time. 
"Woo hoo! I'm a college man now!" 

Elguel DeLosSantos 


hen my mom first told me I was com- 
g here I didn't know what to expect, 
it now I know my parents made the 
jht choice. I want to thank my fam- 
', my dogs at Metco, Riz, Carl, Manny, 
1 D, Lance, Tasha, Leah and Lauren, 
d my Hingham friends Bobby, Griff, 
ims, A-Train, Kim, Jeff, 3G you know 
10 you are I forgot a lot of people. I 
sh 1 had more room. 

William DeWaltoflf 

340 Main Street 

No one looks as foolish as the excitable 
ones, but then again there's no one that 
has as much fun. Thanks to all my buds 
TL DH JS BK SB Great times BK's house 
St. Pattysday New Years New Hamp- 
shire HBRFest Pearl Jam '00 311 buds 
All snowboarding trips Golf Team Ba- 
gel Bop Hingham Rec. Thanks Mom & 
Peter, Dad & Grace for all the support. 
Good luck Jay, Signe, and Tyler. 

Lorenzo Di Silvio 

Zo, Lolo, Lo-ren-zo-ding! 
222 Otis Street 

"I am the kind of paranoic in reverse, I 
suspect people of plotting to make me 
happy" -JDS Chili's desserts Believe Cu- 
cumber or potato? 1 see you baby Soy 
Formosefio 4toA Everystudent Elbow 
tag The Ring 80s Like A Prayer Danc- 
ing QUEEN Instant Pleasure Cotton- 
eyed Joe The Lorenzo Effect STC OCD 
Cheetah Our side of the line JB LB SC 
coup is now complete That is all. 

Courtney Dickson 

801 Tuckers Lane 

"Experience the devine!" Dance is Life! 
Erin - you're the wind beneath my wings. 
3:00 sit down I'm still eating Mae - A 
Star is bom Molly - Lovins to Mickey 
Bonnie - Head on with a parked car 
MattG - dance partner MattM - BBC 
AFS France '00 Drama NY trips 
Thanks Mom - I love you Thank you 
Healey Clan Chris - Stay Latin Wild 
hearts can't be broken. 

Melanie Dobson 

17 Patriots Way 

/e cannot discover new oceans un- 
;s we have the courage to lose sight of 
CTLDHWDJS-thanxforthe memo- 
es, I'm gonna miss you guys. LS-we 
lally got through it! I apologize 
OOHYCStPattysFLAColorado -Ben- 
u will always be in my heart ILY MD- 
P I can't wait until we meet again, 
ank you Mom Rick Dad Gay & Julie 

Amy Driscoll 

I Winthrop Road 

"And we have had better times than 
most can imagine" To all of my friends, 
especially CCCNLWKSSW-thanks for 
the memories! Brewer- Valley of the C- 
basically chillin' New Years 2000- 
southie SLU ThirdField/TheWharf 
Tuccis Halloween'99 JN-topdown St. 
Mike's'OO WorkCamp'99 Northend 
DMB'99-'00 MDJAN-thanx, ILY Good 
Luck class of 2001 

Danielle Dufault 

D, Dufault, Bratface 
2 Isaac Sprague Drive 

"Success is not final, 
failure is not fatal: 
it is the courage to 
continue that counts." 

Thanks to all my friends: MT, JB, SD, 
KW, CF, GD, MS. Thanks to all my 
teachers the past 4 years. You Rock! 
YAHB. Tasha U Rock! I made it, I gradu- 
ated!! Now now, dry your eyes. GTG 
See U in 10 years. 

Tracy Duff 

37 Bradley Park Drive 

"The future belongs to those who be- 
lieve in the beauty of their dreams." -E. 
Roosevelt Remember: TUFF, Stin. 
GOSLOW, Beaver, Everystudent. Short 
Putting, Peanut Butter, the Island, Sun- 
days at HPL, Rushcz-Vous. discuses? 
"We are what we think. All that we are 
arises with our thoughts, we make the 
world." - Buddha. 

Greg Duval 

15 South Lane 

Stuart Dykes 

22 Jarvis Avenue 

Anna Elliott 

Nonna, Banana 
56 Burr Road 

Tyler Eusden 

Woolsey, The Eus Man, TyTy 
6 Cedar Street 

Thanks to Mom and Dad for sticking 
through it with me. Thanks Carlie, and 
another thanks goes out to Mr. L., Mrs. 
R., Dr. S., JM Joyce F. Hey Jerry re- 
member the shed and the drain pipe at 

"Don't take life too seriously. You'll 
never escape it alive anyway." 

Soccer Team#9LeagueChampions 
Chelsea 5-OManUtd 3-lBarca FF/SS98 
OMS99 Ozzfest98 DH, AW. 
At99DownsideWe Rocked Flaccid 
NewYearOO GoodTimes "Boyakasha, 
innit" -Ali G 

Thanx Mum, Dad, L+M, and everyone 
else Good Luck Class of '01 

Celebrate we will cuz life is short but 
sweet for certain - This is awkard... 
Hammock BSO MODUN P40J Lob- 
ster SP99 Giddyup DMB Wareham 
PorchARBoat F5 Judgeday BrCr Pot- 
hole AFSMSJL Nose is pretty 2-4 Skyy 
overboard WADC 6 Pack HiMontreal 
N YCBath Jazz Band Just say it was Steve 
D NewYear Peephole walrus Bnd Hre 
Carpe diem This is so long but not good 

"Wouldn't turn your backs + you di 
walk away we'd never run we stan 
one" Thank you Mom, Dad, -i- Ali 
ONSTAGE, Tech owns you!, Wt 
TV, TVP "Field Trips," Drama: Ci 
42nd, Yankees, Festival, NYC, Kids ( 
Frisbee, 64s, Gelcomes. Thank you 
bara, Geggy, Chid, Kelli, Amy, I< 
John, Caitlin, Jeff, ONSTAGE You j 
made me. Good luck to Ali + every 

Stephen Feeley 

Feeley, Files 
6 Indian Rock Lane 

"We never really grow up. We only 
learn how to act in public." Kids Cab, 
WHHS, Improv. Floats, 14 Main, 
MathParties, NH, Simpsons, Chorus, 
Disney, Canada, Austria, Ice, Drama, 
Dolly, Crazy, 42nd, Damn Yankees, NY, 
London, Bermuda, Hawaii, Cruises, Ire- 
land, AVID, Millenium, Omni, Thomas, 
Jelcome, Double Gulp, 6 Flags, Boat, 
King, Amy, JB,KM,JR,CM,BJ,AS,MW, 
LM, Let's make a movie, ONSTAGE! 

Francesca Ferrante 

3 Alexandria Way 

"When you are content to be simply 
yourself and don't compare or com- 
pete, everybody will respect you" Casey 
Laura Brette Brie Lola - memories to 
never be forgotten: g. BBQ-wilder 
WATER soph girls - have another wiflfle 
ball doublemint High School rules! Mis- 
sion 2000 GT:Booyah's back in style! 
If I had it all to take back I wouldn't .... 

Anjali Fitzgerald 

Anji, PBJ, Jello, Angel-e 
338 High Street 

Our greatest glory consists not in never 
falling but in rising everytime we do 
fall. Thanks -Mr. B for always encour- 
aging me, Mr. V + Mr. D for always 
being there for me, Mr. D you have 
always been like a second dad. Thanks 
Jeff, PG, Jim, Vin, and Be thanks for 
always being my bestfriend Thanks 
RGJJBGKM - thanks Mom+Dad I love 
you guys. Thanks Jeff I love you CF I 
love you kiddo 

Erin Fitzgerald 

20 Martins Lane 

Summer '00 CSDLSDCDKR good t 
best of luck in everything. EC Wi 
St. CCARJOSM. Thanx 4 the lai 
Molly! CC GoodLuck. Liz- never 
the LEX memories. Thanks to my 
ents 4 all the support. Ryan I love 
babe! Can't wait 4 Ca hunnie "L 
from yesterday, live for today, I 
for tomorrow." 

Caitlin Fitzmaurice 

23 Stagecoach Road 

Yesterday brought the beginning, to- 
lorrow brings the end, but somewhere 
1 the middle we've become the best of 
iends." This is awkward... If? DMB 
)ock&Porch foulfowl sky trashcan 
lYtrips Rec trackies SCH "The future 
elongs to those who believe in the 
eauty of their dreams" Thanks to all 
ly friends! Thanks Mom and Dad, 
asey. Good Luck Sean! 

Ryan Florey 

3 Olmsted Drive 

"To be great is to be misunderstood." 
"Young men often think themselves 
wise enough, as drunk men often think 
themselves sober enough." Messa trees 
blazing in the firepit at Tribal Council 
M.C. L.V. RB. T.N. M.R CM. in Nova 
Scotia CM. in Hingham JV Soccer Late 
bikerides yuka M.C. L.S. Frisbee H.H. 
Tree house vis Rockets Su Ri 

Katherine Ford 


'As above, 
so below." 

Anthony Forgione 

1353 Volturno Drive. Henderson. NV 

"We judge ourselves by what we feel 
capable of doing, while others judge us 
by what we have already done." "You 
must live in the present, launch your- 
self on every wave, find your eternity 
in each moment." "The language of 
Friendships is not words, but meanings." 
"Oh Good." 

JR DN AQ Thank you Mom. Dad. 
Vinnie, and Matt 

Casey Fredette 

63 South Street 

he unexamined life is not worth liv- 
ig -Socrates -Mia, Al, Jen, Ed, Dad, 
hows. Parties® my house, Sheboyhan, 
lONKEYS! The Waterbed&Closet, 
iS,DV,H,TR,LWF,AF,3S - Goin30 - 
lue Screen - MOO - Boston - Fleasy 
ate Night Fun - Thanks for putting up 
■ith them all+it all -D- THE BEST IS 
ET TO COME Great times-Thank 
Du all 

Latarsha Gaines 

Tasha, Pochahontas, T. 
15 Mount Ash Road, Hyde Park 

Babe, I got U babe . . . Love ya Mom 
¥vy!! I drink Coke because I'm so 
dope, I drink Pepsi because I'm so sexy, 
I drink Sprite because I'm so bright, and 
that's what makes me me because I am 
whatever I say I am! "Tell me and I 
forget. Teach me and I learn" Much 
love to my fam, whatsup to the Labitues, 
worms, mingrid, the Metco boys, & my 
HHS amigos +SM 

Adam Galambos 

77 Martin's Lane 

I'd like to thank my Mom, Dad, Dave, 
Steve, Nana and Papa for helping me 
throughout these years. I love you all! 
Shout out to my Bro's JZ, MS, JB, JP, 
PW, RM, CG, SS, JC, JW, JW, Boogie, 
SA, EC. Brandie, I'll always love you! 

Jared Garrity 

It's been good, but now it's over. Let's 
move on but not forget our memories, 

friends, and experiences. 

Kevin Garrity 

Weezer blares in the background. The 
Ping-Pong balls fly. Jenn smiles lov- 
ingly. Lindsey stares at the ceiling while 
Katie is lifted and spun. Zach bounces, 
Jamie articulates, Lorenzo differs, 
Caitlin hugs, Julia giggles, John yawps, 
Chis ponders, and Bill just is. Through 
it all, happiness prevails. This is where 
the pink hippopotomouse lives. This 
is worth remembering. 

Matthew Gianferante 

Matty G., Cheeks 
136 Gardner Street 

"Do not follow where the path may 
lead. Go instead where there is no path 
and leave a trail." Soccer is all 1 do. 
Mom, Catie, and Dad thanks for hav- 
ing my back. Friendlys with the 
Shainheads. Webbs. ..sorry have soccer. 
Cannons and big butts forever. Axel, 
Moby and of course Raisinettes. Dick, 
Ere, and the rest of the H-bags thanks 
for being my friends. 

Amy Giardina 

Amy G. 

"What is meant to be will find a way." 
"Nothing can bring you peace but your- 
self" I want to say thank you to Paul - 
you have been the best; and thank you 
to all my friends. PR, JK, LM, SC, KC, 
AC, CC, and the rest. The years have 
been a blast. 

Good luck to you guys in the future. 
May the best come to all of us. 

Michael Grady 

10 Friend Street 

Life is like the food from Taco Bi 
You eat way more than you can, 
sick and feel terrible all day, and 
next day you feel good but you go bi 
and eat it again. On-stage king of 
Hill 64's Welcome Jelcome92 Film F 
tivals The future hasn't been writ 
yet so make it a good one. The R 
Rocket isn't finished yet. BUTTS! 

Christopher Griffin 

Chris, Griff, Animal Thug 
57 Old County Road 

I give thanks for inspiration, it guides 
my mind along the way. A lot of people 
get jealous they talkin about me but 
that's just cause they haven't got a thing 
to say. Mom, Dad, Matt, my dogs, JV 
Hockey, P&D, LibertyP, Nina 6/2, 
Jimmys, SummerOO, 98, AprilOO, Oldsy 
RIP, Elroy, Stephs house, calzones, Kim, 
YWALK, Phillies, Fridays, Midgets, 
Wompy, Endo, JRProm, Good Luck to 

Matthias Haeni 

5 Eastgate Lane 

My favorite quote: "All is for the best 
in this best of all possible worlds." 


Benjamin Hardy 

1 Holly Street 

"Forget your troubles and dance." 

- Bob Marley 
Much love to all my friends Thanks for 
the memories:THlCK/Orjazm-forever 
funky! Wompy/electric fuzz/Dawson's 
Canada99/frisbee/AMC/Stinky ElNiiio/ 
Boo Yeah is back in style! - Good Luck/ 
Stay funky 

"Love and music can save us." - RHCP 
...Aloha Mr Hand! 

Richard Hawke 

Richard, Rich, Chid, Roach, Cat 
25 Water Street 

Owns You," Campaign 2000 Rich 
Prez, Ultimate Frisbee, King of the F 
Sherick 7, TVP, The Hallways, Da> 
The Tent, Fred, Cracker, The Ki 
Dropper, "I am a loser. In school, 1 
ers are zeros. In tennis, zero is love, 
church, love is God. Therefore, I 
God," Pichard Vawke Productions 

Erin Healey 

209 Main Street 

Life isn't a matter of milestones but 
f moments." Courtney - Little ^ cute, 
aper route, she called me a pig, 3:00, 
'ait a minute, did you or did I? My 3rd 
ister, Molls - Mr. P, That is not a fdler 
'ord, Chilean "gangs" Score 4! Class 
Discussions" Matty - My math man! 
hanks to my Fam, Ma, Da, Bean, Ro, 
'ombaby, Jamesypie, Gram, Grampy 
; everyone. I love you all! 

David Henesey 

Dave, Hendo 

131 Lazell Street 

Do what you will, do what you wish, 
follow your bliss on everyday. Never 
ask for an advantage, let the cards fall 
where they may. -311. Thanks to all 
my Buds and good luck WD TL BK JS 
GT. Trio turtle BK's house soph year 
hbrfest St. Pattysday SkiTrip '00 new 
years '00 WH 311 golf team Cohasset 
GC. Thanks Mom + Dad, good luck 
Brian and John. 

Matthew Holmes 

16 Grenadier Road 

I'd like to start this off by asking, has 
anyone seen my pants? Crombie, I want 
my cage match. Levine, get the table! 
Ultimate Frisbee all the way, no one 
can beat the trailblazers. Alex, leather 
isn't supposed to be blue. Jared, and A. J., 
stop playing with that splintered axe 
handle. Griffin, I want a calzone from 
Crow Point, go get one. 

Charies Hosea 

Charlie, Chuck D. 

525 Main Street 

"Live each day to the fullest, as if it 
were your last." HHS came + went so 
fast but life was great. Luv cruising 
around in my Mustang listening to 
hardrock. Thanx Nana you're the 
coolest. Lots of fun at Webbs, SS+MS, 
+ bowling strikes with BK. AJ + TJ, + 
hanging with NP + JD. Thanx 
Mom+Dad, hey Alex, the house will be 
much quieter now, Lucy + Todd. Bye 
Billy Bye Bob. See Ya! 

Amy Howard 

182 Main Street 

fhere's no point living if you can't 
el alive" (from TWINE) "Whether 
Du think you can, or you think you 
m't, you're right" -B+J Thank you 
ad, Mom, Bobby, Beth, Susan, JG, AH, 
P, KW, SW, JZ, G+G GDot - I love 
3u all! 4/9, 5/20, 5/5 - The OTHER 
-Day, Spain, Perfect Dark, Patos de 
ta fidelidad, BDS, GC, Estella Corn- 
ex. Pool, "Our House," Mi Hombre 
5rde, Darts, AKTBADO, Wooden lips 

Catherine Howlett 

Cattayhow, Cat 
10 Alden Road 

For Real, HHS is life. Tuba, "That's in 
our movie," watch the lightning, turn 
on the afterburners, CC Concert, E8 I 
love you girls, Jubunga, Brotha, There's 
an I in win, Al, Black Diamond, Fog 
horn, score early, score often, my li- 
cense . . . Someday I'll get it. Tempo 
thanks for the rides, I love you Mom, 
Dad, Meg and Mac, I have the best 
friends. This is awkward . . . 

Amy Huddleston 

53 Bradley Park Drive 

"You only live once, but if you work it 
right, once is enough." Joe E Lewis Hi 
Bye and I'll miss all my friends and 
5-9-98 I Love You 5-5 Estella Com- 
plex BDS roadtrips Pool Cops Spain 
Slurpees parks me and Brian's adven- 
tures + Stains. JOBIE FI Spunkey Sticky 
Miles "Buildings burn, people die, but 
real love is forever" The Crow 

David Huriey 

Hurley. Hurls. Dave. Bonzo 
49 Ward Street 

"Weaseling out of things is what 
seperates us from the animals . . . ex- 
cept the weasel." (H. Simpson) Chorus 
trips to Disney Canada and Austria, (Ice 
Wars) Drama, WHHS-TV. Frisbee, King 
of the Hill, Jelcome92. BMW, NH trips, 
64's, writing LIFE and filmfestivals w/ 
Nate were great times! "I'll fix it for 
free." "You can't win them all." (BM) 
ON-STAGE Forever! 

William Jantzen III 

Bill, Jantz-man, Billiam 
32 Winthrop Rd. 

"What lies before us and what lies be- 
hind us are tiny matters compared to 
what lies within us" Thanks Mom, Dad, 
Steve + Mike for everything. To my 
friends: I'll always think of the good 
times, which everyone has given me 
too many to remember. To the Ring: I 
love you all - words cannot express the 
joy it was to be with you guys. Good 

Benjamin Kahane 

24 Chamberlain Run 

"It's 106 miles to Chicago, we got a flill 
tank of gas, half a pack of cigaretts, it's 
dark and we're wearing sunglasses. Hit 
It!" BluesBros Thanks guys: DH TL 
WD JS SA MM YA! Thanks Mel 
Thanks for the memories; Pigskin 
NYEOO Barbsbasement DMB St Pattys 
Day 3 11 HYC SkiTrips EDay Holland 
Kerrie thanks for everything ILY MOM 
been real! 

George Katsilieris 

Kats, "Rock," Brunanski 
229 Ward Street 

It's such a waste to be wasted in the first 
place, 1 want to taste the taste of being 
face to face with common grace - To 
meditate on the warmest dream - And 
when I walk alone 1 listen to our secret 
- Love the Buddies and the SloUies - 
Gettin' too old for this $!/% 
TMBasementRDHouseRocks BB Fri- 
days DSCTProps Mom, Dad, Nicole, 
Cassy, 1 love you - IFYASMELL! 

Daniel Kearney 

Danny Japan l 

Everything starts with E. It's Taima 

Kristen Kehoe 

14 Grove Avenue 

"Never shall I forget the days I spent 
with you. Continue to be my friend as 
you will always find me yours" The Max 
- CB parties, Sailing - Boat #3 
undergrads. Winter Track - "reunions" 
Kick it in, France - "Scanning", Swiss 
Miss, Band is coolio. Good Luck '02 
posse - 10:00pm ch. 40, Parking lots, 
LSC - Thanks for the memories - JT - 
The throne is yours. HHS + '01 - it's 
been saweet 

Elizabeth Kelly 

10 DelPrete Drive 

"Somewhere there is someone who 
dreams of your smile, and finds in your 
presence that life is worthwhile, so when 
you are lonely, remember it's true, 
somebody, somewhere, is thinking of 
you." Memories . . . "tennis girls are 
tough," DWTF, Sundae School, France 
'00, Scanning, La Bouche, JP, 6/3 and 
7/24, "Because we're dorks." "What 
we do echoes in eternity." 

Meredith Keman 

3 Brewster Circle 

"That it will never come again is what 
makes life so sweet." -ED To my friends 
-where would I be w/o you? Mike - ILY 
WDW Cape CCrows Rent - PS E8 FH 
BigFt4J Galileo Revere Accords airhom 
EFC Britney ice cream - 17 lost - 2x 
Perfect tennis = tough Umo drama 
Kemi cry voice Faiwenough and every- 
thing else. M+D, you're the best! Good 
luck 2001! This is awkward . . . 

Jessica Klock 

61 Blaisdell Road 

"If I never jump, I'll never fly. So what- 
ever tomorrow brings, I'll be there w/ 
open arms & open eyes." VR, MC, AG, 
KC, AC, DP, EF, TC, CN, KS, CJ, CM, 
HEART! Cas, you mean so much 2 me. 
Isa, what would I do w/out you? U R the 
best friend I've needed. 143. Jeima, u r 
a huge part of me & my hfe, 143. Kris, 
u r my "angel," I love you! It's been 
fun! GL 2001 

Casimir Krupinsky 

Cas, Cezlar 
45 Popes Lane 

gotta get me a grip, I gotta show I 
n rip, moving on." Thanx to all my 
ends for the best years ever, thanx 
r all daBalloons snowboard trips and 
Id weather, thanx 2 Iroc-Z 14 Guage 
d 311, thanx 2 pointless rides kickin 
rties it's been heaven. M+D so fast 
d so flin, word up, peace out, and good 
:k '01 

Bryan Kulp 

Kulp, Plukey 
5 Monument Circle 

Chorus- Disney+Canada trips ICE 
FIGHTS. Drama- NYC trip. HHS 
Baseball+Hoops. "The List" DH MG 
SC. Working out at Webbs. Hanging with 
The Gang, AS KN RB. Film Festivals at 
Nate's. Working at TigerMart, driving 
around aimlessly. Bowling with CH AJQ 
TJ. Watching WWF- It's true. 
Headbanging contest- DOB CL. 
S0X4LIFE. "Success is getting up one 
more time than you fall down." 

Leah Labitue 

41 Fendale Avenue 

"If you cry today and tomorrow you 
still have the droplets of water in your 
eyes, I will come to dry them, for you 
showed me the way of true love, friend- 
ship, and happiness." Much love to my 
"hotgirls" AJ MW LL and SW NS luv 
y'all To my school peeps, TG, OW, IP, 
MM, CB, RB, AD, OL much luv. To my 
fam Mom, Dad, Ian, and Lauren luv 
y'all. And to anyone I forgot blame 
my mind not my heart. PEACE! 

Rebecca Lanza 

152 Summer Street 

"All the flowers of all the tomorrows 
are in the seeds of today." Remember: 
Peanut Butter S.PIC goslow T.U.F.F. 
the mole Mr. Bewett Everystudent dis- 
cuses rushez-vous. "Try not. Do or do 
not. There is no try." - Yoda 

Caitlin Leary 

his is not the end, not even the be- 
ining of the end, but maybe the end 
the beginning." Thanks M&D 
CMMW Good luck I love you. Memo- 
:s: Foster, HMS, Eeyore & Tigger, 
d clip, gymnastics, Citrus Bowl, 
eerleading- AC&CY To all my friends 
vill miss you DP SC KC IP and any- 
e I forgot. To the class of 2001- 
;anks for a fun 4 years and Good Luck! 

James Levine 

189 Gardner Street 

That which does not kill you makes 
you stronger. "Where are Holmes' 
pants." "It tastes like burning." "Car- 
pentry is 90% skill." T.P. Thank you . 
. . Mom, Joe, TonyP, Andrew, Family, 
Homer Simpson, Mick Foley, Friends, 
Speedy, Sly, S. B.K. I sleep in a drawer. I 
am the last one. Holmes, Crombie, Get 
the tables. Uncle Jim H.L. "Don't cry 
for me, I'm already dead" 

Oba Lewis 

Big O, Oba Loba, O 
121 Chittick Road 

First of all, I want to thank God. Then 
I want to thank my parents because 
without them this wouldn't be possible. 
Then I would like to give gratitude to 
Mrs. Roundtree. Without her 1 wouldn't 
be. Gotta give a shout out to my people, 
MM, LG, LL, AD, CB, RB, OW, and 
the rest of my Hingham squad. Then 
I'd like to thank my teachers + coaches 
for their help. 

Christopher Lipsett 

Lips, Lipsett 
1129 Main Street 

Every exit is an entry to somewhere. 
Ice fights, Disney, Canada. A penny 
saved is ridiculous! BK. DH, MG, SF. 
Cruise, Sevendust. Metallica, Pearl Jam 
concerts. Head-banging! Kulp and 
O'Brien. HHS Baseball. "Hard work 
never killed anybody . . . but why take 

Margo Littlefield 

98 Downer Avenue 

"I'm no angel, but now it's time for me 
to spread my wings a bit." Mae West. 
DMB '98, BUTI '99, FRANCE '00, 
Company, "Bang Bang," female bond- 
ing, "ALL THAT JAZZ," NYCtrips x4! 
TUBA! To all my friends: We sure had 
a time, didn't we? Cryvoice! Rach - 
Keep 'em perky! Drama is Life, Mom 
& Dad: we made it. Boo: Where's the 
"nar?" I love you all (you too Bay) 
This is awkward . . . 


The journey between what you once 
were and who you are now becoming is 
where the dance of life really takes 
place. To all my friends - 143 & thanks 
for the memories! KB, MD, BW, KP & 
MB FW GOOD LUCK! MJD- you are 
always in my heart- RIP JGC- 10/13/97 
4&6 2/14/98 "You're my best friend" I 
love you! Mom, you are the best! Good 
luck Heather, Alanna and Matt! Good 
luck class '01 

Taylor Lydon 

197 Hersey Street 

"There are two types of people in this 
world - Wise people and fools. The fools 
are the ones that think they have gradu- 
ated." Thanx to all my buds, WD, DH, 
FAVE GRLS, KP + MD Blazin Trio, 
311, Yownbone '00, Bagel Bop crew, 
summer streak '00, cemetary, NH, 
StPattys '00, EDay, BenSophYr. "Life's 
a bowl of punch, go ahead and spike it." 

Christopher MacBean 

4 Nichols Road 

"Destiny is not a matter of chance, it i: 
a matter of choice." Washington NF 
train 3DD 6Flags roadtrips CB MC MC 
AF JK LM DN VR JR Thank you for al 
the good times we have shared together 
"The biggest failure of all is the persor 
that never tries." Thank you Mom, Dad 
and Britt for all of your love and sup- 
port. I appreciate everything you have 
done for me. 

Peter Maclntyre 

670 Main Street 

It's 12:30 the day before these quotes 
are due. It scares me as I sit to record 
my life in such a little space. Thank 
you Mom, Dad, Stu, Jamie. Happy 
Birthday Phoebe! To my friends ON- 
STAGE Lauryn the Drama Club and 
Jeanne Remember March 6 I'llFixIt 
ForFree TVP shows festi KCab Troop 
4 NYC. Etc. In 30 Years When You 
(The Ones I Love) Read This, Give Me 
A Call, I'll Love To See You. 

Shannon Maguire 

15 Accord Pond Drive 

"This is the time to remember. These 
are the days to hold on to." - Billy Joel. 
Thanks to my friends for all the great 
memories. CCSC - Aquasocks 
Faiwenough! L'il Fatty Glasses? Drama 
- NY Dance JZJK This is Awkward! Hold 
the phone it's over? Cry Voice Love 
you Mom + Dad "Goodbye my friends 
now it's time to dream and dream how 
wonderful your life will be." 

Cristina Marchione 

Tina, Marcs, Marchione 
8 Windsor Drive 

"Don't cry because it's over, smile be- 
cause it happened." Thanks to my fam- 
ily + friends for your love, support, -t- 
all your memories. I love you guys! 
Frosh BBall, NYC, Chorus, Jr. yr. E 
Study, Jr. Prom! "Reach high, for stars 
lie hidden in your soul. Dream deep, for 
every dream precedes the goal." 

Caitlin Marshall 

Marshall. Caitiebubs (heh Kim) 
349 Main Street 

I'm an idealist, I don't know where I'm 
going, but I'm on the way. Mom & Dad: 
Thank you for teaching me/loving me. 
Trev: You're my man! To all my 
friends: you guys have changed my life 
- you'll shape my future. Thanx for so 
many good memories: Carrots Katie? 
Under the NHDay Tree, Kumba, you 
taught me what a friend is. John, Je 
t'aimais, Je t'aime, Je t'aimerai. EW 

Elizabeth Matthews 


1 Sarah Way 

"I do not fear tomorrow, for I have 
seen today, & I loved yesterday!" 
WrkCp99, 3DD6FlagsBSB NS NYOO 
DMB HrsyF. Skit. OSO 'TrainGang' 
Where 2? Hull MHL CrowPt - TC VR 
CM The memories we shared will al- 
ways be in my heart - Luv U Guys. Jess, 
u r more than I could ever ask 4 in a 
best friend. Amy & Jen thanx 4 being 
there. Mom & Dad, I love you so much! 

Ryan McCarthy 

7 Peter Hobart Road 

'if you don't have someone to do It 
with, It's not worth doing." -To my 
P.P.'s Wuori, Grif, Jack, Woodsy, J.Z., 
Let's go trailblazin'. "I'll see you on 
the dark side of the moon." Guido, 
Floyd, Silent Bob - Thanks for the good 
times. Summer '00, Steph's house, and 
Wompatuck, The place to be. 

"To all my friends, it's not the end." 

Michael McDonough 

Squink, Sloppy Joe #6, Slollie 
1 Huckleberry Hill Lane 

"Hold on, be strong." Thanks to my 
fam, I love you all. To the Slollies, we've 
been through it all, I'll never forget 
any of you. HA EO BR RT MD JM DN 
GK Special shout out to WU-Tang JC 
MC MD I miss you - you're still my 
Best Friend. See you when I get there. 
Thanks to TigerMart, Wompy, Yacht 
Club, TM Basement, RD Basement, 
Thanks LS and EL for being there. 

Gerard McEnany 

1 Bradley Woods Drive 

"If I cared, I would be here right now.' 

Traditional driving home! 

St. Mikes — > I'm in room 102 Ryan. 


Anna Melia 

8 Myers Farm Road 

'Don't forget the past, it is the key to 
the future." XC, Winter, Spring, Ev- 
2ryone who is my friend or has been 
along the way, it has been a great jour- 
ney so far. Thank you so much and 
good luck! SN-dts. "In three words, I 
can sum up what I've learned about life: 
It goes on." - R. Frost. 

Manuel Mendes 

104 Elm Hill Lane 

I would most like to thank my grand- 
mother and my mother for giving me 
the strength to graduate. I would like to 
give shout outs to my boys Carl.Rizz, 
Oba,Alex, and my cats from last year 
3P+ I told you I would not leave high 
school without a State Championship I 
would like to wish all the Metco girls 
Good Luck, I hope you will fulfill your 
dreams Leah, Ingrid, Odessa, Lauren 
Alright, I am out "Love my class." 

Michael Modestino 

940 Main Street 

Class of 2001, we did it. Thanks to all 
my close friends, Michelle, Sherry, 
Dave, Tom, Brian, Collin, Jesse, John, 
Dean, and my family, i couldn't have 
done it without all of you. And for my 
friends in school, Joe Bellew and Mike 
McDonough, you guys are great. And 
thanks Marc D. we all miss you and we 
will not forget you at all. You were a 
good friend. P.S. Collin, I'm a black 

Jennifer Morash 

Jenn, Mo, Jenny-Mo, Mo-Mo 
18 Whitcomb Avenue 

"I took the road less traveled by, and 
that has made all the difference." Spare 
Tire Club - Queen - Turn left! - Girls 
Nites - Dorch grrr - Kids Cab - My side 
of the line! - Longest Time - Frcnchies 
- Bradlees - Maleficent - "No problem 
whatsoever!" - The Ring - To my girls 
and guys - I'll never forget you. Love 
always. "My glor>' was that I had such 

Kimberly Morgan 

255 Lincoln Street 

"Every journey has an end, but in the 
end it's the journey that counts." 

Mom, you are the greatest, thanks 
' 1 ' 00Proms~Grshprs~4x4~lax~S ADD 
-Soccer Posse~Our Rock. -Brown LC 
PM JB KW JM LB MD, You guys mean 
the world to me. Good Luck '01! 

Jeremiah MuUane 

The Pants, Barnbustin' Bert 
101 Superman Avenue 

"Keke I love yamma rainbow. Yamma 
rainbow ice cream. Kekeke!!" 

- My pen-pal from Hong Kong 

"The nicest thing that ever happened 
to the old man had been an accident, 
but it wasn't really nice at all, and soon, 
it wouldn't even be an accident . . ." 

- Dr. Thomas Caviar 

Ryan Murray 

Murray Dog, Murray Pants 
7 Winona Way 

"The days of inspiration, the key in 
life is to be yourself and also be proud 
with what you have" "WZUP": Woods, 
Williamson, Hardy, McDonough, 
Wuori. Lacrosse + Football were fun! 
Thanks Mr. MacLeod, Mr. Jewett, Dr. 
P., and Mr. D. for helping me through 
the rough times. In life there is noth- 
ing but choices, it's up to you! Mom + 
Dad thanks for your support. Murray 
says gook luck and goodbye 2001. 

David Nickerson 

166 Hull Street 

"When life makes a change you have 
to flow with it." Mom & Dad U can't 
give me any more than U have. Thanx 
Bill & Julie GOODLUCK. HHS football 
- best times of the year. Coach Killinger, 
thanx for everything. To all my friends, 
good luck. CB JR MM EO HA JP To 
the good times to the bad no regrets. 
MD you're with me forever. I'll see 
you in the end. RIP. Thanx. 

Stephanie Nielsen 

5 Golf View Drive 

Far away in the sunshine are my high- 
est inspirations. 1 may not reach them, 
but I can look up and see the beauty, 
believe in them, and try to follow where 
they lead. Louisa May Alcott. EMS - 
Thanks for all the fond memories! AM 
- Never forget: DTS Spring track, 
Prom, I'm lost w/o you! LT - crazy 
chorus concerts SINGING 4 HST DAY! 
SM - I luv u CTR P&P 4 ev 

Colleen Nilan 

63 Hobart Street 

"Absolutely no regrets" - MLC Thanks 
to my friends, especially CC LW AD 
KS JW- Brewer- Valley of the C- basi- 
cally DMB'99 SLU'OO APRIL 
VACA'OO-thanks to the CAPTAIN St. 
Patty's Day'99-'00 Worlds/thirdfield/ 
the wharf KORN'OO bulkhead'98 11- 
thanks for the memories rolling around 
001 - C. Style top down New Years 
2000- Southie NorthEnd'99 ResinOl 

Tyler Nims 

4 Fulling Mill Lane 

"If you should stand then who's to guide 
you? If I knew the way, I would take 
you home." - GD Thanks to my family, 
TUCKER, everyone in Hingham, CT, 
JAS-CRID, OB, also Far PL, Ancient 
Chinese Proverb- OPES, Paradise Endo 
and the rest, Friday afternoons, and 
Fenway Park. 

"Don't cry Momma, smile and wave 

- Bad Company 

James O'Neill 

77 Leavitt Street 

So many memories, so little time . . . 
new friends, hallway parties, only 24 
new messages?, drawing EVERY- 
THING! "Anyone who takes himself 
too seriously always runs the risk of 
looking ridiculous; anyone who can con- 
sistently laugh at himself does not." 
"There's nothing worth the wear of 
winning, but laughter and the love of 
friends." Long live The Ring and ev- 
eryone in it; the coup is now complete. 

Erik Olsson 

6 Catha Lane 

-As our time together fades, the memo- 
ries get brighter.- Thanks Mom, Dad, 
Lyndz & all my fam. I couldn't have 
done it w/o you. It's been a hell of a 
■ide. The Old School Boys&Girls, RDs 
House. The Frndz I made & lost. 
jirls&Guys. Can U imagine MdHaMm 
Eo w/o TheTuffGuyGang? WeMissU, 
VID. ThxRocks,TMbasement,HIPYS, 
:ape,HC,LukyB3,Chard- ItWasFunOl 

Svyatoslav Pashchenko 

30 Thaxter Street 

Never put off until tomorrow what you 
can do the day after tomorrow. 

Danielle Pattavina 

5 Foley Beach Road 

"For all sad words of tongue or pen, the 
saddest are these: 'It might have been!'" 
Boston, Plymouth, Beach, cheerleading, 
SW, Justintime, Norweliparties, 311, 
smuggs, X-Mas eve-tracks, pis, attic, 
E-II, Camry, BC, JM, AC, JK, SC-CS- 
Luv u guys-CL-IO-e-m, sorry to any- 
one I forgot I love you Mom, Dad, A, 
N, J, O, H-Good luck. "If it's not fun 
why do it." 

Brian Peak 

1 Southgate Lane 

I first want to say hello and goodbye to 
all my friends. I love you guys, you 
were always there for me when I needed 
you. You're the best AH AH KW MT 
SW and to everyone I forgot. We ha\e 
a lot of memories together like the GC! 
Spain '00 Me and Amy's adventures. 
The mysterious stains. Sarah and the 
Walls, there are too many to list The 
Squirrel. Good luck. Bri- 

Ingrid Pedraza 

40 Tacoma Street, Boston 

Life is short, so live yours to the fullest 
ion't let anyone tell you how to live 
." I want to give thanks to my parents 
Dr always being there for me, my 
rother and my sister and to someone 
ery special to me: GP Thanks for being 
lere for me -Love ya. And much love 
nd thanks to all my friends: SC, CL, 
•W, TG, LL, LL, EP, CV, KC, DP, And 
) anyone else I forgot -Thanks! 

Kenneth Petersen 

172 North Street 

I came, I saw, thank God I finished. It's 
been a great time. Thanks for the good 
times, D.J.C.Y., J.P., Dump, S.B. Thank 
you Mom, Nicole, Grampa. C-YA all 


Nicholas Publicover 

9 Puritan Road 

"It is not how many years we live, but 
rather what we do with them." 

Seth Purcell 

55 Liberty Pole Road 

"There is no security on this earth; 
there is only opportunity." -Douglas 
MacArthur Thanks Mom. Dad, Sarah, 
and Jessica. I couldn't have done it with- 
out you! Thanks to all my friends for 
the great memories. I love you CM, 
KS, RS, and MR, good luck! HMUN, 
TC, Stickball, Jerry. "There are many 
ways of going forward, but only one 
way of standing still." -FDR 

Joseph Pustizzi 

Stizzi, Shorty, Stumpy, Jose 
276 East Street 

We came, we learned, we left. Well 1 
can't say that I didn't have fun, cause 1 
did. To KP, JG, CY, ER and CD thank 
you all for a fantabulous four years. 
Phina will live forever in my heart. To 
MM, Spamela will be a reality! To Ma 
Dukes, Mom and Dad thank you for 
your patience. Lace, thanks for always 
being there. And Toons, thanks for the 
laughs. 1 love you all!! 

Attilio Qualtieri 

A.J., "Q" 
12 Bulow Road 

"Everybody gets knocked down, but 
only a champion gets up for the next 
round" To all of my friends, thanx for 
the good times- HHS Baseball, busrides, 
stinos jokes, tufts. Chilis Tue-nights, 
B-Jumpin, pong/21 for MDewz, 
UmmmKay....Red Sox and Pats, Its 
True!! "Live life with an exclamation, 
not an explanation" Mom/Dad/Rose 
thanx-Love u guys. Good Luck c/of 2kl 

Abigail Randall 

1 9 1 Downer Avenue 

"You have to dance like nobody's 
watching, and love like it's never going 
to hurt" JP99 F5 Starbucks AFS- 
NC(MSJL) IF? DCWW dorchtrips- 
NYbathtub hammock ModelUN boatOO 
SKYY lobster rubber ducky 
Countboattrips foulfowl this is 
awkward... thanx to all my friends! esp 
JR+AE MC-ILY so many memories! 
thanx Count fam Mom+Dad-ILY thanx 
for everything good luck Douggie! 

Julia Randall 

26 Bradley Hill Road 

"Twenty years from now, you will be 
more disappointed by the things you 
didn't do than by the ones you did. So 
throw off the bowlines. Sail away from 
the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds 
in your sails. Explore. Dream. Dis- 
cover." - Mark Twain. Remember the 
ring, grls nite, soccer games, STC, rock, 
& Spacemobile! Thanks to my family 
& friends, especially KM,LB,AR,CM, 
JM,KW,CM,MG & the boys. I love you! 

Victoria Riley 

Tor, Victa, Authority 
4 Bay View Avenue 

"All these places have their moments, 
with lovers and friends I still can recall. 
In my life I've loved them all." VB ~ 
thru thick and thin. BW, EC, CC, CN, 
AD, MC, LM, JK, MC, CM, CB, DN, 
AF, ER*BSTN, smarts, lax'98-'00, 
Patty's Day '99, Shag'n Wag'n, tree!, 
DMB, hrsyfield, boats, stealth mode, 
its mikes, MACDADDY, 3DD 6Flags, 
151, NY'OO, ntd = hull. Mom, Dad, 
Kate, Terry, & Toby - I love you. 

Molly Ross 

MoRo, Molls 
15 Welaka Road 

"For everything you have missed, you 
have gained something else" EH -Dorcs, 
NHDD, Did you grab my? Supermodels/ 
Stars LAPB CD-Dancing Queens Killer 
Horse MMSOC AHGuat amala CScor 
Ireland Brewed Crew Thank you to ev- 
eryone! Mom, Dad - I love you Thanks 
Emma - my best friend I love you PPFR 
Chile - en mi corazon "You never know 
when you're making a memory!!" 

Jeffrey Ryan 

26 Stanford Drive 

Life's battles don't always go to the 
stronger or faster man but sooner or 
later the man who wins is the man who 
thinks he can. Football FMC70 66 65 
AF TS Thanks for the memories DEBO 
TFP ECchuma, step and rip frosh foot- 
ball the best time 

Thanks Mom Dad Courtney Pat 

Meredythe Ryan 

76 Winter Street 

"I'm only this far, and only tomorrow 
leads my way." - DMB To my family & 
friends - Thank you for always being 
there ILY - "Time it was and what a 
time it was..." bandtrips peephole 
HMUN mignon6 Fri5! 2-4 WWW 
"That's embarrassing" blindfolds Pack 
it in... Stargazing Abs dock Starbucks 
Trackies Bagel Shop foghorn "Oh good- 
ness" TeamE Summer'99 + '00 Class 
of '01 - it was unreal! 

Lorelei Schmitt 

Make the best of what's around" -DMB 
hanks Everyone! Spanish Harlem! G. 
arties! BBQ's-Twice S DS-99 Hull 
ight-CJ Marsh Dux! Puke-burp? Maag- 
imaicians!-Fla! Mesa! MMW-Night! 
/SP! Kung-Fu Aruba-BG, B+J's, 
ibmar, Brie=T-Rex I'm a Warrior! 
hanks friends+family for Everything! 
ood Luck Everyone! 

Kerry Seerattan 

85 Whiting Street 

Thanks to my family, friends, and 
teachers who have helped me. 

Laura Settino 

1 1 Linscott Road 

"You have to forget about what other 
people say, when you're supposed to 
die, or when you're supposed to be lov- 
ing. You have to forget about all these 
things. You have to go on and be crazy. 
Craziness is like Heaven." - Hendrix. 
All my love to AB, BW, FF, CC, BC, 
BH, LS, EO, GT. Thanks for all the 
good times! Thanks Dad, Mom, + Greg. 
Boo-ya. Party on Wayne. 

Mark Shainwald 

Steve, Double Barrel 
5 Captain Thomson Lane 

I won't back down \ live to fight an- 
other day \ Gym Parties \ Matzah ball 
soup \ Dreidle Wars \ "I've had a won- 
derful time, but this wasn't it." - 
Groucho Marx \ "It's not the size of 
the dog in the fight, it's the size of the 
fight in the dog." - Mark Twain ' 1 ain't 
got no quarrel 

Steven Shainwald 

Mark, Shainy, Shainhead 
5 Captain Thomson Lane 

)u can't always get what you want but 
you try sometime you just might find 
lU get what you need 


Kristen Shaw 

250 Leavitt Street 

"Challenges are what make life inter- 
esting; overcoming them is what makes 
life meaningfiil." Friends best times soc- 
cer AACWAWEndoStPattys99-00JM's 
good times SophyrCrazy! Pits TCBY 
Fling never agnHC'99WorldsEnd 
Peacha Trev's DMB Paul'sBDay Chris 
ur the best luv ya. Thanx Mom + Dad 
couldn't have done it without u guys! 
It's been fun 2001! GDlck Sean! 

Matthew Sheehan 

Please not She-Cat 
28 Gilford Road 

"There are no stupid questions only stu- 
Reds and coffee I love JB. Thanx to 
Homer Simpson, Bucky, Andrew Dice 
Clay, Clint Eastwood, JVHockey, CM. 
for all the memories I forget. "When 
you have to shout, shout, don't talk." 
Remember the Millenium? 1 don't. It 
bums! Stay in School. I don't work with- 
out a net, that's just the way 1 am. 

Elizabeth Shorey 

Liz, Lizzi, Lez 
46 Brewster Road 

"Do not follow where the path may 
lead ... Go instead where there is 
no path, and leave a trail." 

I had too much fun. Til never forget: 
WorkCamp, NYC FH{CAMP). Tina, 
Kristen, Smiggy, PB, MC, LM. Thanks 
JR, Aimistis, Seabo, STINAH! GL 
Kimmi! Thanks Katez + Mike. Mom + 
Dad, I can't thank you enough. I love 
you! Good luck class of 2001!!! 

Stephen Skinner 

Steve, Skin 
137 Wompatuck Road 

"It's what you learn after you know it 
all that counts" I'll never forget: J'sbase, 
Bimpin, Spin-um-up, S.J. House, Pballin, 
4wheelin@2, HrdKncklfe, These were 
the great times MDRIP HHS Fball lax 
taught me a lot neverfrgtweyma! To 
my friends: PW JB JZ JC MS CG JW KS 
TJ JY JB RM MC. EC only getting 
better ILY, Mom, Dad, Jas thx4 being 
there Couldn't have done it alone 

Jonathan Shney 

Worm, Perma 

"Life is what we make it. Come to 
play, or don't come at all." Thanks 
everyone for the memories. To all my 
friends TL WD DH SB BK DL EL BW 
MD KR ILYA AB DMatthews, 
SMRWifHeball, Pong, hendosfball, 
bjmpn, 1 7Hole,galley,pfn002,vbaseball 
#6 Wrap it up, duleys, trio. Wow, what 
a ride! Thanks for everything Mom and 
Dad, G, M and B. 

Christine Smaldone 

3 Dwiggins Pathe 

"In this great future, you can't forget 
your past." Thanks to everyone who's 
been there for me! Oh geez, oh no! 
peephole / 1 1 :48, NYC bathrooms, the 
Future, Stonewall, Winchester, pot- 
holes, PC, GB, Clay Strokes PM, 
cellaphane Friend, The Mesa, Bela all 
nighter. Ski team - beefy!, We've got 
Bebop '00, Skeeter, Code-D, get out of 
my house, Thanks 42nd! "She who 
laughs, lasts!" 

Kristen SmerigUo 

Smiggy, Smerigs 
42 Abington Street 

"I always knew looking back on the 
tears would make me laugh, I never 
thought looking back on the laughter 
would make me cry." Thanx to my 
friends, especially LW, AD, CC, CN, 
KS, LS. Fid. Hcky, Frosh bball, "Re- 
member the time . . ." Top Down - 
Drive By, SSP-accomplice, DMB '00. 
Thanx AJ for being my best friend. - 
Luv u always! 

Kristin Smith 

Smitty, Kris 
3 Isaac Sprague Drive 

Don't cry because it's over, smile be- 
cause it happened. Thanx to every 1 
who has been there for me MC 143 
summers CM supportage SS KS forever 
LS Penny SP where there HW exfriend 
RK Point EC Bently Good luck guys E 
Study FH 98-01 SB 98-01 sisters 
sleepovers Thanx to all the boys 
5/12/00 thanx 4 everything 143 Mom 
Dad + Bry I couldn't have done it w/out 
you 143 

Crystal Spedden 

24 Colonial Road 

Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, 
you'll land among the stars. 

To the cheerleaders: Bus Rides. Danc- 
ing, Football Players, etc. We had some 
great times that I'll never forget. AC, 
MS, TG, JT, KB, CR, CY, CG, SD, MT, 
CB, NM, JR, SS, etc: I'll miss you and I 
hope to keep in touch. 

Melodye Spedden 

Mel, Mellie, Combo Girl 
24 Colonial Road 

"As our lives change, from whatever, 
we will still be friends forever" 

To all the people that made HHS great: 
KW CB - I'll never forget you. To all 
the Cheerleaders - We've had so many 
great times that I'll always remember: 
Bus Rides, Games, Practices. To my 
girlz: Remember Summer '00, Saturday 
Nights, and Pepsi! (Lyls's 4-ever) 

Lauren SulHvan 

39 Stagecoach Road 

"You only live once but if you work it 
right once is enough" GLjawbrks -AA 
CW VB LW AW sophgirlz - WOW pts 
- ACLbed ttrax - ODonCP Mel - We did 
it! MBFW - HYC MORP frosyrRICKS 
SrProm - MOM - SumrOO 3rdwhlS0 - 
mike thanx4always being there! I3hrday 
Marc "till the day we meet again in my 
heart is where i'll keep you friend" Meg- 
cuz yes we did - wentworthit - Thanx 

Ned Sullivan 

8 Malcolm Street 

"There's a force in the universe that 
makes things happen. And all you have 
to do is get in touch with it. Stop think- 
ing. Let things happen. And be the ball." 
"The three little sentences that will get 
you through life. Number one, 'cover 
for me.' Number two, 'oh, good idea, 
boss.' Number three, 'it was like that 
when I got here.'" TC, nuke, Capt, BT 

Rachel Szyman 

166 Downer Avenue 

"I hold that while man exists it is his 
duty to improve not only on his own 
condition but to also assist in amelio- 
rating mankind." Student Council, 
Drama is Life, Female Bonding, NY Trip 
x4, AFS, Margo - keep em perky "A 
friend is one who knows you and loves 
you just the same." Thank you to my 
wonderful friends. Mom + Elizabeth I 
love you forever. Cry Voice, This is 

Kristen Thane 

36 Linscott Road 

"Good friends, good books and a sleepy 
conscience: this is the ideal life" -Twain 
"Melez toute votre ame a la creation!" 
-Hugo "The mind is not a vessel to be 
filled but a fire to be kindled" -Plutarch 
Thaneyboy, Everystudent, France '00, 
Scanning, Yeah Debate!, TUFF, Phys- 
ics Lab (Lorenzo Effect), Library pages, 
Sundays at HPL, S.M., Beaver! A final 
bit of wisdom: "The silent current 
carries away the sleeping goose" -P.G.T. 

Mary Therrien 

Mar, Therien, Mazzie 
958 Main Street 

"People come into our lives and quickly 
go, others stay for awhile leaving foot- 
prints on our hearts. We are never quite 
the same" Unknown To all my Buds: U 
Guys ROCK! JB, DD, AB. ED. SW, BP, 
AH, KW, CF, SD, MS, JT, LT, AF! This 
yr was Wistum! Snowcamps '96! 
Tijuana 2000 Kicked! RP! Roadlrips! 
Squirrel Roadkill! Dances & Fridays! 
Comedy Central! Good Luck Guys! 

Christopher Tomecek 

10 Myers Farm Road 

Live life every day to the fullest. You 
never know when it will be your last. 
Never let yourself look back and say 
"What if...?" Accomplish your goals 
and dreams. MG: CHEEKS AQ: 
mmmmkay CH, ML, SW: Brotha/ 
sistafriend CH: Tsunami?? FIELD 
girl...whatev I told you, I always get 
what I want! M+D: Thanks, love Chris 

Jennifer Tonucci 

Jen, Tonucc, Tuccers ra ra ra 
29 Arnold Road 

"A memory lasts forever and never 
does it die, true friends stay together 
and never say goodbye." Thank you to 
all my friends for everything: AC, MM, 
SA, MS, CS, SD, JM, CY, anyone I for- 
got you all know 1 love you! Thanks 
Mom and Dad for everything, you are 
the best, I love you! To my other half, 
Michael, you are my shining star! I 
love you 7-23 

Daniel Tower 

Work hard and get good grades and 
graduate high school so you can go to 
the college that you like and go for four 
years or seven years and graduate and 
get a great job like a doctor or a cop or 
a fireman or a computer designer or a 
graphic designer or a nurse. Make a lot 
of money and get a nice house or a nice 
car. Good luck Class of 2002. 

Zachary Traina 

74 East Street 

School is like being nibbled to death by 
ducks. To the Ring - Thanks for keep- 
ing me sane. 4 season guys - keep work- 
ing, and sleep with one eye open. Blue 
vs. World! Video Hunt. Hall Parties. 
1:30 curfew. Kevin did it. Sugar! "When 
you don't know where you're going, 
any road will take you there . . ." 

Lisa Trebino 

9 Harvard Drive 

"This time, like all times, is a very good 
one, if we but know what to do with it." 
I will always remember chorus trips, 
field hockey spaghetti suppers, tennis 
bus rides, and enduring friendships. 

Thanks - HHS for the memories. 

George Tully 

28 Fearing Road 

"Life moves pretty fast, if you don't 
stop to look around every once in a 
while, you might just miss it" Thanks 
to all my friends for the memories 
Millenium rockclimbing NOLS Lax 
TIO ASE Team in effect Starbuck 
John's House Ultimate Frisbee CBC 
Lucky Jamaican in PC Booyah is back 
in style. 

Thanks Mom and dad for all the help. 

Ronald Twombly Jr. 

Ronny, Naldo, Sloppy Joe # 12 
1 1 Kilmer Road 

"Timeflieswhenyou'rehavingfun" TM- 
30buddiesHA - wingwingjuicedinthe 
broncoMM-SloUieking EO-peachaboat 
totherest200 1 99-2000wutangsessions 
98BeastiesRocks PointCape Thanks to 
MomandDad GL-GaryandJimmy 

Louis Vaickus 

Lou, Uncle Vaickus, Vaickus 
22 Franklin Rogers Road 

They took everything even the stuff 
we didn't steal! Fifteen dollars too 
boku! so boku. If this goes badly let's 
not involve the law one hand washes 
the other. Nature started the fight for 
survival and now she wants to quit be- 
cause she's losing? Well I say hard 
cheese! The nuke The Capt. TC Bejing 
house periodicals on 3A what's going 
on in the kitchen? 

Paul Villanova 


1 7 Whiton Avenue 

"Anyway you want it, that's the way 
you need it." - Journey 

Thanks to Mom, Dad and Nina. 
Thanks to Andrea and ON-STAGE, also 
to Riley, NSball, Jantzo and Chucky. 
Drama, Film Club, Crew, Ulty and 
Loring hall. The Clash, Pink Floyd, 
Scorecese and the Coens. "Fix it for 

Katrina Vulgaris 


"Obstacles are things you see when you 
take your eyes off your goal." KV - 
Greece99 LK+NW - KISSNSYNC2000! 
VD, ac, Ik, mo, nw, kn - we definitely 
had some good times these last 4 years. 
GrasshopperNY2000-KimM. To Elle 
(my little angel), 1 love you. You are 
my shining star. To Kristina & 
Alexandra - Reach for the stars baby. 
I'll wait for you guys there. XOXO 

Kelley Walker 

8 Ritter Road 

I want to thank my parents + Molly, 
MZ I love you all. Estas hablando 
conmigo? Patos de alta fidelidad! FH! 
Spain'OO! Wally Rules! People always 
try to compare you with someone else 
but if you don't have your own style 
you can never be truly successful - 
Nomar G. Go Red Sox! Reverse the 
Curse! What stop sign? With an E!! 

Elizabeth Watts 

2 Fairfield Street 

"I'd rather laugh with the sinners than 
cry with the saints the sinners are much 
more fun" Cn, Ad, Tc, Ks, Jw - you 
made it fun - Valley of the C-DMB99 - 
OOApril vacaOO 3rd field - Worlds End 
Pitt -SprmgFIingOO - LWVbAa - fun 
times St Pattys day 00 EF LEX! Brewer 

- chillin JC - Best FnendsILY!AR - The 
best miss u - JWBff - MDCJILYThanx 

- Class of 2001 - Reach for the stars 

Katherine Wellford 

Katie, Wellf 
142 Ward Street 

he greatest adventure is what lies 
;ad." To the Ring - I love you all. 
a've made every minute worthwhile. 
1, LB, JM, JR, KM - Soccer Posse, 
), BayPt, Salt. How do you like your 
)le pie? ZT, my HLB, JB, LD, KG, 
, BJ- Spanish Party, Trambampoline, 
v's Basement- What would I do with- 
you guys? Under the N.H. Day Tree, 
ick, Band Trips. Peanuts? Thanks 
'S - I've had the time of my life. 

Nancy White 

40 Marsh Street 

"Paranoia ain't the way to live your 
life from day to day so leave your 
doubts and your fears behind" Re- 
member.. .Sailing Team, St Sebs Boys, 
Winter Track (Reunions!) KisslOS, 
DWTF+WFYF, 14th Row!, CB Parties, 
Brink, SAWEET!, "Let's take the TV," 
Vanilla Ice, Joey Mac, Cosmic Bowling, 
"Because we're dorks," The Max, China 
Coast, And HHS...BYE BYE BYE! 

Sarah Wilbum 

720 Main Street 

"When I think where my glory most 
begins and ends, I say my glory was I 
had such friends" ILOVEYOUGUYS! 
CRYVOICE "Let's grow separately 
without growing apart" tempo PG cozy 
faiwenough oatmeal « brotha Thanks 
DRAMA MARIAH Gaileo Wompie JJ's 
DAD+JEFFILOVEYOU I couldn't have 
done it w/o you! This is AWKWARD... 

Katharan Wilkes 

263 Main Street 

Obstacles are opportunities in disguise - 
Dalai Lama Remember me as more than 
just a face but as an individual. Don't be 
sad these years are over a new chapter 
is unfolding Perhaps I'll look back and 
think God what was I thinking? Thank 
you everyone and Good Luck in to- 
morrow I love you Mom and Dad 
Andrew Nath and Jenn 

Carrie WiUiams 

I' 8 Merrill Street 

iu've got to dance like nobody's 

' ching and love like it's never going 

I hurt"JBGIRLS~WeDidItOurWay! 


ms! Sophyr-WOW:0DonCP,pts, 


i •attysDayOO,Pits,NBHYC,DDWLS, 

[ BY:AWKS+CMorgs3rdWheel50,morp, 

f, )M,BB,MBFW"*land"Bacnite,25(z!, 



Ryan Williamson 

12 Lafayette Avenue 

I should have tried harder in high school 
you know, 1 83 who would have thought. 
But even though I didn't do great, I still 
had fun hanging out with my buds. 
Crombie I'm strange but you're 
stranger, Naldo, Ben you guys have been 
there since I can remember, Ayers watch 
where you shoot. Erin I'm glad we were 
friends for a while and now going out. 
You're my baby. Love ya. 

Amy Willis 

I Cutter Hill Road 

"Fate can take u so far, once u get there 
it's up to u to make it happen" Jawbrkrs- 
BB-skitrps MOM Halowen99 sophgrls- 
ptsWOW Stpats CC-nvrletingo TCBY- 
CWKScmrgns SKC-lky snrprmOO-fun- 
JM* Wils-died DMBC's HYC-boats 
TMbathrmTHX BK+AA VyT NL21 
Dnschl TP? Socr,bbal,lax-goodtms 
Thx Mom+Dad GL M+E 143 

Brette Wilson 

1 Foley Beach Road 

"The best way to make your dreams 
come true is to wake up" Spanish 
Harlem- LS,FF,CC,BC,LS Thanks for 
all the memories! G. Parties BBQ Twice 
in one day- JV allstar Jay HYC 
VR,KD,VA,BK,MH. Spain '00 Key 
West '00 Steve B forever. Barbie & Ken 
I love you! Thanks for spoiling me rot- 
ten. Ryan thanks for leading the way. 
Party on Garth! 

Sarah Winter 

75 Elm Street 

"Two roads diverged in a wood, and 1 
tooic the one less traveled by, and that 
has made all the difference" Robert 
Frost Goodbye to AVH BP MT AH I'll 
miss you all Roadtrips, Breaking down 
on RT3, Slurpies, Parks, Pool, Beaches, 
"The Squirrel" 3 not 4! pos car! SMAC 
I Love You! "Don't think just do" 

Rebecca Woelfel 

3003 Hockley Drive 

This is a beginning of a new day, use it 
as you will- But when tomorrow comes, 
it will be gone forever, in its place is 
something left behind, let it be good. 
Good Luck 01 ! To my best friends: Md, 
El, KP 1 Luv u & thanks for always 
being there! MBFW forever. E8 haha, 
thanks for the memories. Mom, Dad, 
D. John & Markie, 1 love you. I would 
have never made it w/out u! 

Jeffrey Woods 

72 Downer Avenue 

"Let it flow let yourself go so hello 
that is the tempo" Beasties kept me 
awake at 6:20 1 wanna thank Wompy, 
Crombie, Tom, Wuori, Williamson, Zona, 
Griff, JoeB.JackC, Ryan, StoneCold, Bud, 
Jimmy, The Basement, Traces, BigP, 
Smelly Brad, Hardy,Sheehan, Adam, Ma 
and Pa, Silva, Ms. Noyes for all the 
walks, Levine, Murray, Maxim, 
VWrestling, You guys will be friends till 
the end. Good luck. SEMPER FI. 

Odessa Wormley ' 

OD, Dessa, Oditty 
76 Ayles Road i 

It's been a great 4 years at Hingham 
High. I'll miss all the great teachers li 
had. Thanks Mr. Nevader, Mom & Dadi 
1 luv u. Much luv to all my friends LG. 
LL, LL, IR To MM, RB, CB, AD, LtI 
DC. NO SHADES! When I say 1, 1 mean 
a thing absolutely unique not to be con- 
fused with any other! Bye, Bye XOXO 

Laura Wulf 

18 Franklin Rogers Road 

"These are the good old days you'll 
miss in years ahead" To all my frds, 
VB-BFF! TB 4E, ILU guys! Thx for 
the Mems! WKCP989900 Car's house. 
Summer '00, soph grls- wow-pts ML- 
21 MOM HYC-Boats Nessa House CC- 
don't fall THE FAM! lipsmcks HALL 
'99 MILL grls TUCCl's Vinny Testas69 
Thanx for everything, AVB XOXO, TO 

Paul Wuori 

65 Ward Street 

"This is what 1 got to say to y'all, be 
true to yourself and you will never fall." 
Beastie Boys Thanks to all my friends 
JZ, CG, RM, JB, JC, MS, JW, AG, KS, 
JP, JM. BigP and the Traces Crew. JV 
Hockey, Jimmy's Basement, cruisin in 
the oldsy. Summer '00 Phillies, World's 
End, Endo!, Steph's House, Wompy, 
Trailblazers, I'll see all my P.P.'s on 
the Dark side of the moon. Later! 

Christi Young 

3 Simmons Road 

To find richness in oneself is the ulti- 
mate goal. Thanks to all my close 
friends. Remember: ACK April vaca- 
tion WAG-PPG ACandEC Forever. 
Never forget Julia Gulia friends forever 
even though we're miles away. 
KPJPJG143 Summer was fun. Sarah 
never forget the great times. BBF. CL 
and AC great parties RM and RL re- 
member the good times. To everyone 
lots of love! 

Chi Zhang 

Shenzhen Canton CHINA 

I love my country, I also love the USA. 

I'm living in Canton and also staying in 

MA. I come from ShenZhen and I also 

come from Hingham. 

Thanks to Hingham, to all the students 

and teachers and all of the people in 


I really enjoy the time I spend with 

you. © 

Joseph Zona 

Joe, Zona 
193 East Street 

'eople have always told me that school 
/ill be the best time of my life and 1 
/on't realize it until its over, they were 
ight. Thanx Mom Dad and Jason for 
verything All my friends we've had 
ome fun times together P.P Forever 
:RWPNT JR YR at Jimmy's Steph's 
Vompy Worlds End Far BP JB SJ PW 
hanks Becky Good luck to everyone 

James Zuger 

Zugar, "Sprinkles," "Hey You" 
5 Eastgate Lane 

"Life is like a sewer What you get out 
of it, depends on what you put into it." 
-Tom Lehrer "Every step is the begin- 
ning of an ending and the ending of a 
beginning, but one must keep walking 
no matter through what." -me "One 
smile speaks louder than a million 
words." -Amy "Sometimes the misun- 
derstood have the most to offer." 
-Ayana Thanks to all & Bye 


"Little Yearbook Man" 
55 Plaza Drive 

"Never let school get in the way of 
your education." - Twain. Thanx to all 
my friends: IN IT lA LS GO HE RE. 
Sharon, U mean the world 2 me, 1 luv 
U! Memories: Soccer, the Millenium, 
Ypmow, Summer Nights, MobilMart, 
yearbook, math team, RIDSIDLID. 
Mom & Dad, thanx 4 everything, U R 
the best, I luv U! Good luck Paul & 
Amanda. I've had fun, and this was it! 
Simon says Good luck Class of 2001! 




"TCBV" Treats 









'^ \ .^^m 


i^^^^^^^ -jn^^*^* ■ _^«|i^BB 





Boys' Captain Zach Traina and junior 
Grant Pattison led the boys' cross 
country team to a 3-3 season. Com- 
prising the rest of the varsity team were sopho- 
mores Steve Fiascone, Ben Cox, Adam Read- 
Brown, and Sean Hagan. Senior Fehpe Cursino 
joined late in the season, but contributed both 
leadership and spirit to the team. The team's 
hard work was rewarded with immense im- 
provement over the course of the season, as 
total net time for the varsity team dropped an 
average of 2 Vi minutes a week. Hingham's 
victory over archrival Randolph, winning a 
tiebreaker at World's End State Park, was par- 
ticularly gratifying. The boys' team, losing 
only two seniors to graduation, is looking for- 
ward to strong seasons to come. 

▲ Zach gets cheered on by 
his extensive fan club. 

A The track boys pose triumphantly and muddily after the meet at Franklin Park. 

■^ Zach psyches up 
his "boys." 

Steve Fiascone, I 
Sean Hagan, and 
Ben Cox run from 
sunup to sundown. 

Felipe Cursino 

Zach Traina (Captain) 


A Zach increases his considerable lead over the rest of the field. 

▲ Steve Fiascone and Sean Hagan leave A Felipe admires the fall foliage at 
the Rockland runners in the dust. the Rockland meet. 

Zach flies through the air with the 
T greatest of ease . . . 

▼ On your mark . . . get set . . . Go Hingham! 

4 Cross Country boys show their team spirit 

Grant Pattison holds his own at the ► 
league meet in Mashpee. 



The girls' cross-country team had an ex- 
ceptional 2000 season. Led by captains 
Annie Melia and Caitlin Fitzmaurice, the 
team earned the title of League Champions. 
Training hard in Wompatuck State Park and 
other various locations, the girls easily ran their 
way to a 5:1 record. The endurance needed 
for their long-distance races, which were held 
at World's End, shone through especially dur- 
ing their standout meet against Scituate, where, 
in an exciting victory, they beat their archrivals 
by three points. The athletes had plenty of 
spirit, which showed in their pasta dinners and 
dress-up days. With the excellent coaching of 
Mr. Ryan and Mr. "Buzz" Buczynski, the cross- 
country team had an outstanding and really fiin 

A Who needs a car when you can run'/ 

•^ "Hey girls, how do you feel?" 
The girls' cross country team 
gets psyched up for the race. 

At the division meet in Franklin Park, 
Allison Donovan moves up to secure 
T a place in the All-State meet. 

A Caitlin moves to overtake the opposition 

Caitlin Fitzmaurice (Captain) Annie Melia (Captain) 

▲ The Hingham girls start out strong 
at the league meet in Mashpee. 

M Eugenie Kirk sets the pace 
for the opposition. 

A Caitlin takes the 
team for a run 
around town. 

A See Nicole run ... up the ^/g hill! 
▼ Caitlin leads the pack of runners. 

▼ Annie establishes a lead over Middleboro 


The varsity field hockey team had an out- 
standing year, earning the title of Pa- 
triot League Champions under the lead- 
ership of coach Ms. Gordon and manager 
Kelley Walker With calzone dinners before 
EVERY game, singing "Galileo" on the bus, 
giving high fives in the hallway, the Battle Cry, 
and remembering to "Score Early, Score Of- 
ten," the team was able to "Fight, score, win!" 
their way to a 9-7-2 record. This fall provided 
Ms. Gordon with her 300th win and an out- 
standing game against Hanover. Catherine 
Howlett, Becky Woelfel, Lisa Trebino, and 
Kristen Smeriglio were Patriot League All 
Stars, Lisa Trebino received a Sportsmanship 
Award, and Catherine Howlett was a Patriot 
League All Scholastic Athlete. 

Catherine, always looking 
tough, struts her stuff. 

Meredith backs up Cara 
T as she goes for the ball. 

Ms. Gordon delivers 
T the halftime pep talk. 

Abby Bargende 


Iw^-v' \. 



■ 3b #lfe 








Carolyn Daly 

Liz Shorey 

Kjisten Smeriglio 

▲ Becky and Cara set them- 
selves up to score a goal. 

M Sarah Wilbum, 
alert as always, 
watches for the ball. 


Catherine Hewlett (Captain) 

Meredith Keman 

▲ Kristen battles 
for control of 
the ball. 

•^ Lisa prepares to 
drive the ball 
down the field. 

T Meredith maneuvers around the opposition. 

•^ ..■%! 


.%,* ^■iV'<w3P 


Kristin Smith 

Lisa Trebino 

Sarah Wilbum 

Becky Woelfel (Captain) Kelly Walker (Manager) 


The football team had a good 2000 
season, showing marked improve 
ment over previous years. Having 
graduated 1 6 seniors last year, the football team 
rallied to prove themselves on the field, beat- 
ing last year's record with 3 wins and 7 losses, 
and also showing much more comraderie and 
off-the-field friendship than any of the four 
previous years' teams. This year's seniors, in- 
cluding captains Carl Benbow, Dave 
Nickerson. and Jeff Ryan, as well as Chris Bell, 
Mike McDonough, Steve Skinner, and Chris 
Tomecek, led the way. Carl and Mike were 
both Patriot League All-Stars, and Carl became 
an All-Scholastic player. The football team re- 
members the "FMC" and Thursday dinners. 
All agree that this was a memorable season. 

A Step and rip. 
T Dave inspires the team with his leadership. 


▲ Jeff charges through the opposition's block. 

Chris Bell 

Carl Benbow (Captain) 

Mike McDonough 

▲ Carl slams past the Middleboro defender. 
T Us . . . 

▲ Mike sizes up 
the playing field. 

. . . Them. 

▲ Chris moves in to tackle Middleboro's running back. 

Scituate tries unsuccessfully to break through 
T Hingham's offensive line of defense. 


■x' 4 


iJi^^,. ^ 

■ :;i»'fm; 



iij|piiiii III iiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ^ -pj^g football team completes 
its regimen of e.xercises. 

Steve carries the ball 
▼ past the fifty-Nard line. 

Dave Nickerson (Captain) Jeff Ryan (Captain) 

Steve Skinner 

Chris Tomecek 

^■^ L' 

.1 ^ 



Led by coach Ms. Smith, the football 
cheerleading team had a really fun and 
exciting year! During summer 2000, 
the team attended a competition at Emmanuel 
College and won the title of "Most Improved." 
This season the cheerleaders also visited the 
Reggie Lewis Track Center to take part in a 
dance contest. The girls proved to be good 
luck this year; the football team was victori- 
ous when cheerleaders gave them a Harborman 
mascot! Teammmates remember riding the 
bus with all of the football equipment and the 
Dennis- Yarmouth game with only 7 cheerlead- 
ers in attendance. The cheerleading squad did 
a great job psyching up the crowds at every 
football game and school pep rally with their 
new moves and routines. GO HINGHAM!! 

▲ Melodye reaches for 
the stars at the Thanks- 
giving pep rally. 

A Caitlin, Christi, and Amanda display 
their school spirit at Homecoming. 

▲ The captains get ready to pump you up. 

Amanda Condito (Captain) 

Sheena Damon 

Amy Giardina 

Carl, Jeff, Chris, and Dave get into the 
T spirit and dance the Cottoneyed Joe. 

Amanda and Christi lead the girls m a rousing cheer 

Danielle Patavina 

''^^v'- *^l^!? 

The cheer- ► 
leaders strut 
their stuff. 

^'^^^'^ K^ W-'W^: 

/ \.J 

A The football cheerleading team smiles for the camera. 


Crystal Spedden 

▲ The guis gel the 
crowd tired up. 

Caitlin and Danielle ► 
lead the girls in a 
halftime performance. 

▲ Caitlin, supported by Christi and 
Danielle, performs a tricky move. 

T The cheerleaders look awesome during halftime. 

Melodye Spedden Christi Young (Captain) 


The golf team had an outstanding 2000 
season, going 14-0 to win the Patriot 
League title. The team, comprised of 
captains Will DeWaltoffand Taylor Lydon, as 
well as seniors Dave Henesy, Joe Pustizzi, and 
Ned Sullivan, also won the South Sectional 
Qualifying Tournament, going on to place 5th 
in the Division II State Tournament. Individual 
honors came in plentiful supply as well; Joe 
and Ned placed 1st and 3rd, respectively, at 
the Patriot All-League match. In addition, Joe 
won a 3rd place individual award at the state 
tournament, and was named an All-Scholastic 
athlete. These honors are a tribute not only to 
the skill of the golfers, but also to the experi- 
ence of the coaches, assistant coach David 
Lacatell and head coach Jack Curran, who was 
named Boston Globe Coach of the Year. 

< Will 
to drive 
the ball. 

A Dave watches his ball soar towards the green. 

▲ The golf team warms up before a nieoi. 

Will DeWaltoff 

Dave Henesey 

Where did that ► 
ball go, Cas? 

The boys' soccer team had an outstand- 
ing 2000 season. With strong scoring, 
led by captain Stuart Dykes, (29 sea- 
son goals), the boys became the undefeated 
Patriot League champions. Ranked as high as 
8th in the state, they had the most wins in one 
season in the school's history. All three of the 
team's captains, John Beauregard, Stuart 
Dykes, and Matt Gianferante, were selected 
as Patriot League All Stars. Stuart and Matt 
were also named as Eastern Massachusetts All 
Stars, and Stuart was chosen as an All Scho- 
lastic player. Under the excellent leadership of 
the seniors and coach Ken Carlin, the Varsity 
team finished a victorious season by reaching 
the quarterfinals of the Division II State tour- 

Matt maneuvers the ball ► 
around a defender. 

Stuart quickly moves ► 
to steal the ball from 
the opposition. 

John looks determined 

as he prepares to drive 

▼ the ball down the field. 







John Beauregard (Captain) 

Scott Conroy 

Stuart Dykes (Captain) Matt Gianferante (Captain) 

T Things are looking tense on the sidelines. 

▲ Sven gels ready to jump 
back into the game. 

■^ Heads up! Cas inter- ▼ Scott makes a spectacular save in a close game, 
cepts a ball during the 
Homecoming game. 


^ -^^ 

^,,,,^^. ,^. ,, ^ John charges up the 

Dave Habeeb, Ben Prime, and Cas torm a wall, pro- r- ,. c. .u u n 

, , . , , ^ field after the ball, 

tecting what s most important ... the goal, of course! 

A The team warms down 
after a great game. 

Stuart could be directing ► 

traffic . . . but more likely he 
didn't like the referee's call. 

Sven Pashchenko 

Girls ^ 

Amy sets her ► 
team up to score. 

Girls' soccer had an excellent season in 
2000. The girls went 12-4-2 this year, 
beating the record set by last year's 
team. Leading the way this year were the 
team's seniors, including captains Ali Aucoin, 
Fran Ferrante, Carrie Williams, and Amy Willis, 
as well as Meaghan Carey and Kristen Shaw. 
The outstanding example set by the seniors 
shone through as the team won the Patriot 
League Championship. In addition, Carrie and 
Ali became Eastern Massachusetts All-Stars. 
The girls' soccer team remembers "Mission 
2000," and the Rockland night game. An en- 
joyable season was had by all its members, 
culminating in a ranking of 1 8th in the state of 
Massachusetts for the team. 

T Fran sends the ball heading in the right direction. 

M Carrie brings the ball down the center. 

A Kristen watches the 
action intently. 

A Fran's power kick. 

Ali Aucoin (Captain) 

Meaghan Carey 

Fran Ferrante (Captain) 

▲ Amy races to intercept the ball from her opponent. 


A Carrie makes 
a fast play. 

Meaghan rushes in to 
beat her opponent. ► 

■4 Ali fights to gain possession of the ball 
in a close game against Duxbury. 

Meaghan sets up for the corner kick. ► 

T Meaghan fights for the ball against a Duxbury player. 

Kristen Shaw 

Carrie Williams (Captain) Amy Willis (Captain) 



The Boys' Basketball Team had a great 
2001 season! With the leadership of 
Coach Clime and Captain Erik Olsson, 
the basketball team's hard work paid off, 
earning the team a solid record of 9- 11 . Other 
seniors on the team included Matt Gianferante, 
Bryan Kulp, Oba Lewis, and Manuel Mendes. 
This year's team members had relatively little 
varsity experience, which made for a slow start 
to the season. However, the team soon came 
together, winning 5 out of 6 games in the mid- 
season, and sending the league's top two teams 
into overtime. Junior Chris Hamm led the 
team's offense, while Oba Lewis, Nick DeVito, 
and Greg Sowyrda led the team in scoring for 
the seaon. The team fondly remembers the 
three-man weave, three-on-three defense drills, 
and the eleven-man fast break drill. 


' 2000 , ■ 

fmm LEAGtJE 


▲ Oba looks for an open man. 

Erik follows through from the line. ► 

Bryan fights the ► 
Mashpee player 
to aet to the ball. 

▲ Matt and Jesse Craig work to keep 

the Middleboro forward from shooting. 

Nick DeVito ► 
and Matt are 
ready to box-out 
for the re-bound 
from Oba^s foul 


Matt Gianferrante 

Bryan Kulp 

Oba Lewis 

▼ Erik throws the ball back into play 

▼ Matt takes the ball up to the hall-court line 

A Manny pre- 
pares to get 
the rebound 

Manny goes ► 
up for a shot 

▼ Coach Clune explains a new play during a time-out 

Bryan assures the team of a victory ► 
by wearing his lucky black socks 

Erik Olsson (Captain) 



The Basketball Cheerleading Team had a 
fun season under the leadership of 
captains Crystal Spedden, Katie 
O'Keefe, and Jil Rocco. The team, coached 
by Ms. Smith, also included senior Melodye 
Spedden. The girls were often seen working 
on their routines m the afternoons, practicing 
four days each week. Their hard work was 
evident in their half-time performances and their 
support of the team during games. The girls 
also participated in the South Shore 
Competition this winter. Team members fondly 
recollect going out to eat at Beijing House and 
Chili's, Speddle, Giasmelly, falling from stunts, 
and of course Chuckie! The Basketball team's 
success can be partially credited to the 
Cheerleading team psyching up the crowd and 
supporting the players. 

T Cr\'staL Sarah, and Melodye encourage the team with a spirited cheer. 

■6 ^ 

Katie O'Keefe leads the squad ► 
at the winter competition. 

▲ The girls get into their 
routine in Scituate. 

•^ The team reaches new heights 
during a half time performance. 

CPv'stal Spedden (Captain) 

Melodye Spedden 

The cheerleaders get the crowd fired-up after a great shot. ► 

▲ The team's hard work paid off at the South Shore Competition. 

The girls line up to start a routine. 

Careful! Don't drop Jil! ► 

Crystal leads ► 

the girls in a cheer. 

A Katie gets into the spirit during a homegame. 




The Girls' Basketball team had an 
outstanding season, attaining a record 
of 1 2-5. Captains Melanie Dobson and 
Lauren Sullivan did a great job of motivating 
the team, while the leadership of head coach 
Dave Hickey and assistant coach Mike Grable 
was instmmental in teaching the girls new plays 
and strategies. The season was highlighted by 
many victories and exciting games against 
Rockland, Duxbury, and Notre Dame Academy. 
The hard work of the underclass teammates 
contributed greatly to the team's many 
successes. Members of the team recall the 
pasta dinners, stations, dressing up to show 
team spirit, "Let it slide," three-point shooter, 
"Auto," Thanksgiving, hockey games, "bad 
ideas," and express thanks to Britt Lacey - 
"We love her!" 

A Lauren stays 
tough on 

•^ Bridget Driscoll 
and Melanie 
force a turnover 
for Hinaham. 

T Meaghan Marshall looks to set up the next play. 

▲ Bridget Driscoll and Hileary Gibson put a 
stop on the East Bridgewater defense. 

Melanie Dobson (Captain) Lauren Sullivan (Captain) 

▲ Interception! Deirdre blocks a pass 

T Shot! The girls attempt to block the opposition. 

▲ Melanie and Bridget anticipate the result of a foul shot. 


The HHS Gymnastics Team had an 
excellent season, boastmg an overall 
record of 125. With the outstanding 
leadership of senior co-captain Liz Shorey and 
junior co-captain Meg Peterson, members of 
the team learned some spectacular new routines 
which earned them great scores against rival 
teams Hanover, Carver, Cohasset, Norwell, and 
Randolph. These included their highest score 
of 126.2, against Randolph. The team, led by 
coach Patricia Anderson, attracted a large 
number of underclassmen recruits this year. 
Team members Meg Peterson and Bronwyn 
Riggs went on to compete at the State 
Individual Meet. This year's departing 
members have inspired the future gymnasts to 
achieve new heights. 

▲ Mrs. Anderson congratulates Liz on an outstanding season. 



•'==■'"■- II F«« It -r iii( 

^ o n ^'^ ipi n , 

A. The girls get psyched up before a big meet against Carver. 

•4 Jenn Mitchell works 
on her handspring 
vault at practice. 


Meg Peterson delivers 
a spectacular routine 
on the uneven bars. 

Mallory Brady strikes a pose 
T to end her floor routine. 

The team ► 

prepares for 
a meet with 

Vanessa exhibits per- 
▼ feet form on the beam. 

T Liz concentrates while performing on the beam. 

Liz Shorey (Captain) 

■4 The girls celebrate 
their success at the 
league meet with their 
coach. Mrs. .Anderson. 


What a fantastic season it was for the 
Hockey team, which finished the 
year with a record of 18-6-2. 
Coached by Garrett Reagan, with captains Mike 
Cavanaiigh, Anthony Forgione, and junior 
Kevin Olson, the team included seniors Steve 
Ayers, Joe Bellew, and Chris MacBean. After 
an outstanding regular season, which they 
finished with a record of 13-6-2, the Hockey 
team played in the annual Falmouth 
Tournament. The team finished second in the 
tournament, assuring them a seat in the play- 
offs. After defeating Norwood (3-0), and Wey- 
mouth (5-0), the team faced off against St. 
John's of Shrewsbury at the Fleet Center. Their 
5-4 victory in that final game earned them the 
title of Division I State Champions, a title never 
before earned by the Hingham Hockey team. 

T Anthony goes for the check. 

Anthony, Steve, Chris, and Jed ► 
McDonald regroup after scoring 
a goal against Brockton. 

A Anthon\ takes on Marshllelds detense to ao for the soal. 

A Mike and Joe help Tommy Curtis protect the goal. 

a I 

Steve Ayers 

Joe Bellew 


Mike Cavanaugh (Captain) Anthony Forgione (Captain) 

Chris MacBean 

T Joe waits for the play to start. 

9 "g-f^^^^HBCp 






▲ Chris cuts off his opponent's 
opportunity for the goal. 

▼ Junior Captain Kevin Olson gets ready for the faceoff. 

▲ Joe gets the puck under control 

T Steve congratulates Anthony on a big win. 

▼ Hingham celebrates their exciting 
comeback victor)' over Marshfield. 

▲ Anthony is two steps ahead of 
the Brockton player. 

Mike Boles ► 
makes the 
defense fall 
as he heads 
for the net. 



4^ ^ 


▲ Mike looks to Greg Genovese for the quick pass. 



T The squad celebrates Hingham's 
victory' over Needham. 

The hockey cheerleaders had a great 
year! Under the leadership of captain 
Kristen Wanberg and coach Karen 
DelGallo, the girls succeded in keeping up the 
hockey team's spirit. During the season the 
team, which included senior Jamie Boutilier, 
practiced three times a week in order to perfect 
their routines, including "Dynamite," "The 
Hingham Sensation," and "Let's Meet the 
Lineup." While historically the team members 
would only cheer at home games, this year 
with the Hockey team's amazing success, the 
cheerleaders attended all of the tournament 
games. Teammates especially enjoyed cheering 
at the State Championship game held at the 
Fleet Center where, thanks in part to the efforts 
of the cheerleaders, the Hockey Team was 

The girls are all smiles after 
a successful night of cheering 

▲ Ihe cheerleaders get the crowd fired up about Anthony's goal 

Jamie Boutilier 

T Put your hands toaether for the Hockey team' 

▲ If }ou'rc happy and you know it, Clap Your Hands! 



A The cheerleaders are on their feet as the action heats up. 

A Kristie and Jamie practice their moves before a game. 

Amanda Dodge 




gets into her 




first year of 
hockey cheer- 



C"^ HF^ 








m 1 




▼ The airls watch the action on the ice. 


The 2001 winter season went well for 
the ski team. The team had 9 races 
total, divided between Blue Hills and 
Ragged Mt. Under the direction of coach Ken 
Corbett, the team was conditioned and led by 
the example of captains Tim Corbett, Liz 
Matthews, and Katie Well ford. The three 
captains were assisted by the team's other 
seniors, Ben Kahane and Brette Wilson. The 
dedicated ski team even practiced when weather 
was beautiful (i.e., not snowy) by holding "dry 
run" practices. The boys' team ended the 
season in second place, with a record of 6 
second place tmishes and 3 third place finishes. 
They were second only to B.C. High. The 
Girls' team finished a close second to Notre 
Dame Academy with a record of 3 first place 
finishes and 6 second place finishes. Overall, 
each team had an outstanding season. 


▲ Brette uses her hands to drive herself down the course. 

Matt Koelsch drives his edges 
T into the snow for a tight curve. 

A Kip Doble is 

determined to get 
a top ten finish. 

Liz warms up the team before 

a hard drvland training session. ► 

r C -vf 


Tim Corbett (Captain) 

Ben Kahane 

Liz Matthews (Captain) Katie Wellford (Captain) 

Brette Wilson 

\ f M Kelly Roche gets a high line for the next gate 

Assistant coach Mr. Lewis 
gives Lizzy McCourt some last- 
minute pointers at the start. 

M Tim starts out 
strong to se- 
cure a first- 
place finish at 
Ragged Mt. 

Katie drives ► 
her skis into 
the slope to 
finish off 
the turn. 

•^ Carolme Corbett finishes one 

turn . . . just in time to start another! 

The boys and Mr. Lewis pose ► 
at the top of the course. 

T Steve Campbell leans hard to set up for the next gate. 

▲ Liz looks good as she nears 
the end of the course. 

M Tim exhibits perfect 
form in his first run. 


Winter Track 

With the leadership of captains Sven 
Pashchenko and Zach Traina, the 
Boys' Winter Track team ran their 
way to a 4-3 record this season. The team, 
which was coached by Mr. Herrmann, also 
included seniors Jeff Ryan and Felipe Cursino. 
The Boys' Track Team was known for its 
"renegade runners," Burger King runs after 
meets, swimming at World's End, and their 
infamous flaming baton. Members of the team 
fondly recall "muchachos," the thing, Stoker- 
Long for captain in 2003, and the Haggerty 
Burger King disputes. The team will sorely 
miss the graduating seniors, but their spirit of 
hard work and endurance will remain with the 
team in future years. 

^ > 

Felipe Cursino Sven Pashchenko (Captain) 

Grant Pattison 
pulls ahead of 
the Sachem 
runner in the 
final lap. 

▲ Zach moves to overtake a sprinter from Scituate. 

•^ Grant and 
Steve Fias- 
cone pace 
for the 
final stretch. 

(^ ^ 

A Sven leads the pack 
early on m the mile. 

Jeff Ryan 

Zach Traina (Captain) 

▼ Felipe be nimble, Felipe be quick 

T Zach soars over the high jump bar at 5'8" 

▲ Grant Haggerty and Grant Pattison 
draft off the Randolph runner before 
pulling ahead at the finish. 

The track boys pose at the 
▼ meet against Randolph 

Steve prepares to drive 
T himself to the finish. 


Winter Track 

Annie fights to maintain 
T her lead in a close race. 

The Girls' Winter Track team had an ex- 
cellent season, boasting six wins and 
only one loss, to their archrival, Scituate. 
Led by captains Annie Melia and Caitlin 
Fitzmaurice, the Winter Track team included 
seniors Tracy Duff, Kristen Kehoe, Rebecca 
Lanza, and Nancy White. The team, coached 
by Mr. Manganello (affectionately referred to 
as "Mags" and "Manga" by the team mem- 
bers) fondly remembers the pasta dinners, 
singing and dancing along with the music on 
the bus on the way to meets, synchronized 
wall drills for the hurdlers, psych buddies, and 
dressing up for "Hawaiian Day" in order to 
show team spirit. The seniors will leave be- 
hind a tradition of excellence that will carry on 
to next year's team. 

■4 Kristen's going strong 
during the mile. 

Annie and Fitz celebrate 
▼ a victorv' over Norton. 

Tracy Duff Caitlin Fitzmaurice (Captain) Kristen Kehoe 

■4 Nancy in- 
creases her 
lead over 
Katie Fallon. 

T Alison laps Scituate"s top runner. 

■4 Kristen and Caitlin 
give it their all to 
pull ahead of their 
Randolph opponent. 

Jessie Murphy and Kaitlin Stengel 
T gather speed during the 55iTi dash. 

▲ Tracy sprints her way to an outstanding finish 
T Caitlin crosses the finish line in good time. 

■4 Kristen 
looks deter- 
mined to beat 
her PB in the 

▼ Tracy exibits excellent form durina the 55m hurdles. 

Rebecca Lanza 

Annie Melia (Captain) 

Nancy White 


▼ Carl flattens the Duxbury wrestler. 

The Hinghani High Wrestling team 
enjoyed a great season, coached by 
Mr. Durham, and led by captains Carl 
Benbow, Mark Shainwald, Steve Shainwald, 
and Jeff Woods, and senior Joe Pustizzi. 
During the regular season, the team worked 
its way to an 1 1 -9 record, and performed well 
at both the Duxbury and Weymouth tourna- 
ments. Carl also enjoyed success in the post- 
season, earning the title of 2nd in the state in 
the 171 lb. weight class. Members of the 
Wrestling team remember mat drill spinning, 
Simpsons' trivia, the calf stretch, UCLAs, slap 
back, joke-telling time in the locker room, co- 
lossal burgers, and Manager Bulman. The 
Wrestling team will miss its graduating mem- 
bers, but their enthusiasm and energy will re- 
main with the team in years to come. 

▲ Mark goes for the Shainwald cradle. 

Carl Benbow (Captain) 

Joe Pustizzi 

Mark Shainwald (Captain) Steve Shainwald (Captain) JefT Woods (Captain) 

A Jeff takes 
down his 

▼ Carl 

pins the Duxbun man to win the match. 

mm. r A ^^ 


' ^^^v ^^^^B^^^^B^^^B 



Senior ■ 

;Ti-s>p (' ' ^ Year 

^ I 

The American Field Service (AFS) is one 
of the largest organizations at HHS. 
AFS welcomes exchange students to 
Hingham and promotes cultural diversity. Each 
year, AFS members participate in a domestic 
exchange to a city in the United States. In 
2000, the club visited Wisconsin, which in- 
cluded a memorable tour of a toilet factory. 
This year, Ohio was the destination for the se- 
niors' final exchange. AFS has two major 
fundraisers to defray the cost of the domestic 
exchange: the calendar sale and the Dance-a- 
thon. Club activities include BBQ's, monthly 
meetings, and a volunteer leaf rake in the fall. 
Led by president Abby Randall, vice-president 
Anna Elliot, and treasurer Tyler Nims, AFS 
enjoyed a wonderful and successful year. 

▼ Kim and Felipe boogie down at the Dance-a-thon. 

Members of 
Hingham's AFS club 
make a big splash in 
North Carolina. 


T The members of the 1 999 AFS club. 

Eight hours down, and ► 
still going strong . . . 

Tyler, the valiant DJ, 
T struggles to stay awake 

A Anna and Abby in the 
jungles . . . of Wisconsin. 

Tyler makes popcorn at the 
Homecoming games to raise 
▼ money for AFS. 

Derek, Liz, Anna, and Chris pose in front of 
North CaroHna's beautiful landscape. 

A Courtney, Rachel, Anna, and Liz go out for the 
evening during the exchange to Wisconsin. 

A Caitlin, Anna, Rachel, Shannon, 
Abby, and Meredythe perform 
the Can-Can at the 2000 

Chris, Liz, Amy, and Abby 
enjoy dinner during the 
▼ 1 999 domestic exchange. 

Hingham's AFS members welcome domestic exchange 
T students with a tour of Boston's Fanueil Hall. 

Since its development in 1999, the Anti- 
Defamation League Student Facilitation 
Program has had an incredible impact 
on school climate at Hingham High. Supervised 
by Mr. Jewett and Ms. Krall, ADL members 
were trained to conduct activities and facilitate 
discussions about prejudice and discrimination 
found in the school, the community, and the 
world. In addition to facilitating the students 
of HHS, members of ADL have also led 
workshops at other schools. Additionally, the 
Hingham ADL Program was honored at Team 
Harmony VII, held at the Fleet Center in 
Boston. The facilitators received the ADL 
Founders Award in recognition of their work. 
In the ftiture, the program looks to continue 
building an environment conducive to both the 
academic and social gi'owth of HHS students. 

A Jeannie 
Kirk and 
are put on 
the spot for 
the WB56 

▼ Carl and Lauren facihtate a discussion on parent-student relationships. 

Sisters Molly and Emma Ross make 
▼ a great team at Winter Sports Night. 

A I aurcn Inn. and Lorcn/o aic m\(il\cd in a dis- 
cussion at the ADL training program in Boston. 

- ?«^f3; -^ 



T Silent communication is the kev to aood facilitation. 

■^ Mr. Jewett 
accepts the 
at Team 
Harmony VTI. 

▲ Dave and Emma Ross show us the 
ROPES of a good facilitation. 

George watches ► 
a student at work 
during the pipe 
cleaner sculpture 

•^ Ben explains his point to 
Dr. Girouard-McCann 


^K^^l^i^^kmK^ ' "^ ' ^KSSs^ ^1 


V HP^Si^tf > ^1 


H^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^1 

▲ Rebecca and Heather Low dis- 
cuss their workshop activity. 

Mr. Jewett poses with two of the members of 
T the Governor's Task Force on Hate Crimes. 

A Rich, Anthony Knasas and Nadine Boakye 
share their thoughts about prejudices. 

AVID, an acronym for the ^udio/ 
VIDqo Club, is comprised of 
students who enjoy working with 
^ ideo and sound to create multimedia shows 
and presentations. Much of the club's work 
can be seen in the Friday morning show during 
homeroom, the successor to the daily morning 
notices. Seniors on AVID include Tyler Eusden, 
Steve Feele>'. Mike Grady. Rich Hawke, Dave 
Hurley, Pete Maclntyxe. Jeremiah MuUane, and 
Paul Villanova. 

The Film Club is a recenth -started 
organization dedicated to the appreciation of 
our society's greatest cinematic achie\ ements. 
The club meets every so often to view classic 
films. Its core membership is made up of AVID 
members, although attendance by any movie 
fan is always encouraged. 

Paul works in- ► 
tently while Tyler 
watches in awe. 

▲ Pete. Miah, and Paul guard their most prized possession. 

•^ Rich looks like 
a true director. 

Steve leads the AVID ► 
club's filming crew on 
an expedition to record 
a Biology Club outing. 

T Jeremiah shows Jim Drew the ropes 

▲ Brendan Murphy means business in the studio. 

mm . ' .*- ■ 

1 ''-^v 


■^ The film club boys 
smile for the camera. 

Under the direction of Mr. Waucliope, 
the members of the band have 
experienced tremendous growth over 
the past years. The Concert Band, the largest 
of the groups, has performed in many concerts 
both at the high school and in competitions 
around the country. The Jazz Band, a smaller 
group comprised of musicians with special 
interest in Jazz and Blues, rehearses on Tuesday 
evenings. The annual Jazz Band concert is 
always a hit with students and community 
members alike. The Mozart Ensemble, a group 
focused on classical pieces, has developed 
greatly since its inception two years ago. With 
the solid musical backgroud that the students 
have gained, they will likely continue making 
music for years to come. 

▲ Allison Rand and Ben lead the sax- 
ophone section through the concert. 

▼ Matt and Silas Rogers wail on their saxophones. 

A Tracy and Anna work hard to prepare for the Winter Concert. 

M "I don't want to work, I just want 
to bang on the drum all day ..." 


Pete and ► 



blast out 

a melody 



< Paul 
the drums 
in class. 

Nat Seelen, Pete, and Anna play 
W during a Jazz Band performance. 

■4 Kristen 
and Kelley 
show off 
their tallent 
in the 

Ben is deep in concentration for 
▼ his solo during a Jazz Band concert. 

Ben knows all that you could 
T ever want to know about sax. 

A The flute section plays together at the Winter Concert. 

Every year, band and orchestra students 
take a weekend out of their busy sched- 
ules to take part in a competition in 
North America. The trip is partially funded by 
the yearly fruit sale, in which students eagerly 
participate. In 1998 the band and orchestra 
took a trip to Atlanta; in 1 999 it was to Montreal. 
Last year, they traveled to New York City, 
where both groups won gold and silver med- 
als for excellent performances. While in the 
Big Apple, they found the time to tour 5"" Av- 
enue, see "Stomp,'' and even eat at a Medieval 
Restaurant. This year, the band and orchestra 
visited Williamsburg, VA, where they played in 
the Fiesta- Val competition. Aside from per- 
fonning, they also visited Busch Gardens and 
took a ghost tour of Colonial Williamsburg. The 
graduating seniors will be sorely missed. 

▲ Kristen, Kevin, John. Jenn, and Katie 
pause as if to say ... Go Green Knight! 

▲ Scott wants to join 
the Olympic swimming 
team in Atlanta. 

Christine, Anna, Carolyn, ► 
Meredythe, and Rose Van 
Enst try on some stylish 
shades in New York. 

Meredythe enjoys a Milano 
T at the hotel in New York. 

▲ Tracy and Kristen 
chill out in Atlanta. 

Rich and Cristina Broker are 
excited to be in Atlanta. ► 

▲ On the way to Montreal, Scott and Pete look 
like they've had about enough of this bus ride 

a^ ^ 

A Kelley poses for a photo op with "her" bus. 

A On the 2000 New York trip, Tracy, Annie, 
Stephanie, and Emily relax in their hotel room. 

A Meredythe and 
Anna kick back 
in New York. 

A Meredythe, Rose Van Enst, Anna, Ben, Carolyn, Abby, 
Stephanie, and Annie have a great time in New York. 

■^ At Coca-Cola headquarters, Jenn and Kristen 
toast the success of the 1998 Atlanta trip. 

A Having finally arrived in Atlanta, Ben 
and Pete discuss their sightseeing plans. 

M Rachel Mezzetti and Jenn pose 
in New York ... or is it Jenn and 
Rachel . . . ? Which one's which!? 

The Biology Club at Hingham High 
School concerns itself with learning 
about and protecting the environment. 
Although traditionally a greenhouse club, this 
year club members moved to more outside, 
nature-trail related activities and, as one of the 
Biology Club's major endeavors, worked on 
creating a website. President Casey Fredette 
oversaw the other major project that took place 
this year - the production of a computer CD 
featuring digital photos and video of the three 
nature trails located behind the elementary 
schools. This CD focuses on the seasonal 
changes of the nature trails. Meetings were 
held in the biology classrooms, and students 
showed up every day to feed the living bacterial 
cultures. The Biology Club had a great year, 
and will miss the graduating seniors. 

A Members of the Biology Club engross 
themselves in their latest craft project. 

Biology Club members pose ► 
during an outing in the woods. 

Amy and Jerr^' enjoy themselves 
T preparmg food for the local wildlife 

▲ Lorelei and Matt move on to the 
final step of ther lab experiment. 

A Catherine and Brie prepare skin 
cells from chickens to view 
under the microscope. 

Students listen to the next set of 
▼ instructions on the CityLab bus. 


■^ Mr. Poole stands next to his favorite apparatus: 
a wme-making experiment in fermentation. 

A Becky and Abby have fun in the lab. 

Lorelei hangs out in the biology ► 
room with her new friend. 

▲ The AP Bio class enjoys lunch 
by the edge of Triphammer Pond. 

T Biology students set up for a lab 

"4 Katrina bids a fond 
farewell to her four- 
legged froggy friend. 

Mr. Poole's AP Bio ► 
class poses trium- 
phantly after their trek 
to Triphammer Pond. 

Hingham High School's Mixed Chorus 
had a very busy year. Officers of 
the group included Lisa Trebino, 
President; Meredith Kernan, Vice President; 
Steve Feeley, Treasurer; and Catherine Howlett, 
Secretary. The Chorus performed a multitude 
of concerts this year, covering a range of 
choral music. Choral Spectrum, a division of 
the Mixed Chorus, included 1 8 singers and also 
performed many concerts this year, often in 
conjunction with the Chamber Players. In 
addition, the Chorus participated in the fruit 
sale with the Band and the Orchestra in order 
to raise money for their trip to Vienna and 
Prague. The senior members of the Chorus 
put in a lot of time and effort in order to make 
their last year the best it could possibly be! 

.Tulie Andrus, Steve, and Emily Murphy 
▼ smg Lonesome Road Vi,i\h Spectrum. 

Mrs. Trebino keeps everyone 
T together with her accompaniment. 

▲ The chorus strikes a patriotic note singing 
the National Anthem at Homecoming. 

▲ The choi us w arms up for the All Town concert. 

T Pete belts out a tune. 

A Meredith and Chris McDermott 
get ready for the next song. 

▲ The tenors rehearse for the Major Works concert. 

▼ The altos await their cue. 

^ , m 

T Anjah adds her voice to the chorus. 

▲ Chris and Laur^'n 
McCarthy get ready 
for a Choral Spectrum 

▼ The fall BBQ was a huge succcess. 

▲ Br}'an, Tim Jones, and 
Chris lead the sing-along. 

Dr. Cappers and ► 
the seniors pose 
for a shot after 
the Winter Concert. 

Christina. Becky, and Katie Dirksmier get into the music. 

I I 



a o 

"" '^ A3 

Mr. and Mrs. Florey join R\an singing 
T Christams Carols at the Wmter Concert. 

f . ;:i 

■4 Ryan sings 


Each spring, the high school's mixed cho- 
rus ventures away from Hingham to 
visit and perform in other parts of the 
country and world. In 1999, the chorus vis- 
ited Disney World. Last year the chorus vis- 
ited Montreal and Quebec, and while there gave 
a concert at the Ste. Anne de Beaupre Cathe- 
dral. This year, the chorus traveled to Europe, 
touring Vienna and Prague. Highlights included 
sightseeing in both locations, most notably the 
Hofburg (an imperial palace) and the Hoker 
Markt in Vienna, as well as Wenceslas Square 
in Prague. On Easter Sunday, the chorus per- 
formed at a local Viennese church as well as at 
the Klostemeuburg Abbaye. Everyone had a 
great time and the experience is one that none 
of the participants will soon forget. 

Lisa, Erin, Becky, and 

Catherine enjoy the 

sights with Dr. Cappers. ► 

▲ The 1999 chorus has a ball at Epcot. 

T The boys crowd around for a picture in Quebec. 

The next big thing in fashion? 

•4 Sittin' pretty: Catherine and 
Erin at the Magic Kingdom. 

■^ Becky, Catherine, Meredith, and Lisa pause in front of Montreal's Elizabeth Hotel. 

Chris. Meredith, and 
Anthony hang out in 
front of the Saint 
Lawrence River 
outside Quebec City. 

■^ Ryan and Becky 
enjoy the flight 
to Disnev World. 

Every year, seniors taking history courses 
are required, as a part of the course 
program, to complete fifteen hours of 
community service. The hope is that students 
will have meaningful learning experiences, be 
able to give back to the community, build 
responsibility and good citizenship, and develop 
a sense of compassion and understanding for 
others. This year, students have been involved 
in various community service projects in- 
cluding running many "drives" to collect food, 
clothing, and dry goods. In addition, students 
oversaw the purchasing, wrapping, and 
delivering of holiday gifts for underprivileged 
children and spent hours sorting and packing 
food at the local Interfaith Food Pantry. Tlie 
time and effort put in by these students was 
much appreciated by the community. 

A Kendall Bryant. Sandra Read-Brown, Jenn and Sean 
enjoy a well-deserved break after Kids Cab rehersal. 

▼ Meredythe sorts donated items 
for later distribution. 

A Erin, Emily Jess and Liz get into the Christmas spirit wrapping gifts for less fortunate children. 

▲ Russell Torrey, Gus Diezemann, Kevin, and Jack Morse juggle 
potatoes while organizing food at the Interfaith Food Pantry. 

T Sara Marcks and Kristen work 
at the St. Pauls" Church fair. 


mi 111 


T Jenn and Ingrid are "Santa's Helpers" as they 
wrap gifts donated by Hingham High students. 


•^ Meredith, Rachel. Becky, Erin. 
Cristina, and Abby Quinn add 
to the holiday spirit at the 
Harbor House Nursina Home. 

T Alex Gillis and Bill divv> up 
a huge bar of chocolate at the 
Interfaith Food Pantrv. 


Although the Dance team only started 
two short years ago, it has amassed 
quite a following since then. Coached 
by Ms. Krall, the team boasts only one senior: 
Lauren Sullivan. Dance team members, led 
by captains Jen Harris, Liz Murphy, and Ashley 
Schomer, spent this season learning and 
practicing brand-new dances, meeting regularly 
after school each week in order to work on 
and perfect their routines. The dancers learned 
some great new moves this year which they 
energetically displayed for the rest of Hingham 
High's students at one of the monthly school 
assemblies. Dance team continues to be a great 
group where students who love to dance can 
share their skills and learn some new routines 
as well. 

Lauren strikes 
a pose before 
joining the other 
dancers at practice. 


A The Dance Team 
sliiudes across 
the dance floor. 



m"; ^ 

r ^^*1 




'•i/. ^r 


A . . .And a one-two-three-four! 

A Dance Team is great, no "huts'" about it! 

•4 Liz Murphy teaches the team some new moves. 

▼ The Dance Team prepares for their performance m the spring assemhlv. 

▲ Success is just a hop, skip, and a jump away. 

▼ Observe the svnchronicitv 

T The girls of the Dance Team smile for the camera 

▲ N*Sync, anyone? 

A Dancers stretch out before their practice 


The Debate Team had a fun year learning 
about, and of course debating, 
interesting, controversial issues. The 
team, led by Kristen Thane, remained small 
this year, though it did attract some new 
members. The Debate Team followed the 
Lincoln-Douglas style of debate again this year, 
discussing issues with complex moral and 
ethical aspects. Members of the club invested 
a great deal of time researching topics and then 
writing speeches that supported both sides of 
the issues. Members then argued their 
opinions, the winners being whoever could 
most clearly and logically explain their points. 
In addition to these more serious debates, the 
club also held on-the-spot, informal debates 
for practice and amusement. Everyone's hard 
work and effort made it a great year for Debate! 

'Wove where did ► 
that source go?" 

▼ Kathleen Keif, Kristen, an 

d Surekha Gajria mull over an issue 



HI a 





^^~ v^^^t^^ 





^^^^^^s vmvjF 

'! • 











▲ Jen Lincoln does a quick 
run-through of her speech. 

▲ Lizzie McCourt and Kristen conduct 
some pre-debate research. 

Mrs. Fennelly listens intently ► 
to the affirmative speech. 

▲ The 1997 Debate Team members hold a fundraiser. 

■4 Kathleen Kief recites her first contention. 

A Kristen explains one 
of her points to Jen. 

Surekha \\ rites dow n her oppo- 
T nent's main points during a debate. 

Daznn lankees 

The Drama Club's fall musical, "Damn 
Yankees," turned out to be a true hit! 
Directed by Mr. Higgins, the show fo- 
cused on America's favorite seasonal pastime: 
baseball. In the musical, avid fan Joe Boyd 
(John Beauregard) makes a deal with the dev- 
ilish Miss Applegate (Margo Littlefield) to be- 
come the young baseball hotshot "Shoeless Joe 
from Hannibal, MO" (Sean Chisholm). De- 
spite Lola's (Caitlin Marshall) seductive dis- 
tractions, Joe leads the Washington Senators 
to victory, outwits the Devil, and in the end 
chooses family over fame. Overall, the cast's 
outstanding acting made for an amusing and 
enjoyable show. "Damn Yankees" was a great 
theater experience for both audience and ac- 
tors alike. 

Joe and Lola (Sean ► 
and Caitlin) perform 
"Lwo Lost Souls," 
choreographed by 
Shannon Maguire. 

"We've got to get better 'cause 

▼ we ca/? 7 get worse!" 

M Is there a doctor in the house? The lead dancers do the mambo. 

Margo sings 
her heart out 
as Applegate. 

Courtney, Molly, 
Lauryn McCarthy, 
and Rachel prepare 
for the pep rally 

T Hang in there, buddy! 

•^ John and Molly take 
a bow after their out- 
standing perfonnances. 

Meg and Joe Boyd (Ashley ► 
Schomer and John) have a 
heart to heart talk. 

■4 Margo spends some quality 
time with the drama boys. 

▲ Mrs. Monchick, Dr. Ryan, and Mr. 

Thaxter perform an encouraging rendition 
of "You've Gotta Have Art." 

Pit members Annie, Christine, Pete, 
T and Lorelei rehearse for the show. 

▲ "Never feel sorry for anyone 

'" fhcrc's a short. lon§ 
ball going into the 
hole between first 
and third field." At 
least that's what 
Pete tells us. 

M The Senators 
get serious about 
Joe's future. 

Damn Yankees" was a great success 
thanks to the talents of the backstage, 
light, makeup, and sound crews. 
Backstage crew, headed by Lorenzo Di Silvio 
and Katie Wellford, included Lindsey Blampied, 
Kevin Garrity, Bill Jantzen, Jenn Morash, 
Meredythe Ryan, Kristen Thane, Zach Traina, 
and James Zuger. Scene changes were better 
than ever because this year the sets were 
flown. Rich Hawke and Tyler Eusden headed 
light crew, and despite light board difficulties, 
Stella and Harold shone tlirough and the show 
was brilliant. Caitlin Fitzmaurice and Meredith 
Keman participated in the makeup crew, and 
sound was chaired by junior Charlie Hancock. 
All in all, the crews did a great job and the 
show was a success! Remember — "Tech 
owns you!" 

A The backstage crew huddles up 
around their "Lord and Master.' 

▲ Uh, Sara? Would you mind getting off the couch? 

Are you SURE that goes there? ► 

▲ Tyler and Rich, 
the maestros of 
light, get focused. 

Senior year has a way of ► 
aging people, eh, John? 

▲ Don't be shy, Jenn! 

Many people don't appre 
ciate the hard work done 
by the backstage crew. 

The French Club is an organization run 
by Madame Flaherty, providing a 
chance for students to practice French 
and learn about French culture through sing- 
ing, watching French movies, conversing in 
French, taking trips to the MFA to view French 
exhibits, visiting French restaurants, and cook- 
ing French cuisine. Senior members include 
Carolyn Daly, Liz Kelly, Rebecca Lanza, Margo 
Littlefield, Caitlin Marshall, Jerm Morash, Abby 
Randall, Julia Randall, Meredythe Ryan, Kiisten 
Thane, and Katrina Vulgaris. The French Club 
fondly remembers the 2000 trip to France. 
Whether in Paris, Biarritz, Toulouse, Nimes, 
or Nice, everyone had a wonderful time! Bonne 
chance, classe de 2001, et adieu! 

▲ Kate, Carolyn, Meredythe, and 
Julia have fun in the sun in Nice. 

▲ La Tour Eiffel looms 
in the distance. 

■4 The girls spend a night 
on the town in Biarritz. 

-^ Caitlin and Kate strike a pose 
in Monaco's Royal Gardens. 

■^ . . . And they all step 
into the center of 
Paris at the same time. 

Air ■ 

Julia relaxes in the 
French countryside. ► 

▲ The students on the 2000 French trip gather 
on the steps of Carcassonne Castle. 

Caithn looks right at home in Paris. ► 

▲ Margo . . . angelic as always. 

A Courtney. Margo. 

Carolyn, and Meredythe 
pose outside Versailles. 

•^ Timmy, Kristen T., Kristen K., Liz, 
and Jenn enjoy their last night in Nice. 

A close-up view of 
▼ Notre Dame cathedral. 


A Kristen rests awhile in the Royal Gardens of Monaco. 

Hingham's GSA 
shows up in full 
force at the 2000 
Gay Pride March 
in Boston. 

The Gay Straight Alliance has gained a 
position among the most respected 
clubs at Hingham High over the past 
few years. With the dedication of its members, 
the organization has grown immensely. During 
the year, the members attend meetings where 
they discuss current issues pertaining to gay, 
lesbian, bisexual, and transgender communities. 
They enjoy meeting with guest speakers, many 
of whom are able to share personal 
experiences. The members also participate in 
the annual Gay / Straight Youth Pride March 
in Boston. Much preparation goes into this 
event. They carry signs in the parade, dress 
to show their support, and join forces with 
other activists. Through the endevors of the 
GSA, the acceptance level in the school has 

Heather Low, Aaron Ferguson, Sean Brown, Michelle Devine, Alison 
Cardillo,Casey, Ed Peterson, and Jen Devine hang out after the Pride March. 

Hingham GSA members partci 
T pate in the 1999 Pride March. 

M Hingham 
supports the 



da p* ««^ ■ 






.Gax Rights f^ ^p. . 

▲ The Hingham 
GSA shows 
that kids really 
can make a 

y jj^i \K 


A A banner is hung in preparation for 

Boston's Gay/Straight Youth Pride March. 

•4 Casey carries 
the Gay Pride 
0i flag. 

Members of the ► 
GSA display their 
determination to 
fight for acceptance. 

A Nate Gay attends a GSA rally m Boston. 

Golden Key, in its second year, has 
gained widespread recognition 
throughout the student body. The 
organization is headed by President George 
Tully, Vice President Laura Settino, Secretary 
Ben Hardy, Treasurer Erik Olsson, and Tyler 
Nims, the Little Boots. Each day, the members 
of Golden Key are responsible for collecting 
the trash from lunch. During all three lunches 
they can be found in the cafeteria, where they 
frequently build Eiffel Towers out of collected 
trash. When not busy collecting rubbish, they 
pride themselves on providing entertainment 
to those in the lunchroom; Tyler and Erik enjoy 
daily trashcan races down the main aisle. 
Thanks to the hard work of Golden Key. the 
cafeteria is a cleaner place, and the freshmen 
are always kept in line. 

And they're off! Erik and Tyler ► 
take a break from working to 
have a race on their trash cans. 

Meredith Kelly looks like she's enjoying not having 
T to walk to the trash can to throw away her lunch tray. 

▲ Ben H. collects trash from Liz and Ben K. 

A Laura finishes cleaning up after lunch. 

▲ Does anyone else have any trash'; 

Ben is all smiles because his Eiffel 
T Tower statue is off to a great start. 

▲ Laura and George show that with a little 
work, the cafeteria can be spotless. 

The Harborlight, the student-produced 
school newspaper, provides the 
student body with a look at what's 
happening around the school. Distributed every 
two months, the paper covers everything from 
dances to sports to changes in school policies. 
The editorial section provides an opportunity 
for students not on the staff to express their 
opinions. With reviews of movies, music, and 
restaurants, the students are always kept up 
to date on the latest news in entertainment. 
Dear Leila, the Harborlight's advice column, 
answers students' questions and helps them 
solve difficult dilemmas. Tracy Duff, the 
editor, commands a large staff of writers, 
photographers, and section editors. With the 
assistance of advisor Mrs. Fennelly, the paper 
keeps the student body well informed. 

Heather interviews Mr. Baisden. 

y ' 

Tracy and ► 
Nancy make 
sure that the 
goes out on 

▲ Working hard, or hardly working? 

Kristen and Heather collaborate on a piece. 

T Tracy and Paul discuss an upcoming issue. 


Modeled after the TV show "Whose 
Line is it, Anyway?" the Improv 
Troupe was started in 1999 by the 
co-presidents of the Drama Club and has taken 
its place among other drama events such as 
the Fall Musical and the Festival Show. Meeting 
for two hours every Wednesday night, the 
Improv Troupe prepared for its annual student- 
coordinated improvisational comedy show that 
required audience participation. In the show, 
actors played different games and spon- 
taneously created scenes using the audience's 
suggestions. Games varied from "Party 
Quirks" to "Torture the Actor" to "Props" to 
"Hurley's Chair-Throwing Game." As always, 
the antics of this year's Improv Troupe were 
thoroughly enjoyable and a good time was had 
by all. 


A Loren/o and Rachel han^ 
out between skits. 

Jeremiah looks on as 
Margo demonstrates 
the proper use of a pole. 

Mav I have this dance? ► 

The Improv Troupe members walk like 
▼ Egyptians. Or, well, stand like a pyramid? 


The boys 

crack up over 

the world's 

worst thing 

to be told 

on Valen- 

tine's Day. 


those actors ► 


look tortured! 

Ricky's inside-out . . . Josh isn't 
wearing any clothes . . . my good 
T ness. this is one strange party! 

Grady demonstrates one of the many other 

T uses of a stethoscope on Rick\ Hawkins 

The Intergenerational Club, one of the 
only service organizations in the country 
of its type, has gained townwide 
recognition for its unique approach to 
community service. The club is dedicated to 
pairing high school students and members of 
the senior community together to work on 
community-oriented projects. This year, HHS 
students participated in a fall conference where 
they discussed many current issues, including 
politics, violence, heroes, and the media, with 
seniors and planned joint-effort community 
service projects to be completed throughout 
the year. The club organized a coat drive to 
benefit the homeless, enjoying a potluck supper 
the while packing up the donated coats. In 
addition, club members and seniors participated 
in a reading program for elementary students. 

The Intergenerational Club 
T smiles for the camera 

Meaghan. Brette, and Fran enjoy some supper ► 
at the Intergenerational Club meeting. 

▼ Advisor Mr Kirkcaldy looks pensive during a club meeting 

Everyone seems to ► 
be enjoymg dinner 

Two members of the Intergen- 
▼ erational Club set up for dinner. 


Becky. Carrie, and Kerry Lenhart put on their 
▼ cheeriest smiles for the Intergenerational meeting. 

▲ Shawna Murray, Jen Wasson, and 
Kate LeClair chat during dinner 

▼ Three Intergenerational Club members form an after-dinner clean up committee. 

'▼ Taylor visits with his new friends. 
Dick Lee and Gus Diezemann. 

Under the direction of advisors Dr. 
Ryan and Ms. Chodes, the Latin 
Club had a great year! Led by 
"consuls" Nicole Shostak and Surekha Gajria, 
the club included seniors Lindsey Blampied and 
Kristen Thane. Latin Club meetings featured 
many interesting and fun activities, such as 
watching classical monster movies on 
Halloween, the famous Saturnalia Holiday Gift 
Swap which celebrated the Roman "Holiday 
of Lights," and making Valentines in preparation 
for V-Day. One of the year's main goals was 
the design of an "official" Latin Club tee-shirt. 
During the spring, many members of the club 
participated in the Massachusetts Junior 
Classical League competition against other high 
school students. The Latin Club members say, 
"Matavitatau! It's been a magical yGarV 

A Kate McClusky and Lindsey Meek pose for 
the camera at the Latin Club's Saturnaha party. 

T Dr Ryan . Latin teacher, or Roman slave? 

M Lindsey works on a valentine for Mrs. Silva 
T . With Kristen's help, of course! 

Nicole Shostak and Surekha Gajria ► 
work on the design for a Latin T-shirt. 

• Reed Hayes watches a movie intently 

▼ while at the Halloween party. 

▲ Rob McCallum gets into 
the spirit of Valentine's Day. 

▲ Kate looks a bit daunted 
by all the merrymaking. 

Advisors Dr. Ryan and Ms. Chodes ► 
chat ... in Latin, of course. 

Alex Gillis must really ► 
want some extra credit! 

Kathleen Keif is intent on ► 
making a perfect valentine. 

A Kristen divides 
up the cake at 
the Valentine's 
Day party. 

Members of the Latin ► 
Club enjoy Saturnalia 


Hingham High School's Math team, 
advised by Mr. Baisden and led by 
captains Amy Driscoll, Colleen Nilan, 
and Victoria Riley, is comprised of HHS 
students who are actively interested in 
mathematics. The team, which also includes 
seniors Casey Campbell, Kevin Garrity, Katrina 
Vulgaris, and Chi Zhang, often travels to other 
schools to compete while occasionally holding 
some of the meets here at Hingham High 
School. There, members of the Math team 
work to complete problems in several different 
areas of mathematics with varying levels of 
difficulty. Although the Math team has never 
won a meet (they are often beaten out by their 
archrival, Weymouth) they have great team 
spirit and enthusiasm that keep them going 

Ali, Sarah, Tyler, and Casey, led by Captains 
T Victoria and Colleen, show their spirit at a pep rally. 

10'6" HT 

▲ The team's strong underclass contingent ensures great success next year. 

k. Id 

▲ Mr. Baisden leads his team to battle. 

■4 Nothing can stop the math team, 
not even a broken-down bus! 

▼ Amy and Victoria, calculator in hand, are ready for the meet. 

▲ Reluctant to resort to her calculator. Colleen 
works out a problem in her head. 

Not even this man\ calculators can save 
T Kevin as he laces a difficult problem. 

The International Relations club will miss 
its founding fathers, Pete Brancale, 
Scott Conroy, Tyler Nims, Seth Purcell 
and Ben Kahane. For the last two years the 
club has participated in the Harvard Model 
United Nations, representing the important 
world powers of Benin and Suriname. As 
delegates, the members debated issues on 
seperate committees and worked to form 
resolutions with "the kids that were really into 
it." Mr. Kirkcaldy, the group's advisor, has 
done an excellent job of advising the members 
over the past years. The Model UN members 
will always remember the lap tops, power 
lunches, and impassioned caucuses. They will 
also remember hanging out at the parking 
garage, splitting the defense, Kirk embarrassing 
Tyler, "beatin' up the smaht kids at Hahvahd," 
goat cheese pizza, and Mexico. 

▲ The boys look pensive. 
Clearly, they are 
working hard 
reasearching Suriname. 

A Seth, Tyler, Ben, Scott, and Pete pose 
for a group shot after a long afternoon 
of researching foreign affairs. 

A Tyler and Pete look on while Ben rcasearches. 

M The group - once again - stands around. 

Ben and Scott en- ► 
gage in a heated 
debate over the 
economic stabil- 
ity of Benin. 

You don't say! Tyler 

looks rather surprised 

to find out that Benin 

▼ is in such poor shape. 

Pete lends a hand ► W^Wf^ 
to Ben, who is 
looking for re- 
search material. 

The officers hold the light of 
T knowledge in their hands. 

On November 27, 2000, thirty-six 
new members were inducted into 
tlie National Honor Society. Dedicated 
to service and learning, the NHS sponsors 
many fundraising projects throughout the 
school year. At the induction ceremony, NHS 
adviser Ms. Perelman explained the selection 
process, and President Lorenzo Di Silvio, Vice 
President John Beauregard, Secretary Jenn 
Morash, and Treasurer Abby Randall spoke 
on the NHS ideals. Guest speaker Mr. Higgins 
captivated the audience, and Superintendant Dr. 
Baker was awarded an honorary membership 
to the NHS's Hingham chapter. This year's 
inductees will ensure that the candle of knowl- 
edge will continue burning brightly in the years 
to come. 

The faculty members look on as ► 
the inductees recite the National 
Honor Society Pledge. 

Mr. Higgins gives yet another 
▼ knockout perfomiance. 

Carolyn, Meredythc, and Rachel Mezzetti 
play a concerto at the ceremony. 

Faculty Advisor Ms. Perelman beams after the successful ceremony. ► 

Faculty and administration pre- 
▼ senters from the NHS induction. 

▲ Katie affixes tlie National Honor 
Society pin on Zach's lapel. 

2000 National Honor Society 


John Beauregard 

Kimberly Morgan 

Lindsey Blampied 

Stephanie Nielsen 

Jamie Boutilier 

Tyler Nims 

Cara Bowman 

James O'Neill 

Peter Brancale 

Seth Purcell 

Sean Chisholm 

Abigail Randall 

Scott Conroy 

Julia Randall 

Michael Crowley 

Molly Ross 

Carolyn Daly 

Meredythe Ryan 

; Lorenzo Di Silvio 

Christine Smaldone 

' Caitlin Fitzmaurice 

Ned Sullivan 

Kevin Garrity 

Kristen Thane 

William Jantzen III 

Zachary Traina 

Meredith Keman 

Lisa Trebino 

Rebecca Lanza 

Louis Vaickus 

Shannon Maguire 

Kelley Walker 

Caitlin Marshall 

Katherine Well ford 

Jennifer Morash 

Nancy White 

Dr. Girouard 
Bill on his 

Smile, you're in ► 
the National 
Honor Society! 

Dr. Girouard McCann presents 
Jamie with her certificate. ► 

Julia receives her certificate 
and pin from Dr. Donnell 
T and Dr. Giruoard McCann. 

National Honor Society President Lorenzo 
and Treasurer Abby lead the new members at 
•4 the close of the ceremony. 

The Oceanography Club, headed by 
Skipper Dave Nickerson and advised 
by Mr. Crowley, has made a big splash 
at Hingham High this year. With a record 
number of senior members, including Matt 
Holmes, Taylor Lydon, Victoria Riley, and Liz 
Shorey, the Oceanography Club has a 
widespread influence over the schools in 
Hingham, Members of the club are responsible 
for maintaining the aquariums at the local 
elementary and middle schools, as well as those 
at the high school. The students periodically 
visit elementary school classes, sparking an 
interest in the wide wet world below by making 
fish prints and talking about sea creatures. The 
continuing efforts of the oceans crew with 
younger students ensure that a steady course 
is charted for the future. 

▲ Sorry boys, looks like that Mola Mola is too big for your net! 

Dave works with first grade students at South Elementary School. 

A What a catch: Victoria's 
got Matt all tied up. 

Oceanography Club Skipper Dave poses with 
T Mr. Crowley by the fishtank at the high school 

itk Have j'ot/ ever 


inside a whale? 

Nice hat, 

■ • i t 

Dave! ► 


lor. . 

'-■ iCf'"*' 




Mr. Crowley 
shows the 
students how 


. r^ 




to make fish 



^^F 9^^| 


■ fW 






^m \ H' ^^ M 

<^^..f T-^^ 



/:' '" 

■^ A small fish in a big pond: Taylor sure looks little 
next to the 70-foot fin whale model. 

Many years of Orchestra memories 
will end this year for the seniors. 
Fondly know as "Dorch," the string 
orchestra performs five times a year, including 
two winter concerts, an all-town concert, a 
spring concert, and a competion on the annual 
trip. Along with joining the band for the trip, 
wind and brass players join the orchestra to 
create the full orchestra. Chamber orchestra, 
a select group of string players, learns additional 
music outside of class and hosts a student-run 
pops concert in the spring. This year. Chamber 
combined with the chorus for the Major Works 
performance of Schubert's Mass in G. Under 
the leadership of Mrs. Hallett, the orchestra 
has learned an amazing repetoire. "Dorch" will 
be fondly remembered, as much for the 
friendships as for the music. 

for the 
Rich plays 
in his black 
top hat. 

Talent all ► 
around: Katie 
and Steve 
perform with 
the Chamber 


p pi 


Bm k id V 




^M^— Jb 





^Km' "■ 

'''' i\^l 

^ "^^H 


▲ The chamber girls, Carolyn, Meredythe, Katie, 
Emily, Jenn, and Abby, smile after a concert. 

Kevin delivers a stellar ^ Stephanie puts down her violin to play the piano at the Winter Conccri. 
performance, and a 
T Christmas tie, too! 

▲ Annie contributes lovely cello 
music at the Winter Concert. 

▲ Carolyn concentrates during a concert. 

Lorelei awaits her cue. ► 

Christine prepares for 
T the Holiday Concert. 

A Whatadorch! Jenn joins the chamber 
players at the N.H.S. induction. 


Every year, the best stories, poetry, 
nonfiction, art, and photography 
produced by Hingham High School 
students are gathered together in HHS's Uterary 
magazine, the Outer Limits. This year proved 
no different as the Outer Limits staff produced 
yet another excellent edition of their magazine. 
Staff members collected student submissions 
from English classes until the spring, when 
* the editing work began. Under the guidance 
of Mrs. Fennelley and the editor-in-chief, 
Nicole Buccitelli, staff members (including 
seniors Jamie O'Neill and Kristen Thane) sorted 
through, selected, and edited the pieces that 
went into this year's volume. Represented in 
the magazine were a wide variety of styles, 
subjects, and art forms which students found 
both interesting and enjoyable. 

Jamie looks on as Nicole ► 
designs this year's cover. 


Editor Nicole Buccitelli sorts 
▼ through the folder of art submissions. 

▲ Controversy can break out 
in the hunt for the best sub- 
missions, as Nicole, Jamie, 
and Ann Wetzel are learning. 

▲ Rebecca Buntrock starts 
typing some of the sub- 
mitted poems. 

Mrs. Fennelly and Nicole ► 
engage in a spirited dis- 
cussion about publishing. 


Peer Group, run by Mrs. Gustafson and 
Mr. Nevader, provides a chance for the 
educated youth of HHS to spread their 
knowledge of drugs, alchohol, smoking, bul- 
hes and other pressures to fifth and eigth grade 
students. Peer Group creates a comfortable 
environment with open discussions and fun 
activities. Peer Group remembers Espousal, a 
workshop about public speaking and drug use. 
The workshop gave members a chance to get 
to know one another better. It was a fun week- 
end highlighted by Erie's performance of the 
"Baby Shark" song. They appreciated the in- 
spiring speakers, particularly the three men 
from Project Turnabout. The Peer Group 
would like to with the best of luck to the mem- 
bers of the classes of 2004 and 2007! 

The Peer Group - reaching out to 
T other kids, and having a great time, too. 

The audience instructs Brie on 

the proper way to make a 

peanut butter and jelly sandwich. ► 




V>HOS»l- U 1 Y 

• Ik ... * I 

▲ T Getting in line by birth date is hard, when you can't see . . . just ask Abby, 
Dave, Anthony, and Chris (above), and Sarah, Brie, and Cara (below). 

Dave, Ben, Jeff, and Tyler are ready for lunch 
▼ after a morning at the Espousal workshop. 

Victoria pauses from the workshop ► 
activities to play a little football. 

T You can do it, Kenny, it's only a two-inch jump. 

Joe chows ► 
down during 
the workshop. 

The group 
prepares to 
create a 
T human knot. 

Taking a break, Erin joins 
T the football game. 

T At lunch, Kristen, Sarah, Christi, and Katrina are all smiles. 

After some time, they are well on 
T their way to untying themselves. 

T It's what's inside that counts. 

Chris M., Chris T., and Anthony take a break 
▼ from Espousal to enjoy some lunch. 


Led by captains Ltndsey Blampied and 
Nancy White, the Hingham High Saihng 
Team proved to be a strong force in the 
Mass Bay League. Another successful season 
for the eight seniors, 2000 included winning 
the Sail-Off Championship, a second place 
finish in the league, and a fifth at the statewide 
regatta. While in Boston for most team racing 
events, the sailors also ventured outside their 
home on the Charles River to compete at other 
venues, including Connecticut, Rhode Island, 
Washington, and Canada. Although there have 
been many changes over the past years, from 
the good old days with Mr. Knowlton to the 
recent times with new coach Ken Corbett, 
some things have always remained the same. 
The team always had fun and memorable 
experiences, on water, on land, and on the T. 

Practice sailing.. 
Work on tans... 
Practice sailing... 
Work on tans ... 

T Tim and Casey are ready for anything on the water 

▲ Mr. Corbett gives Tim a 
couple of pre-race pointers. 

Kristen sails ► 
before the 
races begin 
at the Byte 
New Englands. 

Caroline Corbett ► »i< 
and Nancy exhibit 
perfect form round- 
ing the first mark. 

M Kip Doble and Emily 
Randall practice 
between races. 

The Senior Class has done a great job 
raising money and conducting fun 
activities this year. The officers of the 
Senior Class were Erin Ciovacco, President; 
Matt Gianferante, Vice President; Meredith 
Kernan, Secretary; and Lorelei Schmitt, 
Treasurer. This year, the Senior Class officers 
oversaw the running of the High School 
dances, including Homecoming, Snowball, and 
Senior Prom, organized and produced the 
Senior float at Homecoming, and conducted a 
yard sale. These fundraisers help to defray 
costs which come up, a major one of which is 
the Senior Prom. Thanks to the tireless efforts 
of the Senior Class officers, the class of 2001 
had a senior year that they will never forget! 

▲ Erik helps Hingham to psych 
out Hanover's football team. 

Matt attempts ► 
to draw in a 
crowd with a 
big pink bunny. 

A Sam Murph\. Sci)lt. Stc\c, and Am\ 
get involved in the parade as freshmen. 

T Kate, Lorelei, and Brie lead the parade. 

A A valiant attempt at spirit at the 1999 Homecoming Day Parade. 

▼ Class members pose \\ith the Homecoming 2000 float. 

Anjali enjoys herself at the 
▼ Class of 2001 Junior Prom. 

-^ James and 
Lisa dance the 
night away at 
Junior Prom. 

A Cara, Meredith, and 
Ben show their spirit 
at Homecoming. 

Erin and Rachel take a break 
T from the action at the yard sale. 

HI imi 111 

▼ What a catch! The 2001 Homecoming float was spectacular! 

A Lorelei 
makes sure 
things are 
smoothly at 

A Class members work painting the 
banner for the 1998 Homecoming float. 

■^ Jeanie 

and Pete 
have the 
Class to 
thank for 
the festiv- 
ities at Jun- 
ior Prom 

A "Whafs that you sa\'.' 
The Senior Class made 
this dance possible'' 
Whv. thank vou!" 

The Senior Video team worked hard all 
year long, gathering bits and pieces of 
our Hingham High School memories. 
They did their best to capture what our life 
was like, from elementary school to senior year. 
Club members taped the seniors literally 
everywhere: in the hallways, at Hingham High's 
many dances, during lunchtirae, even taking 
some footage of everyday classes. Wherever 
students went, the Senior Video crew was right 
there, cheerfully recording their every move 
for posterity. The late-night editing sessions 
and blood, sweat, and tears that went into 
Senior Video 2001 was well worth the effort. 
They were able to squeeze our entire school 
existence on to one tape — now that's talent! 
Thanks to Senior Video for preserving our 

Kristin shoots some footage for the 
▼ Senior Video at a chorus concert. 


▲ Pete and Grady view 
the finished product. 

A Joe films a soccer game. 

T What does this button do? 

The students on the 2000 Spanish trip sit overlooking Toledo. 

The Spanish Club's goal is to bring an 
awareness of Hispanic culture to the 
halls of Hingham High. Led by co-presi- 
dents Amy Howard and Kelley Walker, Span- 
ish Club members are often seen with teacher 
advisor Mr. Mulry chatting in Spanish. The 
2000 Spain trip was an experience none of the 
participants will forget for the rest of their lives. 
From Madrid to Salamanca, the Spanish Club 
represented HHS favorably. Highlights included 
the classes, the flamenco dancers, "salida de 
emergencia," the Plaza Mayor, the food, and 
Kelley braving a bull. The trip to Spain was an 
unforgettable adventure filled with memories 
and excitement that helped to make the Span- 
ish Club come alive. In the words of Kelley, 

▲ Brette poses at the house in Salamanca. 

Amanda Hammond, Chris, 

and Brette chill out in Toledo. ► 

T Kelley prepares for a bullfight. 

Tunas from Salamanca's law school 
T provide an evening's entertainment. 




^v ., i"]/^ 

i 1 

K 'i ^S^^m"^ . 


A Kelley, Amy, 
Brian, Katie 
Mulry, and Amy 
spend a night on 
the town, at the 
Plaza Mayor in 

Chris and Amy ► 
cross swords 
in Toledo. 

j| On their last night in Spain, the girls pose for 

il ▼ their last group picture in a castle in Toledo. 

■KHflB 1^' 

' "^ WKM BHI 

Eiu^gjim . 

"CT^ ''-^^^ "^ 

^Kj^^m^^^^^m ^^^tm^^m K""" ""V^ ** .^ft 


_3piln "JL^^K^ 


^■1 iraj^ 

■pFBr 11 

Wm jjK^j 


^Blf Jm^kI 

I^HP HjJHlll 

Bim^^ #M 

W' ^n_.»BB 

E ^^■H^B i 

1 ^^bI^^^^^HI^hIk 



I^^HP^P^^^^v / ■ 


▼ Brette stands under an arch in Salamanca. 

Amy, Chris, Amy, and Kelley get ready for their last night out in Toledo. 

Two nights into the trip, the Spanish students pause from their 
T sightseeing to experience tapas in a restaurant in Madrid. 

"TTTli r 1 


Student Council's very busy year started 
early, with summer meetings and 
Freshman Orientation the day before 
school started. Student Council kicked off 
Homecoming weekend with a pep rally, and 
sold their popular sweatpants. This year Hing- 
ham's Student Council became a five star 
council in the M.A.S.C. The club has been 
very involved in community service, 
volunteering at Christmas in the City, the Walk 
for Hospice, and Christmas caroling at a nursing 
home. The Student Council, including pres- 
ident Caitlin Fitzmaurice, vice president Becky 
Woelfel, secretary Rachel Szyman, and 
treasurer Catherine Howlett, made school more 
fun with dress-up days, banners, decorations, 
and spirit week. Members would like to thank 
Ms. Breen for all of her help. 

Rich bonds ► 
with one of 
the kids at 
in the City. 

A Cara, Carolyn, and Sarah sell tickets at a football game. 

▼ The girls of Student Council get dressed up for a charity auction. 

Meredith and Erin are all smiles while 
▼ working at the concession stand. 

Students for Environmental Action (SEA) 
is a relatively new club that meets every 
Thursday afternoon. There, members, 
including Lorelei Schmitt (president), Chris- 
tine Smaldone (vice president), Ben Hardy 
(treasurer), and seniors Matt Gianferante, and 
Matt Haeni, sort through the cans and bottles 
from the cafeteria, often with bees trying to 
"help" them. Once the recyclables have been 
sorted, they are donated to school organiza- 
tions, including the Yearbook. Some of the 
additional money that is collected goes into the 
SEA treasury. With this money, SEA plans to 
help rebuild a bridge in Wompatuck State Park. 
SEA also attends coastline sweeps and has 
started recycling paper at the high school. SEA 
has done a great job keeping the environment 
clean for the future! 

Matt and Christine survey a job well done. 
Ben, it appears, is glad to be done for the day. 

▲ Katie Georges looks on while 
Matt empties a water bottle. 

Ben poses with a ► 
full bag of bottles. 

Matt finds ► 
a half-full 
Coke can, 
while Lor- 
elei looks 
for more. 

▲ Matt tosses an empty plastic bottle. 

■^ Lorelei 

shows us 
the correct 
way to 
dispose of 
an empty 

▼ The SEA members gather for a picture after their work is done. 

Ben takes the trash that was mixed in 
▼ with the recyclables out to the dumpster. 

A Christine 
and Matt 
and cans. 

The Traces program, run by Dr. 
Pawlowski, is primarily a vocational 
training program for HHS students who 
are looking for experience in the woodworking 
and metalworking disciplines. These students 
spend weekday afternoons in the Traces 
building, dividing their time between designing 
projects in the classroom and executing their 
designs in the workshop. The members of 
Traces have completed numerous projects for 
the community, as well as for the high school. 
Seniors in the program include Foremen Jason 
Crombie and Jeff Woods, as well as James 
Levine, Ryan Murray, Matt Sheehan, Dan 
Tower, Ryan Williamson, and Paul Wuori. The 
Traces members wish to thank their instructors 
Dr. Pawlowski and Brad Cooley for making 
this a memorable year. 

▲ Foremen Jeff and 
Jason show off their 
finished chest. 

Brad oversees Matt's 
T woodworking procedure. 

▲ Paul looks on as Dan masters the staple gun 

A Mike Gill sands his 
coat rack before put- 
ting on the varnish. 

Dr. Pawlowski double- ► 
checks the work of 
Ryan and James. 

T James straightens out the edge of his frame. 

A Ryan begins drilling for his next project. 

▲ Jeff examines the quahty of his 
sandpaper before going to work. 

A Dan checks to make sure his table is level. 

The Traces class poses for a group shot outside the Traces building. ► 

A James observes as Ryan fits a corner of his frame. 

T Ryan smooths his tabletop to perfection. 

Paul works hard ► 
at fitting the cor- 
ner of his box. 

One of the most visible clubs at 
Hingham High, WHHS-TV produces 
the show that is broadcast each morn- 
ing to every homeroom, announcing the events 
of the day. Members can be found every af- 
ternoon in the TV studio, located in the Li- 
brary Media Center, taping the notices that will 
be aired the next morning. The leaders of the 
group, Rich Hawke and Tyler Eusden, under 
the direction of Mr. Thaxter, ensure that ev- 
erything always runs smoothly Among the 
30 students who are involved in this group are 
seniors Steve Feeley, Mike Grady, Dave Hurley, 
Pete Mclntyre, Jeremiah Mullane, and Paul 
Villanova. WHHS-TV has enjoyed a success- 
ful year, keeping the student body both in- 
formed and entertained. 

Dave, Steve, and Pete ► 
love to hang around after 
school in the TV studio. 

Dave, Pete, and 
Grady prepare to 
shoot the morning 
T announcements. 

T "Look! Grady's on TV!" 

M Rich and Miah ensure that 
every detail is perfect. 

Some say that filming announcements ► 
can be hazardous to your health . . . 




Michael Donnell 
Assistant Principal 

Judy Mitchell 

Peter Lincoln 
Assistant Principal 

Jayne Skinner 

Gary Baker 

Kathleen Campbell 

Rose Stratford 

Paula Girouard-McCann 

Donna Conroy 

Gerard Bliss 

Michael Doherty 

Doreen Field 

Charles Gear>' 

Erin Krall 

Diana Sides 



Joe Andrews 
Technical Manager 

Paul Manganello 
Computer Programming 


John Higgins 

Barbara Finnegan 
Department Chair 

Lisa Audet 



k tf 


' 1 


Marcia Boyer 

Mary Breen 

Elizabeth Charif 

Dawn Charles 

Jackie Marvel 

Kara Roth 

Helaine Silva 

Cathleen Walsh 


Gale Nutter 
Department Chair 

Suzanne Lincoln 

William Barges 
Athletic Director 

Dennis Clinton 

Meredith Gordon 

Jack Kennedy 


Jack Curran 

Iris Gillard 

James Kirkcaldy 
Department Chair 

David Lacatell 

















c^=^ ~ 


"=^-W "^"-^-^ 

Peter Bailey 

Tamara Perelman 

Edward Schi-eider 

Stephen Swett 

Ron Wooley 

Colleen Worrell 



Mary Boddie 

Paul Pawlowski 

Dorothy Galo 
Department Chair 

Stephen Baisden 

Karen Glaser 

Peter Healey 

Douglas Holly 

William Larson 

Claudia Leone 

Craig Low 




Steven Olson 


Ann O'Connor 

Paul Cappers 

Jane Hallett 

Douglas Wauchope 

Glenn Olson 

Barbara Berlucchi 

Daniel Clune 

Lisa Collins 

Jack Crowley 

Charles Dirk 

Janet Duffy 

Maynard Morin 

Richard Poole 



T^ ^^ 


^^ /) 





Elizabeth Williams 

Judith Reilly 
Department Chair 

Rebecca Rhodes 

Jennifer Henricksen 

Patricia Tomecek 

Charles Finn 

Linda Mazzella 

Lyne Flaherty 













Michael Muhy 

uidanc^ : 

Corinna Ford 

Douglas Ryan 

Jane Ellis 

Nancy Gustafson 

Eileen Walsh 

Mariah Pfeiffer 
Adjustment Counselor 

Gregory Nevader 

Roy Smith 

Sheila Atwater 
Career Center 

Lisa Paul 
Career Center 

Martha Robinson 

Kevin Lalli 

Donna Casagrande 
Department Chair 

Maria Aiello 

Candida Barbuto 

Kathy Eckland 

Linda Ford 

Sue Gentile 

Eleanor Goldsmith 

Debra Read 

Lawrence Babcock 
Building Manager 

John Callahan 

Don Campbell 

Bill Clark 

Gary Colbeck 

Matthew O' Hare 

Ernest Olson 

John Robinson 

Jeffrey Joy 


Roger Boddie 
Construction Liaison 

Mary Mahoney 
Construction Manager 

Brad Cooley 

Paul O'Brien 

Caterina lannino 

Patricia Johnson 

Joan Williams 

Camilla Roundtree 
Metco Coordinator 

Paul Donovan 


Brian Heffeman 

Joan Linnehan 

Elizabeth Ruggiero 

Linda Ford 

Jonna Bouchard 
Media Department 

Joan Fee 
Media Department 

Barbara Johnson 

Patrica Muldoon 
Computer SpeciaHst 

Lee Magnarelh 

Andrea Dunlap 

Carole O'Connell 

Virginia Roche 
Computer Programming 

Donna Scampoli 


Marion Rubbo 
Media Department 


Jeanne Hardy 

Debbie Rathnam 

Marcia Sinclair 


AH Aucoin 

Thanks Mom, Dad, Brian, Meg, and Bren, I love you. Thanks to 
all my friends, I couldn't have done it without you. Cares - 
we've been through it all . . . 96 forever. Good luck Meaghan, 
Coll, and Brendan. 

Abigail Bargende 

I thank my family for all of their support, advice, and guidance. 
Thank you Mom and Dad for always pushing me and encouraging 
me to do my best. I love you! I thank all of my friends CB, CD, 
MK, SW, CH, B W, SM, MR, MG, ML, RS, AR, & CF for making 
these last years so much fun. Jon, thank you for everything. I 
love you! 

Joe Bellew 

Thanks Mom, Dad, N, T, R, J, R, R, S. I love you all. Thanks to all 
my friends, SS, DW, JC, CB, MS, JR, CG, RM, AG, KS, JY, JW, 
MM, EC, SJ, BP, MC. I don't know what I would have done 
without you all - thank you. 

Lindsey Blampied 

Mom and Papa, you deserve the greatest thanks for everything 
you've been, and all that you've made me. I love you both very 
much. Thanks to the Randalls, my "other family." Mrs. Silva, 
thanks for believing me when I said it was all under control. 
Matt, thanks for the English papers - you certainly taught me 
well. Dave, the reason I'm a photographer, thanks. The Late 
Night Crew, Entertainment Committee, and Track Boys: thanks 
for keeping the office fun. Thanks to Lorenzo (my "safety" and 
Tech buddy); Jenn (the funny force field); Katie (taplights and 
roadtrips); Jamie (Simon and understanding); Kristen (all of your 
free time); Kevin (my "stylisf ); Caitlin (color swirls); Tina (don't 
die!); Zach ("lude" sexual comments); Bill (5-star friendship); 
Felipe (joining our insanity); Julia ( 1 6 years of sisterhood); KK, 
Nancy, Sara, Caroline, Becky, P.J., Max, and Pat (so much fun in 
boats); John (babysitting Caitlin); and Kim (fun at MORE). 

Jamie Boutilier 

Thanks to my classmates, my teachers, and the community for 
providing me with such a fine education, granting me such vast 
opportunities, teaching me about life, and always supporting me. 
Thank you Mary, Danielle, Sheena, Alexis, Allison, Kathy, my 
camp friends, Steve, Liz, Kate, and the rest of the Loring Hall 
crew for allowing me to be myself Thanks for making me laugh, 
letting me cry, and helping me get through many a stressfial day. 
Thanks for your time, your friendship, your advice, and your 
encouragement. Thanks to my family, especially Mom, Dad, Katie: 
your faith, love and support have been essential to my success. 

Cara Bowman 

Thank you so much Mom, Dad, and Jack for being so supportive. 
You know that I never could have made it without you. I love you 
guys. Thank you so much Mr. Swett and Mrs. Luce for being the 
best teachers ever. AB, SW, CD, MK, CH, MR, SM, RS, BC, BW, 
CF, AR, ML, NS, EC, KB, PL, thank you for the memories. I will 
never forget them! You guys are da bomb. I love you HHS, Good 
Luck Class of 2001! 

Brendan Boyle 

I want to thank my mom and dad for all the help they have given 
me through these four years. Without them I wouldn't be where 
I am now. Most of all, I want to thank God I'm done. 

Sarah Bulman 

Thank you Mom, Dad, Jon, and GM for all your love and support, 
I would not have been able to do it without you all. McKees, 
Lisa, and Amy, thanks for all of your guidance and love 
throughout the years. Christi and Case, thanks for being there 
through everything and making high school so memorable. I 
love you all! 

Meaghan Carey 

Thank you so much Mom , Dad, and Tizzy for all of your love and 
support. I wish the best of luck and love to my three sisters, Beth, 
Julie, and Elizabeth. To my three girls, Jess, Liz, and Tor: side by 
side or miles apart, friends like us stay close to the heart. Mike 
and Victoria, my best friends, you two are unreal. I never could 
have done it without you. Bethie + Jules, never forget, you gotta 
have faith. 

Casey Cartwright 

To my dad, mom, and Evan, for being there, whether or not I 
wanted you to be. 1 love you so much. To Sarah and Lindsay, I 
couldn't have asked for better friends. And JW, thank you. I 
love you all. 

Mike Cavanaugh 

Mom, Dad, and Peanut, I can't thank you enough for what you 
have done. A day does not go by that you do not have an impact 
on me. Thanks to all my family, I love you. To my friends, you 
have always been there and I appreciate that so much. To 
everyone I forgot, I'm sorry and thanks for everything. 

Erin Ciovacco 

Thanks to my family for everything, and thanks to SS, JB, JZ, JC, 
JY, RM, PW, MS, AG, LT, and SP! ! ! Thanks CB, SW, MK, CD, 
CH, AB, SM, RS, CF, and MR for all the memories! Thanks to all 
my classmates for making our time here so incredible, and good 
luck to everybody, I'll miss you!!! To all my friends, you're 
unbelievable, thanks for always being there! ! ! 

Amanda Condi to 

Thank you Mom, Dad, and John for all of your support. Thank 
you for never giving up on me and believing in me throughout 
the good times and the bad times. To my sister Christina, words 
cannot tell how much I appreciate what you have done for me. 

Thank you for being there for me and being not only a sister, but 
a best friend. To Jacqui, you are the best. I will never forget you. 
To ail my friends, Good Luck! I love you guys! And to all the 
Football cheerleaders - Never say you can't. Good luck and 
thank you. 

Tim Corbett 

Mom, Dad, and Caroline, thank you for all you've done for me. 
You were all there when I needed you and did what you had to. 
The last four years have been fun and they would never have 
been possible without you, I love you all. 

Jason Crombie 

Praise and thank yous to everyone who supported me in any 
way over the longest four years of my life. Special thanks to 
TRACES for helping me get out of here. 

Brie Cosman 

Thank you very much Mr. Roboto for helping me escape just 

when I needed to. 

Erin Curiey 

Thanks Mom and Dad for everything. I made it. Good luck Alii, 
Kailey, and Molly. 1 43 . Thanks to all my friends and family - 1 
couldn't have done it without you. B period study rules! -JC Yo 
Yo Yo G period study, you guys are awesome. Good luck 200 1 . 

Carolyn Daly 

Thank you everyone for making my high school experience so 

great. Thank you especially to my parents and Beth, John, and 


Sheena Damon 

I would like to say thank you to the following people: my Dad, 
Laurie, the Grattas, the Richards, and Noni, for all their love and 
support growing up, and for always being there when I needed 
you the most. To my sister Sara (RA!) for being the best little 
sister anyone could ever ask for. Mr. Heffeman for all the support 
and time you have given me to help me survive high school. 
Thanks to HHS and the class of 200 1 for all the memories. Rest in 
Peace and Love Mom, Grammy, Nono, and Grampa - you will 
never be forgotten. 

Jon DeCourcey 

Thank you very much to my entire family, especially my Mom. 

You are the best. 

Lorenzo Di Silvio 

First, thank you to Mrs. Goldstein, Mr. Higgins, Mr. Jewett, Mrs. 
Silva, Ms. Breen, and Dr. Smith. Lord knows where I'd be without 
your guidance. Second, thank you to John, Caitlin, Sean, Zach, 
Jamie, Jenn, Kevin, Jules, Linds, Bill, Katie, Kim, and Kristen. 
The next four years won't be the same without you. Third, thank 
you to my family - Mom, Dad, Laila, Francesca, and Felipe. Words 
cannot express how much you mean to me. And fourth, thank 
you, France. Thank you. 

Danielle Dufault 

Thank you Mom, Dad, Rich, Patrick, and Melissa for making me 
the best I can be. You're my inspiration to move on to college. 
Love you always, Danielle. 

Tracy Duff 

Thanks to all my family, friends, and teachers. I will never forget 

your neverending support, guidance, and encouragement. 

Anna Elliott 

* Thanks to my parents for their patience and support * to Abby 
and Tom my unconditional friends * to Courtney - childhood 
memories, always friends * to Caitlin, Caroyln, Rachel, Mere, 
Margo, Shan, Keman for all the good times * to Lorelei, Maggie 
and Rambo * to Reed * to Katie (friends forever) Jeremy - 6 Pack, 
Aileen - believe in the Star * Mrs. Tokle, Mrs. Silva, Ms. Worrell, 
and Mr. Wauchope * and to Jake and Lew, good luck next year. 

Tyler Eusden 

Thank you Mom, Dad, and Alison. Thank you to my teachers for 
taking the time to teach me. Thanks to all my friends, you are the 
ones who have been there for me all along and made me who I 
am; I owe you guys more than I can ever repay. On-Stage, you 
guys are the best. 

Steve Feeley 

Whether it be with rides, guidance, or friendship, many people 
have helped me throughout high school. First and foremost, I 
would like to thank my parents for constantly driving my friends 
and me around before we had licenses. They have helped me 
make numerous decisions along the way while being very loving 
and supportive. I would like to credit my friends, namely 
ONSTAGE, for always helping me have a good time and forget 
my curricular worries. My teachers have also played an enormous 
role, guiding me with their vast array of knowledge, and as 
mentors. Thank you all very much! 

Francesca Ferrante 

Mom, Dad, John, Cam, and Tucker: I couldn't have done it without 
you! John and Cam remember to choose the path less taken; you 
will be the wiser for it. Mom and Dad: Nerds rule the world! 
Thanks for instilling in me the desire to succeed. To my girls: CC, 
LS, BMW, BC, LS you five are my life! Never forget what we 
taught each other. With those lessons, enter the world with open 
hearts and experience all there is before you. To the boys: GT, 
CK, BH, TW, MC thanks for making each day memorable. 

Caitlin Fitzmaurice 

Mom and Dad - thanks for always being there and encouraging 
me. Casey - thanks for paving the way and for all the advice; I 
wouldn't have survived without you. Thanks Sean, and good 
luck. To my friends - AB, CB, CD, AE, MK, ML, SM, AR, MR, 
RS, - You are the best friends anyone could ask for. Thanks for 
being amazing! 

Anthony Forgione 

Thanks to my parents, Vincent and Carol, who have always been 
there for me. Thanks to my grandparents, Mary and Sal, for 
letting me stay with them senior year. Also to my grandparents 
"on my mother's side," Al and Marie. All of my teachers, and Mr. 
Nevader, for their hard work and dedication. Vin and Andre, 
always remember street puck in the circle. And Matt, C.J., and 
Chris, thanks guys. 

Latarsha Gaines 

Yesterday was history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift, that 
is why it is called the present, and that's why I would like to thank 
those that helped me through the yesterdays, tomorrows, and 
todays, especially my mom — I love you babe. Those who stand 
for nothing fall for nothing, so be strong. Thanks to my fam, 
especially Gramps. To my friends, it's been of the yeltsabob in 
HHS, the Labitues, Worms, Mingrids, and all of the HHS amigos 
I can't all mention, it's been real. Thanks to the haters, dodos 
and other negative people that I know and don't know that tried 
to knock me down, because I got up and became stronger. 

Kevin Garrity 

I would like to thank my family most of all. Without the guidance 
of my mother and father, I would never have made it through high 
school. Next, I would like to thank my wonderfial friends. They 
made high school actually ftin and exciting, and I am forever in 
their debt. I also want to thank all of my teachers for caring, 
specifically Mr. Dirk for his teaching, Mr. Manganello for his 
flexibility, and Mr. Kirkcaldy for making me laugh, Mr. Olson for 
his wisecracks, and all of my English teachers for reading my 

Matt Gianferante 

Thanks to the fam for always being my backbone. Mom, Catie, 
Dad, and Axel, too. Catie, you are the best sister I could ever ask 
for. I couldn't get through life without your home-cooked meals, 
Mom. Friends, you mean the world to me. Thanks to all my 
classmates and certain teachers for making my High School 
experience so meaningfiil. Luce, Poole, and even Mr. Olson. 

Mike Grady 

Thank you Mom, On-Stage, my teachers and friends . . . thank 
you very much, thank you very much, that's the nicest thing 
anyone's ever done for me. Thank you Drama Club, WHHS-TV, 
and any other clubs I participated in. I'd like to thank the faculty 
members, especially Dr. Lincoln, Dr. Smith, Mr. Higgins, Mr. 
Worden, Mrs. Boyer, Donny, Mr. Thaxter, and anyone else who 
helped me get through high school. And thank you, the single 
person who helped me most during my high school career, my 
dog Bear. Thank you anybody I did not mention. Thank you 
very, very, very much. 

Matt Haeni 

I want to thank my family, my host family, and my new friends for 
this wonderful time in Hingham. It is a great experience for me to 
be here for a whole senior high school year. I also want to thank 

the whole yearbook staff for their huge amount of work and effort. 
I'll miss you all. 

Ben Hardy 

Thank you Mom, Dad, Mike, and Susie for all your love. To all 

my friends... Boo F'n Yeah... I love you all. 

Richard Hawke 
Dear Diary, 

Thank you for ON-STAGE, WHHS-TV, Drama, Frisbees 
and the Frisbee Team, Teachers, Parents, Administration, desks 
for givin' me my beauty rest, and creative selebibtiously secular 


Richard Thomas Kenneth Hawke 

Erin Healey 

As Cat would say, "I love my friends." Thanks everyone. 
Courtney, I can't wait until the B&B. Molly (superstar) Catherine 
(The "J" Boys) Matty, you're the best. Caroline (Junior H-bag) 
Sarah, you look good. Margo (Olindys), Mer, Trace, Liz, Shanny, 
and even you C.T. (muscle), Carolyn and the Ross's, I love you 
guys. Mom and Dad, I'll always be your little angel. Jean, we 
always have fun. Rosamund, you're crazy. Dom and James (my 
boys). Much love to my aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents. 
T-bone, you'll make it. Grampie, I love and miss you. 

Amy Howard 

Thank you to my family, I love you very much. Thank you to my 
fiiends at HHS: JG (and your family), MH, JD, JN, JZ, AF, and all 
others. -You've been there for me and we've had a lot of good 
times together. Thank you to all my non-HHS friends: BL, ML, 
RL, JM, RP, OH and all others (sorry I can't name you all). Thank 
you HSF: KB & AB. I love you James, thank you for everything. 

Catherine Howlett 

Mom, Dad and Meg: thank you for all of your love and support. 
Thank you for going beyond what you needed to do for me. I 
love you so much. To my friends, you guys are unreal. Thank 
you for always being there to make me laugh. I will always cherish 
our friendship forever. 

Amy Huddles ton 

I would like to thank my mom. Bob, and the rest of my family for 
all the love and support. Also, I want to thank all my friends for 
all the good times. I don't know what I would have done without 
you. Finally, I want to thank Jason for always being there when 
I needed you. I love you all. ~ Amy 

David Hurley 

Thank you Mom, Dad, Steven, Bryan, Dennis, and the rest of my 
family who have helped me get to this point in my life. I'd like to 
thank all of my friends, the drama club, and "The Simpsons" for 
making high school the best time ever. Lastly, I thank all the 
teachers I've ever had for teaching me everything I know. 

Ben Kahane 

Mom and Dad, thank you so much for always believing in me and 
supporting me in everything that I do. Jenny, good luck with the 
rest of school! I know you'll do fine. Dr. Smith, thank you for all 
of your help and guidance throughout high school. Kerrie, thanks 
for everything, I love you. Mom, Dad, and Jermy, thanks again! 

Kristen Kehoe 

Thank you so much Mom and Dad for all your support and 
encouragement. Matt - good luck! To all my teachers and 
classmates who have made these four years so much fun and my 
fnends I've made along the way - NW, LV, EK, JM, SM, LB, KT, 
RL, KW, and JT - thanks for everything. 

Liz Kelly 

To my family, Grammy, Pop, Mom, Dad, Meredith, Caroline, and 
Andrew, thank you for supporting me throughout the past 
seventeen years of my life, and especially the past four years of 
high school. I love you so much! I would also like to thank all my 
teachers for encouraging me to do all my work and to do it the 
best that I could. And to all my friends, you guys know who you 
are, you're the best! You were always there for me and I couldn't 
ask for anything more. I love you all! And to everyone who has 
helped me get through these four years of high school, I'll always 
remember you. 

Meredith Kernan 

Mom and Dad - thank you for everything, especially your 
constant love and support. You are the best parents in the world, 
I love you forever and never stop! Friends - AS CB CD AE CF 
CH ML SM AR MR RS SW - 1 love you so much! Thanks for 
always laughing, talking, and crying with me whenever I needed 
you. Mike - thank you for being there for me no matter what, 
you're the best. Also thank you to all my wonderful teachers, 
and everyone else who has helped make these four years so 
much fun. 

Bryan Kulp 

I'd like to thank my family, my Mom and Dad, and my sister Amy. 
I love all you guys. Also to all my Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, you 
guys are all the best, it's so fun getting together with you all, its 
always a blast, and I'm now convinced you're crazy. Thanks to 
all my friends, you know who you are, I'll miss all you guys next 
year. Good Luck to all of you, keep in touch! 

Leah Labitue 

First I would like to thank God for bringing me this far. To my 
parents, thank you for believing in me. Ian and Lauren, thanks 
for putting up with me. To ALL my school friends down to my 
close friends, especially Asha and Marie, thank you for all your 
support. Tasha and Odessa, these four years have been real. 
Thanks for being good friends. Jamarr, words cannot express the 
way you helped me in my last 2 years of high school. Thanks for 
all your support. NS, I didn't forget y'all, thanks for all the love. 
And to anyone I missed THANK YOU ! ! V 

Rebecca Lanza 

Thank you to my family, friends, and teachers, who have 

supported and inspired me. 

Chris Lipsett 

I'd like to thank all my friends for making my high school career 
seem so much quicker thank 4 years. Without you guys, 1 would 
never have been able to become who I am today. I'd especially 
like to thank Bryan Kulp, who had always been there for the last 
12 years. But most importantly, I'd like to thank my family for 
supporting me throughout the last 4 years. They have always 
checked up on me, and taught me priceless lessons. Thanks 
bros. Mom and Dad, you have no idea how greatful and lucky I 
am to have you as parents. 

Shannon Maguire 

Thanks Mom and Dad for everything. I couldn't have done it 
without you! To my friends, CD, CB, RS, ML, AR, MK, AB, CF, 
MR, SW, AE, CH, LT, EC, and MG, we've had so much fun! 
Thanks for making the past four years so great. I love you guys! 
Good luck next year. 

Cristina Marchione 

Thanks Mom, Dad, and Monica for all the love and support. Liz, 
I will obviously never forget our memories, they were so 
embarrassing! Julia, just remember we will always have the boy 
tour and the feast. Kristin, without your supportage 1 don't know 
what I would have done! Seth, thanks for always being there. 
Emily, I'm so glad we became friends this year and got to go to 
the hockey games! 143 all! Good luck next year! 

Caitlin Marshall 

Trevor, you'll always be my man! I love you, dude. Thanks for all 
the wrestling moves, for 15 years of fun. You're one of my best 
friends: here's to you bro! To Mom: thanks for knowing when to 
cheer, and for knowing when to give me a swift kick in the tucas! 
I love you. Daddy, I'm going to miss Mr. Rooster, and the way 
you can always make me laugh. Mom and Dad: thank you for 
your support, your guidance, your love, and most importantly: 
the snuggles! You guys are the best pep squad ever! My friends: 
I don't know how I'm supposed to get through the rest of life 
without you. For all of the lessons you've taught me, for all the 
wonder you've shown me, I owe an infinite debt. I will always 
love you guys. John, Katie, Jenn, Lorenzo, Zach, Julia, Bill, 
Lindsey, Jamie, Kevin, Chis and Kim: my hat's off to you. Long 
live The Ring! 

Liz Matthews 

Mom, thanks for all the love you've provided me with. Dad, thanks 
for always being my friend as well as my dad. Amy and Jen, thank 
you for leaving solid footsteps for me to follow in. 1 love you all 
and truly appreciate all you have done. Love, Liz 

Jenn M or ash 

Thanks Mom, Dad, and Lizzy; you've always been so supportive. 
Tony: I'm going to miss you, little bro. Lindsey, Caitlin, Katie, 
Julia and Kim, thanks for the corruption! You'll always be my 
girls. Liz, KK, and Nance, thanks for everything; I don't want to 
forget. Kev, Jamie, Lorenzo, Felipe, and Bill, thanks for always 
being there for me. Zach and John, thanks for the good times. 
Tina and Rachel, my twin; you girls are wonderful. A special 
thanks to the drama club for helping me to find myself To all my 
friends, I love you forever. Love is the music of life; may you 
always hear the song. 

Kimberly Morgan 

Mom, thank you for being the best guide I could ask for. Grandma, 
I love you. Christie, thanks for being my big sis, advisor, friend, 
and my biggest fan. Sean, thanks for the ehh, constructive 
criticism = ) Muffin, you rule! To all my friends, I always knew 
that looking back on our tears would make us laugh, but I never 
thought that looking back on our laughter would make us cry. 
You guys made my high school experience, and you are forever 
in my heart. Original 7, Kids Cab gang, Sum@BRN, Skaneateles, 
drama club, soccer posse, my girls, Jules and Chis, I love you 
guys. GOTHAM! 

Stephanie Nielsen 

Mom, Dad, thanks for everything. You have kept me sane! I'll 
miss you tons. Jen, Julie, Tyler and Chunky Monkey, you are the 
absolute best. I love you lots! AnnieandLisa, school wouldn't 
have been the same without you. Thanks for all the fond 
memories. Good Luck in the future! 

Erik Olsson 

Thank you to my family. Mom, Dad, and Lyndsie. Also to the 
rest of my family, you guys are the best. I couldn't have done it 
without you. To all my fiiends, it was a pleasure. Life's a joumey, 
now it's time to move on. We are a great class. Keep in touch, 
and good luck to all. 

Jamie O 'Neill 

Thanks to: Mom and Dad, for (among everything else) loving, 
caring, and keeping me responsible; Michael, for making life 
interesting and letting me be the bossy one; my friends, for 
absolutely everything. . . ZT, JB, KG, LDS, BJ, SC, FC, LB, KW, 
CM, JM, JR, KM; thanks for all the fun and games, chatting, and 
making everything that much better no matter what was 
happening. Thanks to all the yearbook staffers. Special thanks 
to Lindsey for dragging me bodily to the first yearbook meeting 
at the end of junior year - nothing would be the same (or as 
much fun) for me without you. Mrs. Silva and Mr. Bliss, thanks 
for putting up with me for two or so years. To everyone else I 
don't have space to mention: Thanks for being there and being 
yourself; I would not be the same person I am now without you! 

Brian Peak 

I would like to thank all my favorite teachers, Mr. Curren, Mr. 
Higgins, Mr. Lacatell, Mr. Baisden, Mr. Muhy, Mr. Crowley, Mrs. 
Sides, Mrs. Krall, Mr. Geary, Mrs. Luce, Mrs. Duffy, and Mrs. 

Roche for not being on a power trip and for being more than just 

A.J. Qua I fieri 

Mom, Dad, Rose - thank you for all your support throughout the 
last 18 years of my life. I love you guys. To all of my friends 
throughout the way, thanks for all the good times - still many 
more to come. To some of the teachers that helped me during 
these years, thank you. Best of luck to all of the Class of 2001 in 
college and beyond. 

Abby Randall 

Thank you Mom and Dad for the endless love and 
encouragement. Douggie- you're unreal, good luck! To all my 
fiiends - AE JR CD RS MR CF MG SM MK ML CB AB AD - we 
had so much fun - thanks for the laughs and support, and of 
course, for that occasional kick in the junk. Juls and Anna, thanks 
for always being there for me. Thank you Count fam. Mike - 1 
couldn't have done it without you, ILY Thanks to all my teachers 
who inspired me, esp. Mrs. Worrell, Ms. Breen, and Mrs. Tokle. 

Victoria Riley 

Thank you Mr. Nevader for all that you've done for me, I would 
not be here if it wasn't for you. Thanks to "The Bais" for all the 
good times. Thanks Vanessa, no matter the distance you will 
always be my best friend. Us eight dwarfs, I knew we would 
make it. Thank you to my three girls. Thanks to the station 
wagon, I would be walking without you. 

Molly Ross 

Mom and Dad, you helped me through it all! Thank you for going 
in debt to send me to college! Emma - you kept me sane and you 
know it. I'll miss you more than you can know! Erin - you'll 
always be my mother. Lastly to all my friends - It's been fun. 
Thanks for the memories. GOOD LUCK EVERYONE! 


To my mom, dad, Courtney, Pat, and Brianne, thank you for being 
there. To my friends, thanks for everything. To L.S. I will never 
forget you. I love you all. 

Meredythe Ryan 

I would like to thank everyone who has always been there for me 
these last four years ... my family ~ Mom, Dad, Sarah, Christopher, 
Maggie, and Will . . . you really mean the world to me ... my 
friends ~ you all know who you are ~ I could never have done it 
without you ... all my teachers, especially Mrs. Hallett and 
Madame ... I have learned so much . . . Thank you all for 

Lorelei Schmitt 

Thank you friends for the good times and support: Maggie, Brie, 
Christine, Casey, Laura, Fran, Brette, Ben, George, Jay, Jeremy, 
Anna, Trailblazers 2000, and all the rest! Thank you fam for the 
love and support: Mom, Dad, Barb, Bill, Tyson, Becky, etc. 

Mark Shainwald 

I would like to thank my parents, brother, teachers, coaches, and 

friends, all of whom guided me to where I am today. 

Steven Shainwald 

I would like to thank my parents, brother, teachers, resource 

teachers, and friends. 

Liz Shorey 

Mom and Dad, I can never thank you enough! You're the best 
parents anyone could ever have. GG and GB, thanks for all the 
love and support. Becka, Aimistis, Smitty, Tina, Stinah, and 
Meeger, thanks so much for being the best friends I could ever 
have and for an awesome senior year. Jeff, thanks so much for 
being not only the sweetest boyfriend ever but for always being 
there for me. FIELD HOCKEY, thanks for all the laughs. Kimmy 
and Kates, thank you so much for everything, you are the best 
two sisters anyone could ever have. Class of 200 1 , thanks for all 
the memories, I will never forget you guys! ! 

Kristen Smeriglio 

Thank you Mom, Dad, Meghan, and all of my friends for all of 

your love and support. I couldn't have done it without you! 

Ned Sullivan 

Thank you Mom, Dad, Mark, Lissa, and Gram. Thanks also to 
Mike, Jon, Louie, Matt, Cara (B+M), the McDonoughs, and 
everyone else that made it good. 

Rachel Szyman 

The gratitude that I feel toward my family and friends is unending. 
To my mother, Patricia Szyman, without your love and endless 
care, I could never have made it this far. Elizabeth, your hugs 
mean so much to me! Dad, Karen, Christy, Adam, Jessica, and 
Sam, thank you for your love. To my friends, thank you for your 
support through laughs and tears, no matter what, you were 
always there for me. To H.H.S., teachers, faculty, and peers, 
thank you for these wonderful life changing years. 

Kristen Thane 

Thanks to my family for all the love and support they have given 
me, and my teachers for their inspiration and insight. Sammy, 
TGBGITS lives on! Thanks for the laughs. Thanks also to: 
Lindsey (and Mabel) for the adventures, and absolutely 
destroying what I used to call "free time;" Rebecca for movie 
nights; Tracy for the nicknames; Lorenzo for the math parties 
and the new author; Tina for being my partner in crime; AL for 
having a good time; PT for the closing quotation and suggestions 
of good literature; and all my other friends (I fear that if I put 
down initials, I'll forget somebody . . . and theoretically you all 
know who you are) simply for being there. I'll miss you all. 

Mary Therrien 

I want to thank my mom, dad, Liz, and Nana for the years they 
gave me hope for my ftiture. I will miss you all when I leave the 
nest hoping to find my place in Life. You taught me how to be 
successful and how to fly solo. You have given me strength 

along the rough roads I took trying to achieve my goals. You 
have been there for me Always! I want to thank you and say I 
love you all! Love Mary Therrien. 

Chris Tomecek 

Thanks Mom, Dad, and Gram for your support and help. Thanks 
to all my friends for the memories. And thanks to Sarah for being 
the best friend I could have. 

Lisa Trebino 

Mom and Dad - thank you for making my years in Hingham so 
special and for always having faith in me. You are the best parents 
in the world! Diana -thanks for being a great friend. And to all 
my teachers - thank you for preparing me well for the future. 
Finally, a special thanks to all my friends who made high school 
so much fun: SN, SM, NW, BO, RL, JR, MK, LK, EC, KW, KT SW, 
KM, JM, and the rest of Hingham High School's class of 2001 . 

Zach Traina 

Thank you ring! The only way to retain my sanity through thick 
and thin. Jamie, John, Julia, Jenn, Linds, Sean, Caitlin, Kim, Kevin, 
Bill, Lorenzo, Felipe... and of course KATIE! Also - to the 
wonderful people at PRS, Mr. Maffie, especially, who never had 
any doubt in me . . . 

Louis Vaickus 

Thank you Mom, Dad, friends, and the Capt. Your stem and 
watchful eye helped us through the night and your sacrifice may 
have saved us all. 

Paul Villanova 

I would like to thank the man who embodies everything that I feel 
represents our generation, my hero and personal inspiration, Bill 
Murray. Let's just pretend he never made Operation Dumbo Drop. 

Katrina Vulgaris 

First of all, in my long list of due thank yous, 1 would like to thank 
my family. Your love and support has meant a lot to me these last 
four years. I would also like to thank my friends for the fiin times 
and unforgettable memories. To TV and GM, thanks for 
understanding and for putting up with me. To anyone else 1 may 
have forgotten, don't worry, I didn't truly forget about you! 

Kelley Walker 

I want to give thanks to my parents, my sister, and the rest of my 
family. I also want to thank all the others who made my high 
school experience bearable and memorable. Amy, what would I 
do without you? Too many inside jokes. KK, Nancy, Lisa, Maria, 
Brian, Mary, AVH, the Field Hockey team, and all those who've 
already graduated and gone on to better things. I love all you 
guys. I'll never forget you. Mrs. Kirby, Mrs. Delano, and Mrs. 
Clinton, I owe so much to you. Anybody would be blessed to 
know any of these people. And lastly, the Red sox, who have 
inspired and crushed me, but I love them anyway. For everyone 
else I take a quote from Queen Elizabeth I, "We must be very 
brave to meet the future, for we have little idea where our 
explorations might bring us". Good Luck everyone! ! Kelley 

Katie Wellford 

So many people to thank, so little space. Mom and Dad- thank 
you for always being there to support me. Jan- thanks for the 
confidence, you're the best role model I could ask for. Meg- 
thanks for the soup, the stools, and the big sister guidance. 
Grammie and Papa- thank you for all the encouragement. Nonny- 
you'll always be here with me. I miss you. Anna, Rhiannon, and 
Caitlin- the sisters I never had. Mo Mo and Linds- my 
entertainment. Zo- the greatest stage manager of the left. John- 
my male counterpart. Josh- my swinger / brother. Pat- always a 
best friend (I'll never forgive you for going to Nobles). Tony and 
Steve- could I ask for any better? And last but not least, Zach- 
thanks for everything. It's been an incredible time, I'm going to 
miss you all- thanks for the memories. 

Nancy White 

Over the past four years and throughout my life many people 
have helped me along the way. I can never repay all the love my 
family has given me, Dad, Mom, Darmy, Ryan, Jenny, and Big 
Nancy. I love you. To all my friends who have been there, 
Kristen, Liz, Laura, and Jerm (my editors!), Bekie, Lindsey, Sara, 
Emily, Lisa, Kelley, Kristen, and Tracy. To all the teachers who 
pushed me to work hard, thank you. All the other important 
people who add spice and excitement to my life, I didn't forget 
you and I thank you every day. 

Sarah Wilburn 

Mom, Dad, Jeff, Dee, Phil, and Grandpa: Thanks for all you support 
these four years. You are the best. Chris, thanks for EVERYTHING. 
To my friends: Thank you all for being the greatest people in the 
world. Our laughs, tears, trouble and fun will never be forgotten. 
I made it through high school because of you and I love you all. 
I will miss everyone! 

Carrie Williams 

Mom, Dad, and Tom, thanks for all your love and support. I love 
you! Ry and the Beale family, you're the best. Ryan - for 
everything, LY! Mrs. C. - you're awesome! To my friends - 
Thanks for the memories. I luv ya! Ali - we've been through it all 
... 96 forever! Also thanks to Coach, Krissy and Tom. Good 
Luck: Tom, Brit, Pop, MM, BK, Bobby! 

Amy Willis 

Thank you Mom + Dad for all your pushing - It paid off every 
time. Good Luck Mike + Emma and have fun. Thanks to my friends 
for all the great times - AA, CW, LS, LW, VB, MD + everyone 
else. Soccer +lax girls, you guys rule. TCB Y - K + T you guys are 
the best. GL to BK, LS, ET, MM, UH, CL, HL, DS + JA. Thanks 
again to everyone for all the memories. 

Brette Wilson 

My 5 favorite girls! ! May the road rise up to meet you. May the 
wind be always at your back. The sun shine warm upon your 
face. The rain fall soft upon your fields. And until we meet again. 
May God hold you in the hollow if His hand. Thanks for always 
being there for me. 

Sarah Winter 

I would like to thank my parents for all of their love and support 
and for always being there for me when I needed them the most. 
To Matt, Mark, Kevin, and Tim, you are the best brothers I could 
ever ask for and I love you all. 

Rebecca Woelfel 

Tom my family, your constant encouragement has helped me to 
succeed. Mom, you've always been there for me, especially when 
I needed it most. I am the person I am today because of you. Dad 
and Donna thank you for all of you help and guidance, I love you 
both very much. Markie, although you are so far way, your 
constant effort and love made us seem nearer. You have been a 
great brother and have made such and impact on my life. Good 
luck John! M.D., K.P., E.L., thanks for the memories, I'm going to 
miss you so much! Cara thanks for all the advice. Good Luck 

Odessa Wormley 

First I would like to thank my mom for getting up so early and 
making me breakfast and driving me to the bus stop. Dad, thanks 
for all of our little talks, even though it didn't seem like it at the 
time, I know you meant the best. To all my friends, it's been fun! 
Mr. Nevader, you are the best guidance counselor ever. You 
were there whenever I needed you. Even when you had to sit 
there and listen to me, you did. Mr. Nevader, we need more like 
you. Thank you. XOXO 

Laura Wulf 

I just want to thank everyone who has helped me get through 
these four awesome years. Mr. Nevader and Mrs. Worrell, I really 
appreciate your help with colleges. To all my friends, especially 
jawbreakers, it wouldn't have been fun without you. Aubray, 
thank you for everything. And Mom and Dad, I couldn't have 
made it without you! 

Christi Young 

First I want to thank my family, who has always supported all my 
decisions. I want to thank my mom most of all for being the most 
influential person in my life. I want to thank God, who has guided 
me through my tough times. I want to thank my friends Saras, 
Caitlin, Shannon, and Julia, my math group and all my close friends. 
Without you guys I would have been so alone. Thank you to 
everyone who helped me through my high school career. I'll 
miss you from the bottom of my heart. Good Luck '01 . 


Thanks to: Mom, Dad, Matthew, and Edward, for supporting me 
all the way; Sharon, for sharing a great senior year with me, love 
always. To all my fiiends in the Yearbook Office: Jamie, thanks for 
giving me my life and my wacky sense of humor; Caitlin, thanks 
for giving me fun places to play and cool people to hang around; 
Kristen, thanks for my voice; Lorenzo and Armie, thanks for the 
money; and Lindsey, Katie, Julia, and Mrs. Silva, thanks for telling 
me how adorable I am at least a million times; it really means a lot 
to me. Thanks also to the South Shore Plaza for my name, and a 
big thank you to the HHS Class of 2001 ! 




Mom, Dad, Katie and Beth 

To our Terrific 
Big Brother Bill, 


Thanks for 
leading the way. 


Steve & Mike 

Dear Kim: 

We wish you the 
greatest sucess in health, 
happiness, and all your 
life's pursuits!! 


Love always. 
Dad, Mom, 
Walter & Kristen 




Mom, Dad, & Tommy 


We love you, Mom, Dad, 
Meghan, & Maggie 


Keep building for the future. 
We are so proud of you! 

Much love. 
Mom & Dad 

To Papa's 
L'il Bit . . . 

. Mom's 
iss Petunia 

How we marvel at who you are! We 
love you, are very proud of you, and will 
be cheering you on as you continue on 
your way. 

Now, dear Lindsey, clean your room! 


i^ ,^ 

"You are my friend and 
you know that's true 
No matter what happens 
I will stand by you 
ril be there for you 
whenever you need; 
To lend you a hand 
to do a good deed, 
So just call on me when 
you need me, my frien<j[ 
will always be there, 
right to the end.' 

Best Wishes 

to the 

Class of 2001 

from all of your friends at 

Coldwell Banker Hunneman 



Hi ngh am' s #1 Home Seller 

7 Central Street, Hingham 


/ ,vt<-> \ •MteAmertanAtiocMotiolOilhotoalai 

tHingham Orthodontics 

N/'X^ ■''T- ■ 

Paul Fitzgerald, D.M.D., P.C. 

^^^^^^H^fe^ i^^^^^^H 

185 Lincoln St. (3A) 


Hingham, MA 02043 


Fax: 781.740.0025 

ou.c>&&es iow sa/^m Koocoto aoo uouj^ koj^ coor^i^. 
Con^i^atdiatms to uoa. o/cafaffu'Ocu^ &iassmaUs. Ma^ O'Ouf- 

^(ita/^ U as l)M'^kt as OfOut^ smioe. 

(ft^andma, Awt Doe, Awt Dot, &: 3ett^ 


Special Thanks to our friends at IVoble's! 

Congratulations Caitlin on your 

many accomplishments! 


Mom, Dad, Casey, Sean and Comet 

We love you and we're proud of you. 
Mom & Dad 

Way to go Sarah - Congratulations! 
Jon & Emily 

Instruction • Rentals * Repairs 

New Location 



Lincoln Plaza Rt. 3A • HIngham, MA 02043 




New and Used Instruments 

Accessories * Books • Sheet Music • Gifts 

Dealers For: 


Care Bear - What a wild and crazy ride it's 
been and we've loved sharing the journey. 
And isn't it great that this conclusion is just 
a moment on the way to so many beginnings. 
Our pride, love and support of you will be 
eternal. Congratulations. 

Mom, Dad, Meg, Tom, Chopper 

TEL. (791) 749-1143 



The Stop & Shop Supermarket Co. 


Mairng Address: P.O. BOX 1942, BOSTON, MA 02105 


781-749-4141 email: 


We love you Catherine. 

Mom, Dad, & Meg 




HINGHAM, MA 02043 


<^ the moon 

j^ Hin^wnvM^ 02043 

^ ^^ ^ cm 740-2856 

*a toy store like no udder* 

v/i * *^ * * * • 

♦ # ♦ # ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ 

♦ ♦♦♦#♦ ^ 


■. i t ♦ * • 

Meredith, we love you and are very 

proud of you! Congratulations, 

Mom & Dad 

Special Thanks To The 

Recreation Center 

"I always knew that looking back on us crying would make us laugh, 

but I never knew that looking back on us laughing would make us cry" 

Con^t^dtoioatfOft^ Atna^j 

we oou^ uooL and Mje^ at^ u^t^U' pt^oad ok a^oa, rCeep 

nom, pad, M/c^aef & ^tHiHaiee 



Bueti-fl saenrei 


e quindi uscimmo a riveder le stelle 

Dante, Inferno XXXIV, 139 

The Di Silvio Family 

Office Hours By Appointment 

William E.D. Jantzen, D.D.S 

The Lincoln Building 
160 Old Derby Street 
Hingham, MA 02043 
(781) 749-8606 

Best of Luck 

To the Class of 2001 WHHS-TV 

Producers and Techies 

Don't Forget All Those 
Great TV Moments 

Mr. Thaxter 

Associated Eye 

45 Resiiick Road 
Plymouth, MA 

(508) 747-4748 

/% Of li Saturday 
>^r *. Advanced 
yVttWl^^ Hockey 


The Only 
TJiat Uses 
All 3 Ice 










"In Downtown Hingham Since 1950" 

39 Main St. 
Hinghann, MA 02043 


The Hingham High School Yearbook thanks its 

Platinum Angels 

The Garrity Family 
The Jantzen Family 
The Morash Family 
The Mullane Family 

IT JcjSTfr iJ0<K^teA 


" Go confidently 

in the direction of 

your dreams. 

Live the lite 

you have imagined. " 

Henry David Thoreau 

Our very best wishes to the Hingham Class of 2001 


iNsrrmjTiON for 



The South Shore's Hometown Bank 







5a Cwft, ottr 

^mtn dugudtwy 
and Jiatn 

6>^4^ \. 

The Hingham High School Yearbook thanks its 


Debbie Cartwright 
Nancy Ross 

We have shared each others' gladness 

And wept each others' tears 

Sisters we will always be 

Good Luck Liz!!! Love, Kate & Kim 

We will always be proud of you, Lisa 


Mom, Dad, Dee and Mickey 



We are proud of you. 

Daddy, Moininy, Ian and 


The Hingham High School Yearbook thanks its 

Corporate Sponsors 

The British Relief 

Curtis IVIanagement 

Fore Seasons Golf 

Home Center Real Estate 

Twin City Dry Cleaners 

World Wide Travel 



the Class of 2001 

From Mom, Dad, Sarah, Christopher, 

Maggie, and Will 

Thanks also to the faculty and staff of 
Hingham High School 

Good Luck Jack! 

To believe you can is everything. 

You are a great kid. We love you, 

Mom, Dad, & Christie 

Congratulations to the Class of 2001 



You have come a 
long way baby! 
The best is yet to 


Dad, Mom, & Liz 


Visit our web site at 



One i/pf) afii) tfm 'rr licnne.- 

56 South Street, Downtown Hingiiam 
(781) 749-4300 


OkJt (JK iccn in a umpti of QUI 
teKkswaary (uHmuixi video turn 

Best wishes from your Friends at DeWolfe-Hingham! 

Home Buviiii: & Scllinti - Relocation - Moiluuucs 

Kelley Go Braugh! 

Mom, Dad, & Molly 


2il»feU v-^ 




HINGHAM. MA 02043 






( ValuoRite ) 




294 MAIN ST. 

PHONE 749-1277 

Greeting Cards - Cosmetics 

StuddM Stmwc Candies 

B BSBBIlMini««<ii 

Charlie's Ange\s 








Scattergories - Things -jou fceep hidden that begin with T? 

MaKe sure it doesn't 90 up ^(our nose Hall ?arties 

Cold rtard Numbers ?eop\e vs Touch-(-Feel>( ?eople 

"Our paths may change as life goes on, but the bond between us remains ever strong' 


CU ifoii 6et 0^ an i^xuvc oum 
pathy ja5t Hejniem&eK that 
^lhJ^. t^njf^ and wind^ 
ieacb aiwwp to owe dao^. 

We ieue i^xui^ 

Congratulations to the 
Class of 2001 

It's been a pleasure watching you 

grow into such wonderful young 

men and women. 

The O'Neill Family 


To our daughter who has brought happiness, 

love, and music into our home. 


Mom, Dad, Tyler, Jennifer, Julie, & Matthew 



Best of Luck 


Mom, Dad & Matt 

Congratulations Kristen 
on a job well done! 

Best of luck to the 
Class of 2001 

igi G.T. Reilly 
IOi& Company 

Certified Public Accountants /Business Consultants 

424 Adams Street 

Milton, Massachusetts 02186 








f^ /\ .^^ 



"All our dreams can come true if we have 

the courage to pursue them." 

We are very proud of you Liz!!! 

Love always, Mom and Dad 


"I can do all things through Christ 

who strengthens me" 

We loved you when you were small 

and will love you forever. Congratulations Liz! 

Love GG & GB 

Congratulations Erin and Steve 


Make the best out of 

life and you'll always 

have happy memories. 


Mom, Dad, Allison, 

Kailey & Molly 


May all your 

dreams come true. 


Dad, Mom, Bryan, 

Mike & Sadie 

>\6V1V(' 0N( V^ 

Our precious little boy 

We'll always see 

But what a fine young man 

You've grown to be. 

Congratulations Steve. 

We're so proud of you. 

Love, Mom, Dad and Shaun 

Best Of Luck 


Love Mom 


Although we can't protect you from the 

world the way we could when you were 

little - we have a firm belief that your future 

will be a good one because of the great 

confidence we have in the person you've 


Love, Mom & Rick 

Everyone hears whaf yoo yav Frfencfy (fyten +o what yo(i ray. BeJt 
fKer)<^J Ur+en to w/iat yoo i^oo't ray. 

The Family Castle 

Our castle stands atop the hills 

And has offered strength of spirit 

You have placed your hand little one unto ours 

This has led you to your Graduation Day! 

The family castle is your home 

The stones have grown stronger because of you 

For the castle's built on love and hope 

You will never be alone. 

Behind these walls that rise up high 
Lies a garden lush and green 
Its offerings bountiful as the sea 
And beauty yet unseen. 

You have drank the waters that beckon you near 
They have filled your heart with hope 
Feast on the knowledge that you have learned here 
For that will help you cope. 

Our fires have filled your soul with warmth 

To cast off the chill outside 

Yet stay not here within these walls 

They were not built to hide 

Swing wide the gates so you can see 

The world lie at your feet 

For without what lies beyond 

The castle's incomplete. 

Mount our stallion strong and true 
For he shall be your guide 
His legs have carried those of us 
Who've ventured far outside 
Fear not what you do not yet know 
Lead on and find your star 
Fill your pack with experience 
That you shall gain afar. 

The good times will outnumber bad 
Though sometimes you shall fall 
It's at that time that you should seek 
The strength of the castle wall. 

For no matter the path you choose to take 
No matter the strength of tides 
You need only look inside your heart 
For that's where the castle resides. 

Congratulations Adam! ! 

God bless you, and grant you 

many years of health and 


Love, Mom, Dad, Dave & Steve 

To Meaghan, 

My#l Daughter 
Our Best Big Sister 
We're so proud of you! 

Mom, 9idk dt 'Juiie 

Dearest Katie ^ We love your sparkle and your joy ^ we love you! 

Mom, Dad, Jan and Herkins 



There came a time when the world began to be viewed not only as an opponent or a toy. 

The realization that each thing, happening, and person has a wherefore and a why warmed him like the summer 
sun. Fragile feelings were appreciated and nurtured, in him and in others. He loved. He was loved. What he is and 
what happens to him mixed like blood in water. 

The beautiful complexity of life's balance calmed and instilled the utmost confidence. As experiences - victory, loss, 
and everything in between were equal teachers. Tragedy and joy were arcade targets that could pop up at any 
time. Transition was as important as the beginning and the end. Choice and Consequence existed as conjoined 
twins. Going forward energized and did not paralyze. Imperfection was a work in progress, not a failure. No mad 
wasteful rush. The nascent, but measured steps of self- awareness were well underfoot. 

He is ready He knows. 

Louis - Congratulations and Good Luck as you continue forward in life 's journey, 

Mom and Dad 

Kriegstein Eye Surgeons 

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Hingham, MA 


"Call your order in before you leave home, 
it will be ready on arrival!" 


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Congratulations Clas5: of 2001 

Buttonwood is your hejKlquarters 
for great summer reading! 


Independent Bookstores 

Hingham MA 28 South Street • 02043 • 781-749-2665 far independent mms 

Congratulations Jnlia 
And the Oass of 2001 

Mom, Dad, Emily, Eric, & Andrew 

Congratulations Class of 2001 

We wish you the best 
with future plans. 

Thanks to all those special 

teachers and staff who have 

made such a difference. 

A very special congratulations to 

Abigail Bargende 

We are so proud of you. 
We love you! 


Mom and Dad 

Ashley and Alex 


Ariel Sharon ousti Prime Minister thud Barak in a february 6 ipecial election for liraeli prime 
minister. Sharon won the election by campaigning to bring "peace and security" to Israel. 

Estimates claim that as many as a million people are left homeless and thousands dead after on earthquake strikes northern India in 
January 2001. 

world events world events world events world events world events world events world events world events world events world eve 


'K^."v-v • 

The baffle of fwo couplei fhat used an online 
adopfion agency to adopf fwini confinuei. Ihe 
Kilifiaws from Wales and fhe Aliens from California 
bofh claimed fo have odopfed fhe same sef of fwin 

e Seaffle area on february 28. Ihe quake, with o magnitude ot 6.8, wat centered 

few injuries and no deaths. 

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irid events world events world events world events world events world events world events world events world events world events 

]eiie Jackion asks forgiveness after revealinq he 

■ fafhered on ouf-of-wcdlock child with o stoft memher Bill Clinton's presidential legacy appears clouded by several controversial pardons, tte sets up his post-presidency office 
' of his civil rights organizotion. in Horlem, offer negative publicity svi/irls concerning his plons to rent expensive office space in Manhattan. 

first Lody Hillory Clinton becomes 
Senator Clinton from Ncvrf Xork. Rudy 
Giuliani \uai her first opponent, but 
left the race after a cancer diagnosis. 
Rick Lozio stepped in as chollenger, 
but lost to Clinton who earned 55 
percent of the vote. If was the most 
expensive Wnote race in US history as 
combined the condidofcs spent more 
than 580 million. 

General Colin Powell is selected by George W. Bush to serve as secretary of 
stole, tte IS the first African-American to serve in this copocify 

Other news 

Celebrating "the beginning of Ihe 
end" of WWII ond Ihe men who led 
Ihe invasion, Ihe Notional D-Day 
Museum opened in New Orleans, 

for fhe firs! fimc in ifs 208 year 
history, the U$ Mint misprinted a 
coin and released several ^ocagawea 
Si gold coins with the face of 
George Washington. 

Senator Paul Coverdell (R-Georgia) 
died in o Georgia hospital one day 

A federal court judge orders Nopstcr to remove copyrighted music from its Web directory Record 
'obels fight to snuf down the service which boasts over 60 million users. 


Vice President Dick Cheney returned 
to work offer o visit to the hospital 
for a heart ailment. Surgeons 
reopened on ortery that hod been 
previously repaired with the some 

As the stock markets and economic 
indicators slide, the Bush 
administration fought to pass a $1.6 
trillion tax break that promised to 
jump start the US economy 

Holocaust survivor Leopold "Poul" 
Page, whose personal diary inspired 
the book and film "Schindlers List," 
died at age 87. 

Ihe son of Princess Diana and Prince 
Charles, England's Prince William 
celebrated his 18th birfhdoy 

Sirimavo Bandoranoike, the worlds 
first female Prime Minister died at 
age 84. She was from Sri Lanka. 

]ohn Cordinal O'Connor, New York's 
Archbishop, died at the oge of 80. 

Author Robert Ludlum died of 73. 
His most popular novels included 
Ihe Bourne Idenfify. Ihe Bourne 
Supremacy, ond fhe Bourne 

Controversial folk show host Morton 
Downey ]r., died of lung cancer of 
the age of 67. Downey pioneered 
"trash IV" in the 80's. 

events world events world events world events world events world events world events world events world events world events wor 

Ihe political drama Weir ying has a phenomenal year winning nine fmmys, a record for a show in its tirst season. Series star Martin 1 leen pop-drama felicity, starring Scott foley, langi Miller, Keri Russell, and kott Speedman, 
Sheen also won a Golden Glohe for Best Actor in o Drama Series. I sees a double-digit increase in ratings during its third season. 

and movies tv and movies tv and movies tv and movies tv and movies tv and movies tv and movies tv and movies tv and movies tv a^ 

Wichael ]. fox leaves television to spend more time 
w/ith tiis family and raise money to find a cure tor 
Parkinson's diseose. In liis final year on Spin Cify, he 
w/on an fmmy, a Golden Globe, and a SAG avi/ord. ttis 
final episode aired on Mgy 24, and 33 million viewers 
tuned in to say good-bye. 

Other entertainment 

Mob drama Ihe Sopranoi was fhe 
highest rated program ever shown 
on ttBO. Star ]ames Gondolfini won 
an Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actor 
in a Drama Series. 

Broadway's longest-running show, 
Cah closed after nearly 18 years and 
a record 7,485 performances. 

Scottish actor Sean Connery, star of 
seven James Bond films, was 
knighted by Queen Elizabeth. 

Pinion Impoisible 2 opened on 
Memorial Day weekend and grosses 
nearly $71 million, the movie went 
on to make over S200 million. 

this was the year that several 
celebrity couples called it quits. Alec 
Baldwin and Kim Basinger, Harrison 
ford and Melissa Mathison, Garth and 
Sandy Brooks, and Dennis Quad and 
Meg Ryan all ended their long-term 

Ihe year's biggest movies were 
Coil Away, Meel ihe Parenh, Wliaf 
Im Beneafh, Big Momma's House, 
^ave Ihe Lasf Dance, Miss 
Congeniahly, and Hannibal. 


A heavily made-up ]im Carrey brings one of literature's most famous characters to the biq screen in Dr. Seusi ' How fk I A wave of rcolily-bosed shows like flie Mole (above). Big 
Smh Stole [hrisrmoi. It was the biggest box office hit of the year, toking in more thon )260 million. I Brolher, and lemplalion Island qam popularity. 

the world remembers: 

► Sir ]ohn Gielgud, best remembered 
as the butler \r\ Arlhunn 1981. 
Gielgud died in May at 96. i 

► l/oA Wars' Qh\ Wan Kenobi, Sir Alec 
Guinness died at the age of 86. 

► Steve Allen, the IV host who 
invented the late-night talk show, 
died at 78. 

► Nancy Marchand, best known for ! 
her roles in Lou ^/-on/and Ihe 
Sopranos died a day before her 72nd 

► Jason Robards, one of ttollywood's 
most respected actors, made more 
than 50 films and won two Academy 
Awards, died in December. 

► Other entertainers that passed 
away this year included Richard 
farnsworth, Loretta Young, and 
Gwen Verdon. 

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usic music music music music music music music music music music music music music music music music music music music musii 

'music music music music music music music music music music music music music music music music music music music music 

*' ® i 

After five albums ond 11 years on the music scene, 
funk rocker Lenny Kravifz releases fiis greafest hifs 
collecfion, feafuring "Again." 

{ The Grammy for Best Dance Recording goes fo fhe title track of "Who Let the Dogs Out" by the Baha 

Other music news 

The debut album Liquid Dreams 
from the 0-Iown band was highly 
anticipated, the band was the 
creation of mogul Clive Davis and 
Lou Pearlman through ABC's show, 
Making of fhe Bancf.]\\e second 
season of the show will follow the 
band on their first headlining tour. 

The foursome Dream come together 
after an audition intended to create 
on incredible girl band. "Puffy" 
Combs signed the four girls to his 
Bad Boy label. Their sound was hip- 
hop with a pop inflection could be 
heard on their debut album, "It was 
all a Dream." 

Aaron Carter was a pint-size 
sensation who wowed audiences all 
over the world, tte followed in the 
footsteps of his big brother, Nick of 
the Backstreet Boys. According to 
the Guinness World Record, Aaron was 
the youngest recording artist to 
have four consecutive top-ten hits. 

Thirty-year-old Colleen fitzpatrick, 
known os Vitamin C, released her 
second album, "Move." 

Cameron Crowe recreated his days 
as a teenage reporter covering the 
Seventies music scene for Rolling 
Stone in the movie Almosf famous. 

Considered King of the Mambo and 
King of Timbales, percussionist and 
bandleader Tito Puente died at 77. 

Metallica frontman Tames ttetfield 
. was injured forcing him to miss 
nearly a month of the Summer 
Sanitorium Tour. 

Prominent bands from the 70s and 
80s lost members within the past 
year. Benjamin Orr of the Cars died 
of pancreatic cancer. Paul Young, 
vocalist for Mike and the Mechanics 
hit "All I Need is a Miracle" died in 
July. Jerome Smith, guitarist for KC 
and the Sunshine Band died in a 
construction accident. 

Kid Rock is awarded favorite Male Artist Rock Music in 
the American Music Awards. 

iic music music music music music music music music music music music music music music music music music music music music 

Apple mtroducci the G4 Cube, equipped with (op-looding writable CD drive 
end Q fan-free cooling system for c completely silent workspace. 

Hitting streets and towns everywhere, scooters, better known as Rozon 
become the trendiest new form of teen transportation. 

Samsung releases the Uproar SPtt-MlOD, MP3 cellular phone. No bigger than o 
large pock of gum, it can be used to download and play MP3 tunes. 

iinds and technoiogy trends and teciinoiogy trends and technology trends and teclinoiogy trends and technology trends and technoiog] 

Ihe lecond-generalion Aibo dog from Sony fakei ibc morket by storm. Definitely tbe present to get, eocli robot I tteinz odds tbe new flovorful color green to its line 
dog II eguipped with o computer, wbicb in turn ollows it to learn trom real life experience. '■ of ketcbup, snagging a curious audience. 

Flower Powered iMaCS From fhe people who broughf you Ihe 
multicolored iMacs and iBooks, Apple introduces the new line of special 
edition iMacs - funky, yet powerful! 


Singer Pink sbows off ber trademark, spiked pink boir. Ibe bair style was 
often duplicated by teens everywhere. 

Other trends and 
teclmology news 

frying to put computer users more 
"in touch" with what they see on- 
screen, Logitech introduced the ifeel 
MouseMon mouse which shakes and 
vibrotes as the user rolls over an 
image that has texture. 

Scientists from both the US and 
England announced completion of 
the mapping of the human genome. 

Boots were back in the wardrobe this 
yeor from short and clunky, to the 
tall over-the-caif styles. 

Visa introduced the Buxx card. This is 
parent controlled, reloadable card 
for teens. It taught teens how to 
manage money while parents set 
predetermined spending amounts. 

Researchers produced a genetically 
altered monkey with DNA from a 
jellyfish, this was the first primate 
successfully altered genetically. 

An international group of fertility 
experts announced plans to be the 
first to clone a human being, there 
was strong dissension from both the 
scientific community and religious 
leaders worldwide. 

Move over Palm Pilots - Anoto AB 
came out with the Anoto pen, which 
allows the user to simply write on 
any surface and to transfer dofo to 
any computer. 

Clothing in the "hip hop, cool, 
absolutely-must-have" area were 
halter tops, tanks, head scarves, hot 
shorts, neon digital watches, and 
stacked platform shoes. 

fringe, ruffles, and beads made 
dressing up fun and glamorous. 

AOL, a time Warner company, 
released its 6.0 online Internet 
service and boasted over 28 million 
members worldwide. 

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Cancer survivor Lance Armstrong wins 2000 Tour de 

France American cyclisi Lance Armslrong sported the tionored yellow 
jersey again otter winning h'n second Tour de France. 

Dutch iwimmer Pleter van den Hoogenband surprises the swimming world H Norrowiy defeating Lithuania in the Mens Bi 
when he takes the Olympic gold medal in the 200 meter freestyle, H semifinals, and France in the finals, the USA 

dcfcoting the hometown favorite "the Ihorpedo" Ihorpe. 9 team" wins Olympic gold. 

PRINTED IN USA 'g SOOIWofId Yearbook. Herfl J 

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